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Beach Bonanza

Chapter 1: Beach?

Ryou picked up the ringing phone, "Hello? Ryou here."

"Hey Ryou! It's Joey!"

"Oh, hey Joey. What do you want?"

"We were wondering, that is, Yugi, Tea, Tristan, me, Serenity, Mai and Duke," Joey counted the large list off his fingers, "if you wanted to take a "road trip" with us to the beach for a month! You know, 'cause all of us, 'cept Serenity, just graduated high school and all! Serenity's just gotta come, you know, she's part o' the group! Anyway, how 'bout it? The whole gang'll be there, then!"

"Well…I'd love to go…let me ask…but first, how much is this all going to cost? At the beach for a month? How do we do that?"

"Oh, well, we're renting rooms at this small private beach! And it's not a crappy beach or anything. It's like…a four star place!"

"That sounds expensive…."

"Don't worry. We'll each get a room! Business there has been slow, so they're having a special savings thing…aw, I dunno! It just costs less! Anyway, the whole gang's coming! You?"

"Let me ask…" Ryou put his hand over the receiver and walked over to his parents who were in the kitchen. His mom was baking and his father was reading the newspaper while drinking coffee. "Mom, dad, I need to ask you something."

"Yes dear?" his mother replied.

"Well, Joey just called and he was wondering, since we just graduated and all, if our whole group could go to the beach for a month…a "road-trip" as he called it," Ryou replied.

"Well, that sounds like fun!" his father looked up from the paper, "How much is it?"

"Well…he never answered that directly…let me ask," Ryou replied and spoke back into the phone, "Joey…about my costs question…you never answered it directly…"

"It shouldn't be over $500 dollars," a feminine voice suddenly rang out over the phone.

"Serenity?" Ryou inquired.

"Yeah…did you hear me?"

"Yes, yes…$500! I'll be right back…." He covered the receiver again.

"Five hundred dollars…that's not too bad, for a month there…." His father replied.

"When are you leaving? Are you going to have some sort of adult supervision there?" his mother asked.

"Mother…we're all…well…except one, eighteen," Ryou sighed.

"I know, but…. Never mind. You're right. Are girls going to be there?" his mother inquired, looking at him, a tad nervously.

"Yes…why?" Ryou inquired, seeing his mother's funny look. The idea the hit Ryou, "Mother! How could you! To even think that I'd be one of those…moronic perverts!" The last few words startled Ryou's parents, and he blushed slightly, "Japan's really rubbing off on me."

"Fine," his mother smiled, "But when are you leaving?"

"I'll ask," Ryou sighed and spoke again, "When are we leaving?"

"Geez, so many questions," Tristan's voice rang out on the other side.

"Tristan? How many people are exactly there?" Ryou inquired.

"Oh…only…everybody! We're waiting to hear your answer! Anyway, we leave in a week…that's June 30th."

"Oh, alright," Ryou replied, then spoke to his parents, "In a week…the 30th."

"It's alright with me, then, sweetie," his mother replied.

"Fine with me," his father answered going back to the paper.

"I can come!" Ryou exclaimed back into the phone. Cheers were heard on the other line.

"Can you come over now?" Joey was back on.

"Your house?"


"I think so…can I go, mom?"

"Yes dear."

"Yeah, I can."

"Great! See you in a few!" and Joey hung up.

Ryou looked at the phone, "He never can finish that phrase with "minutes" can he?" Nevertheless, he put the phone back down, and walked out the door.

Of course, the walk to Joey's house was very unpleasant for Ryou…thanks to a certain spirit.

"How could you accept going to that revolting place!" Bakura yelled at him.

"Will you ever let me have a little fun?" Ryou replied, trying to ignore him.

"What about me? I'm going to be bored stiff there!"

"I'll leave you home then," Ryou replied.

"That won't work, and you know that! I'll still end up appearing there!"

"You have a point…just bug off, will you? It won't be so horrible! Who knows…maybe there will be the tiniest bit of mischief you can cause…."


Wrong thing to say….

Tea opened up the door to Joey's house, "Hey Ryou!"

"Hello, Tea," Ryou walked in and took off his shoes. He saw about seven other pairs by the door. He walked with Tea to the family room, where the six others were seated on the floor.

"Hey Ryou!" Yugi greeted. Others greeted him too. Now, Yugi's mind was buzzing.

"He's wearing the Ring," Yami said within the corridors of their minds.

"Relax…Bakura shouldn't be any trouble…."

"Right…good for nothing…imbecile of…retarded…stupid…git…." Yami rattled off, muttering. Yugi sighed.

Ryou sat down with them. Joey walked up to the coffee table and sat down behind it.

He started off professionally, to make a joke out of it, "We are all gathered here today…" everyone started laughing, "to talk about our beach plans! We've made reservations, courtesy of Duke," Joey replied. Everyone clapped and laughed at it.

"Wait…how did you make reservations if you didn't know whether I was coming or not?" Ryou inquired.

"We were going to drag you there if we had to," Mai replied. Ryou laughed and the others joined in.

"Very funny…" Ryou started.

"Now, this is, according to Duke, a seemingly small "resort." On account of there are only two rooms left…we took all the others. So, there's a large chance that we'll have the whole beach to ourselves for the entire month!" Joey explained. There was a small cheer from within the group.

"Yes…so now we need to make car-riding plans…Tea…you're in charge," Joey chuckled at his turn of authority and sat down in the crowd. Tea walked up.

"Okay then…. We're going to need a total of two cars. We thought we'd have a car for the girls and one for the boys. Mai has offered…and has been chosen, to drive the women. Now, we need a male driver…." Joey's hand shot up. "Umm…let's not get too risky here," Tea laughed.

"Hey!" Joey retorted as the others chimed in, laughing.

"I'll drive," Yugi suddenly said. They all looked at him.

Joey asked, "You mean…in that car you said was really awesome that your grandpa got you and you've never shown to us?"

"That's the one…of course…it only fits five, which is perfect!

Then, Mai got the floor, concerning with what they should bring…which we won't go through. Instead….

We take a trip to the Kaiba Mansion….

Seto walked down the grand staircase, on his way to the study. He noticed his brothers, Mokuba and Noa, slumped on the floor and over the arms of the couch that sat at the bottom of the staircase.

"What's wrong?" he asked, reaching the bottom.

"Ugh…there's nothing to do," Mokuba replied.

"We're bored stiff," Noa said.

"I see…there's nothing to do?" Seto couldn't understand it. With all their money, they had plenty of stuff to play with. "Have you gone in the pool?"

"Every day."

"Board games?"

"Played them all this month."

"Video games?"

"Sick of seeing screens." That cancelled out the computer….


"On vacation…wait!" Mokuba sat up, "Why don't we go on a vacation?"

"Vacation?" Seto said the word as if it were foreign to him.

"Yeah…vacation…you know…getting away from the house for sometime…" Noa played with Seto's head.

"I know what it is!" he retorted hotly.

"Well, let's go on one! We've been on them before!" Mokuba replied.

"I've never been on one…well, I've been on a cruise…but that was a long time ago, and I don't really consider that a real "vacation," as in going somewhere and doing other things. I would mean... going to the beach or something, " Noa responded.

The two blood-related brothers looked at Noa in shock. Actually, it made plenty of sense. Gozaburo wasn't the type of father to go on vacations for Noa's twelve living years. Then, he had been placed in a virtual world…no vacation there…real vacation that is…. And, he had only just started living with his stepbrothers.

Then, Mokuba smiled, "The beach! That's it! Let's go to the beach! You really do need a vacation, Seto. You look awful…'cause you've been staring at computers too long and too late into the night." (Behold the irony! Seto looking awful…something I can't even imagine, and I wrote the story!)

He looked awful, Seto thought. Really? He cared about his appearance…to impress people and make them think he was the hot shot/top dog. Yep, that's all.

"Fine…a vacation…but to the beach?" Seto looked at them quizzically. He didn't particularly like the beach…or pools…or anything to do with his body submerged in water.

"PLEASE?" the two younger Kaibas begged, on their knees. He wouldn't stand for it. Not the faces…. A cruise would be fine; a worldwide travel; a trip to just another country, like America! But the beach?

The eyes were welling up. The cute faces were pouting. The two looked so young…even though Noa was just as old as he was, mentally…and deprived. Seto didn't know why he did this…he loved them WAY too much for his own good.

"Fine…to the beach. But, let me get some things done. We'll leave, in say, a week? I'll go make reservations now, then," he continued walking to the study. Who was to say he couldn't bring his laptop and work?

Seto walked into his office, and shut the door. Now was the time to look up some place, and get it over with. He sat down at his computer, but almost immediately, the door squeaked open, revealing two sets of peeping eyes.

"More to ask of?" Seto put on an amused grin and laid back.

"How long were you thinking of staying at the beach?" Mokuba inquired.

"I don't know…a week?" Seto replied, turning his screensaver off.

The two shot to the desk, "A WEEK!"

"That's nuts!" Noa exclaimed, "Practically a waste!"

"You pick the place, I'll pick the time spent there," Seto replied.

"Why not stay for a month?" Mokuba inquired.

Seto had just been about to take a sip of water from his bottle on his desk; he when abruptly spit it back out, "A MONTH? What do you take me for, a lounger? I have work to do!"

"Exactly, see! This is why you need the vacation! You're a workaholic!" Noa protested.

"I see…a workaholic, am I?"

"Yes," the two replied, flatly.

"Seto, this is for your own good…and a chance for some fun!" Mokuba replied. He looked at Noa, and the smiled. But the smile turned upside down, and the puppy dog eyes started.

"No! Not again! I swear, it won't work this time!" Seto turned his swivel chair around, so he could stop looking at them.

"But, big brother!" Mokuba came around the seat.

"Don't you love us anymore?" Noa came around the other side.

Seto just kept one idea, spinning around in his head, I'm not a sucker for the eyes, I'm not a sucker, I'm not a sucker….

A few tears leaked from the two boy's eyes.

Suddenly, the thoughts, without any consent from him, turned around, I am a sucker for the eyes, I am a sucker, I am a sucker….

His eyes shot open. Where the heck did those thoughts pop up? And somehow, he heard himself, involuntarily say:

"Fine, a month." The waterworks, and shining eyes stopped, as he vaguely heard the two boys run off, cheering. All Seto could think now, was: What have I done?

He turned to the computer and went searching on the net. Every place was booked…except for this one….

Funny, you couldn't reserve online. You had to reserve by phone. Seto sighed, picking up the phone near him. Some four-star place…. Doesn't even have an online reservation….

The phone rang a couple times, and then the other line picked up, "Hello. Sunset Beach Private Resort, may I help you?"

"I'd like to make a reservation for three," Kaiba replied, nonchalantly.

"I'm sorry, we only have two rooms left," the receptionist replied.

"My brothers can share a room," Seto rubbed his temples, with his free hand.

"I'm sorry, but that is not permitted, sir."

"Do you even know whom you're talking to?" Seto retorted, sharply.

"No sir…."

"Seto Kaiba."

"Oh! Sir, well, it seems you're just in luck! With two rooms left, you can have one for yourself…and the other for your brothers! Yes, that works out fine!" Seto sighed. What an idiotic receptionist. She had just spun his words into her mouth. Thus, the reservations continued.

At dinner, Seto talked to them, "Alright, I made those reservations. It was lucky on your part. There were only two rooms left at this private beach they have. So, you two will share a room. I thought that'd be okay with you. It's a four star place…the only one that didn't have all the rooms booked…so that's the best I could do."

Mokuba and Noa smiled. They didn't mind sharing a room. As long as they got Seto to the beach….

It was the night before the trip. Seto was packing his things.

Let's see…clothes…laptop…business papers…CD-ROMs…floppies…batteries…plugs…cell phone…charger…yeah, that's about it, he thought. Then, he put his things (which happened to fit all in one suitcase, as he packed so little) by the door and went to sleep.

But his brothers didn't. Sure, they were done packing…but Seto wasn't. Slowly, they opened his door. They grabbed the suitcase and brought it to Mokuba's room, which was just to the right.

They set the case on his bed.

"This just won't do," Mokuba replied, "Laptop? Papers? That's not the way to spend a vacation!" He took out the laptop case and the papers…the floppies, the plugs and the CD-ROMs used for Seto's work. "We'll leave him his cell phone…but we'll keep hold of his charger for now," Mokuba said, noting that it was running out of battery power. He didn't want Seto calling home to have his stuff brought back. No…it would be a trade off when Seto discovered his things missing….

"Seto's going to kill us," Noa replied, looking through his clothes, "Geez, the man doesn't even pack his trunks…and we're going to a beach! The idiot…" Noa went to quietly fetch them from Seto's dresser. He came back ten minutes later. "They took forever to find," he laid them on top of his clothes, "He had them in the bottom drawer underneath all of his unwanted clothes."

"I can understand that," Mokuba replied, closing the suitcase, "I think that's it. The charger is in my backpack. His stuff is under my bed, and everything else he needs for fun and relaxation is in his suitcase." They quietly stowed back to his room and put the suitcase back by the door. Then, they left to go to sleep themselves.

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