"What do you think, roses or candy," asked Shane sitting on the front counter in front of Dustin who was working on a broken bike. Shane noticed that he wasn't paying any attention to him except on the bike.

"Earth to Dustin, what do you think," tapping Dustin on the head three times.

"Hmm, what, what did you say?"

"I was asking you what should I give Lisa for Valentine's Day? Should it be roses or candy?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Dude. I just got a lot on my mind. With the Free Style Competition coming up, finishing these bikes Kel want me to fix and…"

"Deciding what you're going to give a special someone," interrupting Shane.

"No actually Dude I was going to say saving the world if you want to know."

"Face it Dustin, you're still hooked on Tor."

"I know," said Dustin as he stopped working on the bike to sit on the counter next to Shane. "But how am I suppose to express my feelings for Tor when she's dating Blake."

"Listen man, I know she's dating Blake but it won't hurt to give her something. You know to show you care."

"Give who something," a voice said from behind the two boys.

Both boys turned around to see a blonde in a baby blue tank top with blue jeans on standing with a smile on her face. It was Tori.

"What were you guys talking about," said Tor, still smiling.

Catch by surprise the two boys didn't know what to say. Since their conversation was about Tori. They did the only thing they could think of before Tori become suspicious. They LIED.

"We was talking about…" Shane started

"About Kel and what we should give her on Valentine's Day," finished Dustin. "Since she is my boss and everything. I just thought it might be, you know, nice."

"Yeah," smiled Shane.

"Oookay, if that's the real story then yeah I think that is nice."

"Yes, that's the real story," said Shane.

"Have any plans on what you're getting her."

"Oh, yeah I was thinking maybe flowers or candy or something else. You know what girls like."


"Hey, Dustin I don't pay you to sit and talk, get back on those bikes," yelled Kelly from across the room.

"Okay Kel. Listen guys I'm swamped with bikes like major right now. I'll talk to you guys later, okay," said Dustin getting off the counter and getting back to work on the bike he was working on earlier.

"Yeah, I got to go anyway, you know look for a gift for Lisa," said Shane heading towards the door.

"Me too. I have to go talk to Blake anyway."

Shane was almost halfway out the door until he turned around to face Dustin.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot. You know who want us to meet at you know what at 10:00am sharp. Don't be late okay, Dude."

"Okay," Dustin waving from behind the bike.

Both Tori and Shane left Storm Charger with Dustin fixing bikes.

Meanwhile a ship sat and wait above Earth. Inside Lothor, Zurgane and Lothor's nieces plot their next attack against the power rangers.

"What else we got."

"Well uncle me and Marah was thinking about Rose from planet Buruka to destroy the power rangers."

"Yeah she's really fun to be with. Every since we left Evil school she was the …"

"Marah…shut up," said Kapri looking at her sister. " Well, anyway she is…"

"Enough, I don't want to know about your goofy monster. I want a monster that have a fighting chance of beating the power pests."

"What about Tercules from Ter," announced Zurgane.


"Molurk," said Kapri.


"Lunaris," said Marah

"No…no…no. I want a real monster."

"Perhaps I can help, my lord," said a voice in the darkness.

"Who said that? Come out and show yourself."

Creeping out of the darkness a foot walks out. Followed by another one that brought out the entire body of the mysterious voice. The body was covered by a wavy black cloth that only had red eyes peaking out of it. It's hands was black too but had long brown claws sticking from them. Next to him was a vicious animal with yellow eyes. Its was covered with white fur and had teeth that were sharp as knives Its body the shape of a wolf except ten times bigger.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?"

"I am Shadow from Darkus and I am here to serve you, Lord Lothor.

"Yeah yeah yeah, but how did you get in here?"

"Perhaps I should demonstrate."

The black creature walked over to one of the kalzacs and immediately vanished into the kalzac. Lothor had uninterested written all over his face. The kalzac walked over to where Marah and Kapri stood and picked them up. They began to scream and wiggle around trying to break free.

"Uncle…uncle help us," yelled Kapri. " Help us Uncle," followed by Marah.

"Put them down I'm not amused by your little magic treat."

Shadow dropped Marah and Kapri, causing them to fall hard on the their butts. Soon after their fall the black creature jumped out of the kalzac.

"Ouch," said both of Lothor's nieces.

"Maybe that didn't please you but maybe another plan of mind would."

"I'm listening," said Lothor interestingly.

"What you see next to me is a cherished animal of planet, Darkus. Its name is Larkus. They do our bidding and listen only to us. With a bit from them, you will start to change and become a Larkus."

"Stop with the chit chat and get to the point," screamed Zurgane.

"If I can get one ranger and have my pet bit him, then we will have a ranger under my control and have him destroy the rest of the rangers."

"I love it. Now all we have to do is get one ranger alone and the destruction of the power ranger will begin."

Lothor, his nieces, Zurgane, and Shadow began laughing as it echoed out into the dark space.