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Feel it

Chapter one

Kagome walked through the forest, bow and arrows in hand and looked thoroughly for the tell tale red and silver silhouette. It was dark out but she could manage. The moon cast a nice glow in the foliage as she looks up at the stars. True, there were so many leafy trees she could hardly see the sky at some places, but she liked it either way. She couldn't so many stars back in her time anyway.

The shadows from said leaves printed themselves on her face and body, making her ebony skin glow slightly. She searched through the trees, squinting her sapphire eyes as if it would help her make out more out of the leafy details before her. From her left, she heard some rustling and twigs snaps. Ever the curious human, she trudged towards the sound only to gasp and hide behind a tree.

There, under an oak tree, was Kikyou and InuYasha hugging in the moonlight. Kikyou's soft voice echoed around the small clearing as she spoke to her lover.

"InuYasha, why do you say you love me when you always turn around and leave me for my reincarnation?" She spoke the last word bitterly, portraying her true opinion of the younger woman.

"Because, my love, I need her to find the jewel shards so I can finally bring you back. I don't care what happens to her when I've made my wish." He replied, bringing a clawed hand through her soft black hair.

"Then why do you protect her with such passion InuYasha?"

A soft smile touched the hanyou's lips as he tilted the miko's chin upward and closer to his face.

"The fool is in love with me." He snickered. "It's only to keep her here instead of running off to her damn home, back in the future."

Kikyou was about to say something but InuYasha cut her off by kissing her passionately. Kagome couldn't believe it, she thought InuYasha was her friend. Her brother. Sure she used to have feelings for him, but something changed and she merely saw him as a brother. She sniffed and turned around slowly, silently.

InuYasha knew she was there all along. He had planned on it. His ears flattened on his head as he thought of how much he had to hurt her in order to protect his sister-like friend. Still, he let his mouth work Kikyou's cold, dead lips, feeling her hands creep into the folds of his clothing wantonly.

I'm sorry Kagome, sister, but I have to do this. I hope that some say you'll understand and forgive me. InuYasha sent his thoughts to his friend, not wanting to deal with reality as it were happening.

He supressed a shudder when the whore's cold dead hands glided across his now bare chest. He hadn't noticed she had stripped him of his haori. He tried not to gag when he saw her clay body revealed and the smell of her arousal hit his senses. He didn't think he could go through with it without trying to rip his own loins off afterward.

Oh gods! I hope the wench thanks me when Kikyou's gone, this is worse than hell! Thought InuYasha as he thrust deeply inside his former lover.

He shuddered at the feel, which Kikyou seemed to think was pleasure, her cold tight walls clamping around him. Since she didn't have a real body, Kikyou didn't have any bodily fluids so to speak. InuYasha thrust dispassionately inside the dead bitch, feeling his force desire ebb quickly. He forced his mind apart from his body and held onto the image of the one woman he truly desired. The disgusting sound of flesh slapping against rock had InuYasha wishing he'd killed her before this nonsense. Unfortunately, he still needed her to guide him towards his enemy's demise.

Kagome ran across fields and brushes as fast as her human legs could carry her. She couldn't believe her best friend had betrayed her, couldn't believe how he actually spoke about her behind her back. She thought of all those sweet moments she had shared with InuYasha, the occasional chaste kiss that left her tingling for more. The way he hugged her in a silent apology or when he held her hand some times. All this was only an act to keep her for his own selfish need. She angrily wiped her sleeve over her eyes as she kept running God knows where.

Kagome closed her eyes in rage as hot tears trailed down her cheeks in a heated fury. She got whip lashed by some branches then fell and stumbled in a small clearing at someone's feet. She regained herself and saw something furry and white. Her eyes widened in realization. Kagome grabbed her bow and arrows the man, no, demon before her grabbed her wrists painfully and hissed in her ear menacingly. Letting its tongue trail along her lobe, making the young Miko shudder disgustedly.

"Nice for you to drop in, Kagome." The voice said huskily.

"Let me go!" Kagome squirmed and tried to use her powers against her foe but only succeeded in hurting herself. What the heck? She blinked back tears in astonishment. Regardless, she thrashed against him without using her powers and tried in vain to get her wrists free from her captor. Hot new tears flowed as he dug his sharp claws into them, laughing hysterically.

"Great! This is great!" His eyes narrowed at her and he let his tongue flicker along his bottom lip hungrily. "Great. The spell works perfectly."

She bit her bottom lip to the point of bleeding to keep the whimper from ripping from her throat. She would not go down without a fight, spell or not, she would do her best not to show her fear to this age-long foe.

The demon cackled and threw his head back in merriment, almost like he could hear her despairing thoughts.

"Such stubbornness, yes, you will do a nice mate. I cannot wait until I take you tonight. You will scream for me, you will moan in your pain and be forever my pet!" He laughed again, madness coloring his deep baritone.

"NOOO!" The sound echoed through the forest eerily, letting all around know of the miko's alarming situation.

She threw her eyes open and started struggling with renewed vigor, willing her human strength to win against the strong demon holding her captive. She will not be owned. She will no longer be used.

He let some poison drip into her veins, not enough to kill, and watched as she went limp into unconsciousness. He brought her to his castle and waited in the shadows for her waking to make her his, finally.

Miroku and Sango sat close to the fire, talking about where they would head soon when they heard some rustling in the bushes close by. They both turned their heads toward to noise and saw InuYasha emerging from the forest. Miroku offered a small smile in greeting and Sango simply nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"Hey InuYasha, did Kagome find you?" Asked Sango as she polished her Hiraikotsu.

"What? You mean she's not here?" This startled InuYasha a little as he sniffed the area, trying to see if she had been here since he had left a while ago. Her scent was too old, making him worry a little.

"Why? Haven't you seen her?" Miroku stood up as he asked, noticing the increasing alarm in his friend's eyes.

The hanyou never replied but simply ran out of camp, following what was left of her scent. The monk and the exterminator exchanged looks before quickly dousing the fire and hurrying after their friend.

Kagome! You better be alright! The silver haired demon thought frantically.

He stopped at a clearing and sniffed the air once again. He noticed this was the same clearing where he rotted with the whore and shuddered, he could still smell the faint arousal of his dead lover. The smell was pretty strong still, at least to him. He managed to follow Kagome's scent and found it going past his forest and stopped into another clearing.

InuYasha gagged as another smell assaulted his sensitive nose and growled deep in his throat, instantly knowing to whom it belonged to.

That bastard dared touch my Kagome and spilled her blood! InuYasha growled deep in his throat but waited impatiently for his friends to catch up to him so he could inform them on the latest kidnapping.

Sango and Miroku gave him odd looks and demanded to know what happened to Kagome and why she wasn't with him yet. He growled and barked out what he knew and who had taken her. They all gasped in shock. Why would he want her so bad? She was human wasn't she? He never made any kind of decision so foolish before.

Without any complaints whatsoever, they set off quickly and ran towards where they thought the demon had taken her. In the moon's glow, five people stirred with white hot rage. Two humans, two demons and one half-demon. Each face were contorted with the pain of anguish at the lost one, the sun that brought happiness in their lives. Each of them vowed under the gazing witnessing moon that they would retrieve what was lost even at the loss of their own lives.

They would fight to the end and retrieve their lost sun. Brighter than anything. The demon will suffer great pain for taking what was theirs. They would die, if only to gaze upon that one bright smile once again before going to the other world and rest their peace for eternity. Minds set, the companions of the miko's ran as fast as they could towards their target.