Notes: I wouldn't have done this, if not for a very…interesting review. So you can all thank Travis. I guess.

Epilogue: Aftermath

"I don't think she's in there."

"Of COURSE she's in there, where else would she be?"

"Then I don't think we should be trying to break in. You know how the boss gets."

"Tara, if you're not going to help, then quit whining so I can do this."

Tara pouted, crossing her arms as she watched Bonnie try her hand at lock picking. Considering she only had a credit card and a very complicated lock to work with, it wasn't going too well. Shego had made certain her home was very secure.

There were some things it couldn't stand up against, though. Like the handheld laser nestled in Tara's pocket. The one she would gladly tell Bonnie about, once her partner apologized and really meant it.

Kim woke up to the odd, uncomfortable feeling that she was being watched. It wasn't until she slipped out from under Monique's arm that she spotted Ron leaning against the wall, wearing a pair of baggy sweatpants.

"Hey," she said quietly, her cheeks burning.

"Hi," Ron replied, looking equally uncomfortable.

"So, um…about today," Kim murmured hesitantly.

"We shall never speak of it," Ron supplied.

"We won't?"

Ron nodded sagely. "For many reasons, all of them awk-weird."

"So…you didn't…I mean…"

"Oh, I liked it. Every second. You know, except for the spanking part."

Kim barely held in a laugh. "I've never seen Shego do that before, I swear."

"A likely story."

"Ron, really. I didn't know she was into it. Maybe she only does it with guys."

"I bet she's only done it with me," Ron muttered. "She always has to be in control."

"You get used to it."

"Not really."

"Okay, well, I got used to it."

"But she never spanked you!"

"Ron, she's put me in holds that would make Steel Toe cry for his mommy. We're way beyond spanking."


"Say, um…toss me my robe? I think it's still in the bathroom."

She was eternally grateful that Ron left the room without pointing out that he'd already seen her naked. This was true, but if they were really going to act like this day was just a dream, better to start now.

Ron returned shortly with the robe. "KP, do you think this was a mistake?" he asked, handing it to her.

"I'm not really sure," Kim admitted as she turned away to slip it on. "I enjoyed it, same as you did. But I also don't know if it would be wise to repeat this experience."

"Spanking weirded you out, too?"

"No, from what I saw, it was actually kinda funny. But, um…I was pretty occupied at the moment, and, well…"

Ron grinned. "She's good, right?"

Kim blushed. "You're an incredibly lucky man, Ron Stoppable. Now can we please talk about something else?"

"Right. I'll go whip up some breakfast, and-"

"Did you hear something?" Kim asked sharply.

"No, but I don't think-"

It was then that the bedroom door slammed open, spilling Bonnie and Tara all over the carpet.

"Owww! Bonnie get your elbow out of my…" Tara trailed off as her eyes took in Ron, Kim, their near state of undress, and then the two unconscious bodies on the bed. "OOOOOOH!"

Bonnie was a bit more tasteful, she just stared in open-mouthed shock.

Shego grunted as she sat up. "Ah, great. The whole office will know inside a day." She fixed the two girls with a glare. "What do you want and why shouldn't I fire you?"

"We won't tell, honest!" Tara cried, scrambling to her feet. "Right, Bonnie?"

Bonnie didn't answer, and she still hadn't gotten up.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Answer the first question. What do you want?"

"Adrena Lynn is suing you for running a racially discriminatory workplace."

"On what basis?"

Tara frowned. "Something about denying a Native American applicant…"

Shego snorted. "Hell, I'd let Stoppable spank ME if she even has a drop of Native American blood."

"That's an…odd choice of words," Tara observed.

"Is there anything else?" Ron asked loudly.

"Just one. Is this why you guys don't like to be bothered on the weekends?"

"Pick up your slack-jawed friend and get out!" Shego ordered.

"So…never?" Monique asked. "Never, ever again?"

Kim sighed. "Monique, please. I'm trying to eat."

"Forget the food! Why, Kim? Was it something I did? Did you not like it when I-"

"Monique!" Kim hissed. "Would you stop it? You didn't do anything I didn't like. And that's part of the problem."

"I'm not following you, girl."

"It's one of those things that's great once, but after that it's never as good."

Monique looked insulted. "Oh, yeah? You give me five minutes alone, and I'll-"

"NO, you will not!" Kim interrupted, turning red. "Monique, this has nothing to do with ability!"

"Then what?"

Kim took a deep breath. "I'm scared it might hurt both our relationships. What if Shego gets too into you? Or if Ron gets too into me?"

"Okay, I see your point. Why didn't you just say that?"

"You wouldn't let me!"

"Sorry." Monique lowered her voice. "So…you liked it? All of it? Even the spanking?"

Kim grinned. "Especially that, but don't tell Ron. It made him feel insecure, I think."

"Aw! I wanted to try it out on him."

"Don't you dare! He's sensitive enough about it."

"So…no regrets?" Monique asked.

"I guess not." Kim didn't look so sure.

"Is it going to make things awk-weird between us?"

"No." Kim paused. "Well, I hope not. So long as you respect my personal space."

"I do respect it! So much that I want to be in it again!" Monique laughed.

"Oh, you're very funny."

"I wasn't really joking, but if that's the way you want it, Kim." She reached across the table and laid her hand on Kim's. "But now you'll never doubt the way I feel about you, will you?"

"Definitely not."

"Good. That's what I wanted." Monique drew her hand back. "And if you see Ron ogling any mug shots of Shego, feel free to smack him, once for each of us."

"I think he's more afraid of her again. Because of the spanking."

"What is it about a woman smacking a man's butt that turns him into a child?"

"I'm sure I don't know. Maybe Shego does."

"Oh, I'm almost positive she would."

"I can drive back to the office myself, you know."

"I know. But I have your keys."

Ron just barely stifled a groan. "Okay. What's it gonna take for me to get my keys back?"

Shego smirked at him. "You'll get them back…at the office…after I've driven you there."

"In MY car?"

"No, mine."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I enjoy making you uncomfortable. And you have to look at me sometime."

"I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you."

"You're being a bad boy, Ron. And bad boys get-"


Shego grinned wickedly and unlocked the doors. "Get in, then."

Sighing loudly, Ron got into the car and buckled his seat belt. "I better get a raise for this."

Shego snorted as she started the car. "No way. You got to see me naked."

"Not by choice."

"You saw, anyway."

"I didn't want to! You jumped me and tied me up with my own clothes!"

"You would've run if I hadn't, and then you wouldn't have got to see me naked, and you're deprived enough as it is."

"Hey, I got Monique all by myself!"

"No, you were lucky. You were lucky to be Kimmie's buddy for so long, you were lucky she and Monique became friends, and you were lucky that you were both smart enough to fall for Kimmie and stupid enough to be so slow in realizing it. Otherwise, you never would've gotten Monique…or seen me naked."

Ron glared at her. "I have to say, seeing you naked wasn't the highlight of the experience. It pales in comparison to the rest."

"Ah. A joke at my expense. It might actually hurt, if you weren't so pitiful already."

"I've decided. I don't like working for you anymore. I quit."

"You can't quit. Doesn't work that way. You can only be fired. Much as I'd like to do that, I can't. I need Monique, and she's currently under the delusion that she needs you. So you both stay."

"You don't have that in writing."

"I do, actually. Monique signed a contract committing you both. Same as every other team. You just didn't know about it."

"She wouldn't do that."

"Did. I advised her not to tell you."


"So I could spring it on you like this when you did try to quit, of course."

Ron shook his head. "I don't understand you, Shego. When I see you with Kim, you're so…nice most of the time. But the instant we're alone, it's like you never stopped working for Drakken."

"And figuring me out would make you feel better?"

"No. But I'm tired of fighting with you. We're supposed to be on the same side now."

"Okay, Ron. I'll make a deal with you. I'll play nice from now on, and all you have to do…"

Ron closed his eyes. "Here it comes."

Shego chuckled. "Just tell me exactly what you were thinking when I spanked you."

"You promise you'll be nice? You swear on…on…this won't work, nothing's sacred to you, is it?"

"I swear on Kimmie's Pandaroo. She always makes me swear on it, because she knows I hate it with everything that I am."

"So how is that sacred to you?"

Shego scowled. "It's sacred because Kimmie loves the damn thing so much. It's sickening, a woman her age still going to bed with a ball of fluff. She even washes it by hand." She took a deep, cleansing breath. "So what were you thinking?"

"Honestly? That my mom was going to walk in any second and disown me."


Ron shuddered. "You obviously don't know my mom very well."

"How bad could she be?"

"She still hasn't recovered from me and Monique skipping dating. So I know today would give her a stroke."

"Too bad. Bet you wish for Kimmie's parents all the time, huh?"

"Her mom, anyway. I've been threatened with black holes too many times. Worst my dad can do is tell me the likelihood of things going wrong if I don't take his advice."

"And what did he say about working for me?"

Ron shrugged. "So long as Kim was on board, little or no risk. If she left…you don't wanna know."

"Well, he's not an idiot, at least."

"I thought you were playing nice now?"

"What? I said he wasn't an idiot!"

Ron sighed heavily. "Forget it."

:"Hey, this IS nice…for me. Not my fault if you didn't specify the terms of our deal. Always read the fine print, Ron."

"Warning: May cause headaches, heart trauma, nausea, bruising, plasma burns, and blurred vision."

"You forgot red buns and cheeks."


For once, Shego did exactly as she was told.

But Ron still couldn't bring himself to look at her for more than a few seconds. Because he'd either see a wide grin on her face, or picture her hand falling for another swat. Really, he didn't know which one was worse. Either way, he had a sinking feeling that Shego being nice would be even worse than her being…well, Shego.

"Since I'm being nice and all," Shego said suddenly. "I think you need some advice."

"On what?" Ron asked warily.

"Well, I noticed today that your rhythm was off."

"Kim didn't have ANY complaints."

"She has no basis for comparison, plus she was being nice."

"Like you're supposed to be?"

"I'm trying to help. I can see you need more lessons in that area, so-"


"Let me finish. After work we'll grab Monique, and I'll coach you through it."

"I don't like your coaching. You always yell."

"How can you learn if you don't know when you're doing it wrong?"

"But you yelled when I got it right, too."

"Positive reinforcement. Unless you'd rather I just gave you a slap on the ass."

"Yelling's good. Yelling's great."

"Maybe we should get Kimmie in on this, see what she liked and didn't."

"She liked it all!"

"You just keep telling yourself that. I know what a completely satisfied Kimmie looks like, and she only looked that way when Monique got done with her."

"If I wasn't so disgusted by the thought of being with you again, I'd make you pull this car over right now."

Shego smirked. "Guess we're both lucky, then."

"Nice?" Ron asked heatedly.

"Sorry. Force of habit."

"Maybe YOU should get spanked when you can't remember to be nice."

"Monique would kill you. And Kimmie wouldn't speak to your corpse for a week."

"That's not fair!"

"Nope, it's nice and fair. For me."

"You cheated somehow, I just know you did…"

"You ever prove it, you can have all the time with my butt that you want."

"And this is something I'm supposed to want?"

"No, but I am supposed to be nice now."

"That doesn't really include offering up your body parts."

"Forget I said anything then. We'll just stop by Bueno Naco on the way to your lesson. My treat."

"See? Was that really so hard?"

"Yeah," Shego muttered, glancing at her arm. "I think it's giving me a rash."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Just drive," he murmured weakly.

The End (for real this time, I hope)


Thorn on a Rose


I laughed all the way through this part of the story and I enjoyed every moment of it- you think you could send me the rest of that last part of the scene because I would really like to read it-

If not that's ok...sniff...ok...-

I hate to disappoint you, but there is no more. I'm not one of those writers who posts 'clean' and 'dirty' versions of fics. Because all my fics are arguably 'clean' and writing 'dirty' is something I can't/won't do for personal reasons. So I'm afraid you'll have to just imagine all the naughtiness. No doubt that was part of my reason for not describing the scene in any greater detail. Apparently, everyone else was too outraged to imagine...

Travis Johnson

Okay. The reviews have been down for a few days. I'm going to be calm about this. Just let me get this out of my system (gasp): WHAT? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? A FOURSOME? OH YOU...oh... AGH!



Now, here's the thing. All the parts of the "On" series are absolutely fucking stunning. Maybe better than anything that I can write at the moment. Through a combination of dialogue and actual knowledge of how these characters would act given this stimuli, you've managed to craft a story with more emotional power than the source material.

However, in writing this, there came an unfortunate side effect: Sheego.

Sheego pissed me off.

I understand that she's a bitch. AND an A-type personality. BUT, in your portrayal of her and the merciless way that she nearly wrecked the lives of everyone around her lover, I couldn't help but get pissed. To wit:

1.The fact that, despite settling in with Kim, Sheego shows nothing but disdain for those around her (just how many times did she threaten that whole "spirit her away" thing?)

2.In her protectiveness, Shego never ONCE says she loved Kim. EVER. I realize that the fact that she was willing to immolate Monkey Fist stands for something, but the fact remains that she doesn't appreciate a damn thing she has.

3.The entire triad with Ron. Her hatred of him is not only unreasonable, but makes her come off as a vindictive control freak (and may I add that that whole "you can't blame me for getting what I wanted" speech is heartbreaking and infuriating in a way I'm certain you didn't anticipate.)

4.The foursome. Not that this was some kind of "deviant lifestyle" issue-you don't read four chapters of touching lesbian romance and get pissed that they don't do it missionary position-but the undercurrents that that this act smacks of. As if it weren't enough that the manner Shego attains Kim isn't remorselessly damaging enough, she has the nerve to dangle Kim in front of the only two people in the world who love her as much (if not more) than her like a plaything? WHA!

I'm not homophobic. I'm a goddamn Kim Possible fan. Kigo fics are part of my job description. I'm just sharing with you, as a writer, the emotions that your work provoked, in the interest of you addressing it. I eagerly await your response.

At no point in the story did I specifically say there would be a foursome. It's probably my fault for NOT going into detail there, but I guess I just assumed people could read my dirty mind. So let me clear up any lingering doubts about what I wanted to happen, not that I think it will matter to you much.

What I was trying to imply was that there would be some semblance of organization to it: that is, turn-taking. Silly, I know, but the scene was supposed to involve actual human feelings, not just an orgy hive mind. But I understand why people would assume that the instant they think multiple sexual partners, and again, I didn't get detailed.

It's Shego, not Sheego. She's supposed to piss you off, that's what she does. Shego is a naturally destructive person, so you shouldn't be surprised that people get hurt, emotionally or otherwise, around her. But you're making it sound like she's got an elaborate plan to systematically ruin the lives of Kim's circle. That isn't the case. (as far as I'm concerned, everyone but the bad guys ended up fine) But you can't mix a moral person with an immoral person and not expect some friction. Keep in mind that SOME of the bad things that happened (Ron missing a mission, Kim being babyfied) were NOT Shego's fault. If she stood to benefit from those bad things for whatever reason, that's just right place, right time syndrome.

1. Shego does not continue to show "nothing but disdain for those around her." You're looking only at the dialogue and getting the wrong message. If you focus solely on Shego's words, you'll assume she's almost always angry. She IS angry a lot, but there's more to it than that. She has problems with authority (Kim's parents) and rebels against it, and she does threaten to take Kim away, but she never actually DOES. At least, she never makes Kim totally unreachable to her family. But she knows that the Doctors Possible can control Kim (that includes dating), and she wants sole control. Yet she also knows that these are Kim's parents, and tries to get along with them (she calls them Mom and Pops, remember?). And you missed it, but Shego stated that she liked Monique. It's even implied that the tweebs have grown on her (even KIM has trouble showing them affection). As for her treatment of the squad, that was to get them into tip-top KP shape (not an easy thing to be unless you're pushed, hard). So it's not disdain. Shego has problems with admitting her true feelings (aside from anger), so don't expect her to express them in words. Combined with her sarcastic wit, her words will always be harsh. Look at her actions, though: encouraging the tweebs, NOT kidnapping Kim from her home, giving Monique and Ron advice, organizing a company that actually does some good in the world. That's not disdain, that's good under the disguise of disdain. Because as I kept saying, "Shego doesn't do nice." She had (or has, in her mind) a reputation to uphold.

2. Shego is not the type of person to say a thing like "I love you" often (and she DID say it, in the final chapter of On Board, Baby). Again, you're focusing on words, not actions. Rather than say it, Shego shows her love: looking after Kim as a baby, adapting (trying anyway) to Kim's family life, rushing home from work to spend as much time as possible with Kim, trying to retire Kim before she gets hurt (I wrote that scene with nothing but Shego's love for Kim in mind, I refuse to believe it didn't come through there), trying to protect Kim from the truth about Monique and Ron (then demanding they confess when she found it was actually hurting Kim), worrying about Kim when Dementor gets out, and yes, even setting up Kim at the end. She had her own motivation there, but the underlying message was that there were unresolved feelings between Ron, Monique, and Kim, and this was a way of...well, expressing them. And maybe sex wasn't the best way to do it, but in Ron's case at least, his initial desire specifically involved sex with Kim.

3. Shego IS a vindictive control freak. She likes being in control, and she holds grudges well. Her main dislike of Ron, as Monique pointed out, was that she saw him as competition for Kim's heart (a pretty real threat, considering his feelings for Kim). But she comes to realize that Kim, Ron, and Monique are a package deal, so she doesn't go on hating him. And that speech you hate so much? It was partially designed to make Ron realize that while he had lost Kim, he hadn't lost completely: he still had Monique. I didn't really see it as heartbreaking, so much as it was helpful, though in Shego's usual brash way of 'take-my-advice-and-shut-up'.

4. Shego is always manipulative. And maybe because readers are so used to her using that talent for evil, they can't see it when she uses it for 'good'. Or they didn't recognize it as good. Shego isn't dangling Kim; that implies that she's teasing and the 'foursome' never happens. It was stated that the whole thing was half Monique's idea. Monique, who has admitted to loving Kim, and still does. (odd how you constantly focus on Shego's words, then you ignore Monique's when they really matter) We've already established that Monique and Ron have no problems expressing themselves through physical love. Also we see how Monique and Shego understand each other, and are even attracted to each other somewhat. The only odd man out is Kim, and this is why she had to be manipulated into it. And we know Shego won't hesitate to do that. Is it healthy? Probably not. But Shego lives to get away with things, and this is no different. As I said before, this wasn't just a spontaneous fling based on nothing. Monique and Ron still have feelings for Kim, and she, at least, is curious (having never been with a guy). I just assume that Shego can be very sexual when the mood hits her (must be the black lipstick), and wouldn't pass up a chance to not only be with another partner, but to control another partner. There's no real basis for her to be attracted to Ron other than animal magnetism (joke), but she has to do something while Kim and Monique are busy with each other (taking turns, see?).

I hope that helps. Because I'm not changing anything. At least, not unless my mind changes first. But I don't think it will. Thanks for reading and reviewing, though.


Please keep writing kigo fictions, your writing is way too good! i really liked the 'on' series, but is this really the last one of it's kind? i was hoping that you'd continue them. you are absolutely amazing, and please don't stop writing.

I think you misread me, friend. I'm still writing! This is just the end to THIS series. Sort of (you read the note at the end, yes?).

Sand Lord

I love the 'On' series. This ending is a good one, and really...suggestive. I totally like Tara crushing on Motor Ed. He's one on my favourite villains in the series. Right after Shego. Well done story. Seriously.

Not suggestive enough, it would seem. I like Motor Ed, too. I don't know why I didn't have him return Tara's feelings. I think he's more into bad girls, like Shego.