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NOTE: Hey you guys! It's my second fanfic! Now, how about my title? I think it's practically perfect, as Tea loves dancing and one could refer to Kaiba as "a devil" (I found that reference from kikoken's"A Strange Crush" (highly recommended story!). But, I'm sure tons of people use it…right? Well, if they don't I hope I can borrow the simile. Yep, so, also, dancing with can also mean "going around with," or whatnot. You know what I mean. That's the point behind my title. Well, I hope you like this one as much as you like Forgotten, forbidden Love, if you are reading it…. Well, anyway, this one is TOTALLY Seto x Tea. Totally. No ifs, ands, or buts. So, for all you Seto x Tea fans, enjoy!

Disclaimer: Oh boy, now I've gotta come up with another set of catchy disclaimers? I mean, how many times in how many different ways can I say, "I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!" ? Permutations! Ugh! Or is it Combinations…? I dunno, I learned that math last year (02-03)! I forget! I don't enjoy doing math when I don't have to…. Anyway, those disclaimers…that's what I want to know….

Dancing With the Devil

Chapter 1: Pranks and Confusion

(Setting: It's been three years since the gang (exclude Serenity, Mokuba and Noa) graduated high school, making them all between 21 and 22 years old (the youngin's are about 15).)

Seto Kaiba stood up from his chair. Their business meeting was finished. Now, he could return home and spend the rest of the day with Mokuba and Noa as promised. After giving each associate a brief handshake, he walked out of the room and into the hallway of the local community center. Yes, that is where his meeting had taken place. Not at Kaiba Corp.

Seto walked down the hallway passing numerous posters on the upcoming dance performance. After walking down a couple hallways and seeing at least twenty posters, he was just about fed up with them. He walked a little faster.

Down the hall, he heard music playing. Soon, Seto passed by an open door, one of which led to the theater. He briefly glanced inside and saw a group of people dancing on the stage. Kaiba remembered all of those hideous posters. They must be the dance show that's coming, he thought.

Then, he saw someone come onto that stage, whom he never had thought he would see again. Actually, it had been three years since he had seen her. Tea Gardner. Not that he cared. He just noticed that small detail.

So, she'd finally made it to the big-time shows; achieved her goal. Good for her, he thought, half approvingly, half sarcastically. He didn't waste any more time watching the dancers. He had better things to do than watch people leap aimlessly across a platform in fancy costumes. Honestly, he didn't even know why Tea liked dance so much.

After turning down another two hallways, he walked out the two large front doors, stepped into his waiting limo, and rode back to his mansion.

It was a Saturday. Mokuba and Noa knew what that meant. No work…er…I'll make that less vague…no Kaiba Corp. Of course, this was always the day that Seto liked to sleep in, just a little. Of course, sometimes his "little" amount of sleeping actually amounted to staying in bed until 12:00p.m.

But today would not be one of those days. The two younger Kaibas would make sure of that. Yes, even though they were a few years older, they still loved to hang out with Seto. It was a tradition that couldn't die. So, naturally, they got ready: showering, getting their clothes on, and the like…and they waited. The two decided that 8:00 was a good time to wake up their brother. I mean, how long does someone need to sleep? For them, sleeping until 6:30 was good enough. Eight o' clock was WAY overboard. They always shuddered at the thought of it.

So, to pass the time, they played one of Noa's "genetically inherited" favorite games: chess. (Genetically inherited: it refers to Gozaburo being a REALLY good chess player.) Of course, Mokuba had learned from the master chess player himself: Seto. So, the games were always close, and neither one won twice in a row. Let's just say that "revenge" was the name of that game.

Eventually, 7:50 came around the corner. Mokuba knocked over Noa's king.


"And just in time too," Noa said, checking his watch, "We ought to consult the book now."

Mokuba checked the time, "You're right." They rushed up the stairs to Noa's room. Now, by the book, they meant the book that they had so long ago created as a list of pranks and "wake-up" calls for Seto. Oh, aren't they mean…. No, they called it good, clean fun. And to this day, they believed that theory.

Noa fetched the book from its hiding place: in the bottom shelf of his dresser, beneath piles of clothes he pretty much refused to wear. He plopped down on the bed and opened it up. Mokuba bounced down beside him. They scanned the many pages of pranks.

"What's one we haven't pulled yet?" Mokuba inquired.

"I don't know…it's a list of three years of pranks. We could've accomplished them all by now. Oh! How about this one," Noa replied.

"No, we poured a glass of water on his two weeks ago. I'm still scared of using that cup after Seto cursed it to…you know where," Mokuba said.

"Yeah…I remember that now. I wonder why I didn't before…. Maybe it was because he slapped me in the head by accident when his arm came flying up, after I had poured the glass. At least…I hope that was an accident," Noa said, rubbing the side of his head.

"Have we done that one?" Mokuba pointed.

"Yeah. Don't you remember taking the stereo onto his room and turning it up full blast onto the most hardcore song we have? I was practically deaf that day…and not only because of the music," Noa replied, sticking a finger in his ear.

"Yeah, that was some pretty nasty yelling he did…after he chucked the thing out the window," Mokuba replied.

"Well, how about this one?" Mokuba pointed to one half way down the sixth page.

"Yeah, I guess that'll work for now," Noa replied. His eyes then scanned the rest of the page, and stopped at the bottom. The green-haired boy smiled, "We haven't done this one yet." Mokuba looked at where his stepbrother pointed.

"Oooo. That one. I totally forgot. That IS a good one," Mokuba laughed. This one though, wasn't a wake-up call. This was a good-natured prank…though it wasn't totally meant to be just a prank. The item read:

Get Seto "hooked-up" with a girl.

"We'll start soon…as soon as we find someone good enough for him. After all, he IS 22. That's a good time…" Noa said, "But, everyone he knows is in college. Why did he have to go and skip it?" Noa said.

"Actually, not everyone is in college," Mokuba corrected, thinking of whom Seto had briefly spoken about when he came home from the business meeting the previous day.

"Huh…oh! Tea…." Noa smiled mischievously. Some of that old "evilness" seemed to have come back into him.

"We start today," Mokuba said, closing the book, "But first…."

"Someone needs to be woken up," Noa finished.

They tiptoed into Seto's dark room. A few rays of light showed through the closed blinds. Noa walked over to Seto's bed. Kaiba mumbled and turned over in his sleep.

Mokuba came up next to Noa, "Seto."

"W-wh-hat i-is it?" Seto muffled, curling up under the covers. He was still three-quarters asleep. His mind hadn't woken up yet. Otherwise, he would've been prepared to not fall for the wake-up call.

"Well, we just wanted to tell you that Joey just stormed in here and is wrecking that place. We can't stop-" Noa was interrupted.

"MUTT!" Seto sprang out of bed, temporarily forgetting that Joey had actually made it to college. But, in the process, his head bumped into Noa's nose. Noa yelped and fell backwards, clutching his now bleeding nose.

Seto hopped out of bed, angrily and stormed out of the room. He approached the railing that looked down into the front hall.

"WHEELER!" he roared. The only person down there was a now scared-to-death maid, whom had been cleaning a vase, and had almost dropped it, due to Seto's roar.

"I-I-I'm the o-o-nly one h-here, M-m-mister K-Kaiba," she quaked, replacing the vase.

"What!" Seto spun around. Mokuba stood there.

"Hi, Seto! Glad you're up! Let's get the day started!" Mokuba smiled happily.

"Oh, Lord, what did I do to deserve this?" Seto looked up and held the bridge of his nose, now realizing that he had been tricked…again. Why did he always fall for these pranks? He was Seto Kaiba! Seto Kaiba didn't easily submit to pranks! Well, his brother, and he also supposed Noa, had a bit of himself in them. Noa….

"Where's Noa?" Seto inquired. A loud moan came from inside Kaiba's room. He walked inside and switched on the light. He saw Noa sitting on the ground, cross-eyed, trying to see if his nose really was bleeding. By now, though, red could be seen on his once white shirt and shorts.

"What happened?" Seto sighed.

"You hit me," Noa replied in a weird voice, due to plugging up his nose.



"Maybe that'll teach you to let me sleep," Seto said.

Mokuba coughed out an audible, "Fat chance."

Suddenly, a maid appeared, on account of her master was now up. She had brought three glasses of orange juice. She handed the crystal blue one to Mokuba.

Seto smiled and looked behind him, "That glass is still cursed, you know."

Mokuba, who had begun to drink the juice, recognized the cup, and chocking, spluttered it out. Mokuba held it out as if it were poisonous. Actually, curses aren't that far from poison….

That Saturday, as was tradition, they went out to eat for breakfast. Their limo pulled up at one of their favorite restaurants (I don't know of any restaurants in Japan, so I'm not going to name it; it's not really that important).

The three brothers walked inside, and were led, excitedly, by a young, blonde, waitress/cashier. She handed out the menus. The whole time, she couldn't stop smiling. I mean, she was actually SERVING the Kaiba family! What she wouldn't give to hook up with Seto Kaiba.

"A waitress will be here shortly to get your orders," she said, smiling gleefully. Then, her face turning down, she left. Why couldn't she be that waitress? But no! She had to be a cashier! The waitress (whom we are going to call Lynn) walked back into the "Employees Only" area.

"We need someone to go wait on the Kaiba family!" Lynn squeaked. The (unmarried) women's faces in the room all lit up, "Have we got anyone?" Unfortunately, no one answered. "Well?"

"We're all already busy," another waitress, named Lily replied, taking some plates of food out the door. Lynn noticed one of the waitresses, who had short, brown hair, washing her hands. Lynn walked up to her.

"Well, how about you? We need someone to wait on them," Lynn said to her. The girl turned around.

"Who?" Tea asked.

Lynn sighed, "Geez, you look like the lucky one, and you don't even know whom you're serving?"

"Uh, no…I wasn't really paying attention," Tea replied, drying her hands. Lynn shoved a notebook and a pen into her hands.

"There, take these," she began shoving her to the door, "and go wait on the Kaiba family. I trust you know what they look like."

"WHAT?" Tea forced herself to stop, "Wait on them? B-b-but, I can't! They probably think…I couldn't possibly…."

"You're actually rejecting to get the order of the most powerful guy in the city?" Lynn looked at her, amazed. The rest of the room heard her and gawked at her.

"Well, yes…he can't see me like this…." Tea tried gesturing to her uniform.

"What? Do you actually have one of those little crushes on him or something?" Lynn replied, smiling.

Tea spun around, "WHAT ARE YOU, NUTS? YOU'RE INSANE IF YOU WOULD THINK THAT I LIKE THAT CREEP!" Tea still remembered what he had done to them back in high school, those three years ago. And she bet all of her money that he hadn't changed.

"Well, then, get out there!" Lynn shoved her through the swinging doorway, wondering why she had called THE Seto Kaiba, a creep. Tea couldn't stop her, and she stumbled out. Before she could fall, she recollected herself and stood there. Looking around, she finally saw the man she hadn't seen in a wonderful three years. Well, they weren't all that wonderful…she just meant that they were pleasant because he hadn't been butting into her life for the past three years; so, she had been a lot happier.

Tea slowly walked over to their table. Good, she thought, their heads are all submerged in those menus. Maybe they won't look up. Kaiba usually keeps away from eye contact. He always did that in school…never looking up from that godforsaken laptop.

She stood at the head of the table, and stiffly said, "Are you ready to order?"

"Uh…I'll have the Pancake Supreme," Mokuba stated, not looking up from the menu. That was good, just how Tea wanted it.

"Geez, sounds like Joey," she muttered. But, it was still a tad audible.

He looked up, "What'd you say…." Mokuba stopped. Noa looked up from his menu to see why his brother had stopped speaking so suddenly. Then, he saw the girl, standing there, frozen.

"Tea?" Noa inquired. Not that he needed to ask. Her name was right there on her nametag.

"What did you say, Noa?" Seto looked up. He looked at Noa, who was looking at Tea. Then, Mr. CEO himself looked up at her. His eyes went just a tad wide.

"What are you doing here?" he interrogated.

Tea was reddening, "Are-you-going-to-order?" she said each word separately.

"Tea's working here?" Mokuba turned to Seto, "But Seto, didn't you say you saw her yesterday at the community center…." He stopped.

Tea had dropped her notepad and pen and rushed out the doors to the restaurant, only calling out to Lynn, "I'm taking my break!"

Mokuba and Noa just stared at where she had left. Seto didn't give it another thought. He just waited for another waitress to come by and get his order.

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