Hunter and Blake were showing some of the customers around and Dustin was setting in the back, behind the counter. He was watching people look around the store when a young lady walk in. She was beautiful with black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a white short dress that flare out at the knees. Dustin watched her as she made her way to the counter.

"Hey, D," she smile.

"Excuse me," Dustin said looking puzzled.

"Hey, it's me Lauren…from the party. The party two nights ago."

Dustin frowned.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe you don't remember me. Well, I probably can since you were drunk."

"I what?"

"Totally understandable."

"Hey, Hunter could you watch the counter for me."

"Sure, man," yelled Hunter as he made his way to the counter.

Dustin walked over from behind the counter and walked over to Lauren. She looked him up and down before he lead her outside.

"Hey, I hope you're not throwing me out?"


"Then what are you doing?"

"Listen, I can't remember what happen to me that night, could you refresh my memory?"

"Sure but I don't see why you want to talk outside," Lauren said looking around.

"Please could you just tell me what happened?"

"Okay since you put it that way. I was out with my friends having a party in the woods. It's kind of this thing we do since we are so into nature and everything. Well anyway, you showed up and I crushed on you big time. You was wearing this ninja outfit which told me right away that you were into nature too. I said hi, you said hi and we partied. Everyone left and you and I stayed a little bit longer in the woods until we felled asleep. I woke up before you and left you there. I know it was wrong, but that is why I was looking for you all over Blue Bay Harbor, to find you and apologize. So I found you, I'm sorry and this will never happen again."

Dustin had his hand over his mouth. He leaned against the wall and slide down until his knees were up to his chest.

"Hey don't put yourself down because of me. I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there for you."

"What is happening to me."

Lauren sat down next to him and started to rub his back.

"It's okay. I'm sure of it."

"What…no it's not that. My life is just going crazy that's all."

"Well tell me about, maybe I can help you."

"No you wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

Dustin looked into her eyes and saw that she was serious. He also was seeing for the first time that she was beautiful too.

"What," Lauren said smiling.


Dustin got up and started to walk back to the store. He was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey D…or whatever your name is. I'm assuming that isn't your name."

"It's Dustin."

"Dustin, cute. Well Dustin, it was nice to meet you and hope you get your life fix," she said rolling her eyes.


"Oh yeah and maybe we'll run into each other again sometime."

"Yeah, maybe."

Dustin watched her walk away before heading back inside of the store. Hunter was smiling at him when Dustin walked up to him.


"Man who was the girl," asked Hunter.

"A girl I met two days ago. Her name in Lauren. Why?"

"Next time, you should introduce me."

Dustin smiled at him and hit him on the shoulder before taking over the counter position again.

Lauren looked behind her to see if no one was following her. When out of the store's view she made her way into the woods by jumping buildings to buildings.

Tori and Shane was in Ninja Ops with Cam, who was on the computer still looking up information. Shane had grabbed Dustin's bag and put it in the back room and went up to his two friends.

"Anything Cam," asked Tori.

"Nope. Nothing besides the usual and what we already know. Also a large amount of stuff on werewolves."

"Dude, you don't think Dustin turning into a werewolf do you," asked Shane.

"I highly doubt it. Even though they may look the same, they have different background and abilities. Larkus can change at will when their collars are off and for werewolves, they only change at night. And reading this, Larkus can change into anything from another creature or human."

"Well it sound like they are the same to me. Hey maybe you can probably cure them the same way too," Shane said excitedly.

"Yeah but werewolves can only be cured if you kill the one that turned them into a werewolf or kill it with a silver bullet. I hardly found anything that tell you how to cure a Larkus. Unless you can find another silver bullet that cure Larkus, then I'm all ears. But know we're just stuck with facts and superstition."

"There got to be something," Tori said grabbing a scroll off the shelf.

Cam continued to type and Tori and Shane began to look in the ancient scroll for information on Larkus.

It was dark and Dustin was closing up the store. Hunter and Blake had already left and Dustin was left by himself. Before heading to Ninja Ops, Dustin decide to hit the tracks for a little while. After a few laps around the tracks, he made sure no one was looking before ninja streaking to the woods. He was walking in the dark woods when the moon turned full. He stopped in his track and looked up. The moon lit up the dark sky and Dustin couldn't do anything but stare at it bright glare. All of sudden he heard a noise behind him. He looked back and there was nothing there. Feeling kind of nervous and scared he quickly picked up his pace. Another sound was heard behind him and he decide to run. He ran as fast as he could until something in front of him stopped him. He saw a dark figure standing in front of him and knots begin to form in his stomach.

"Who's there," he said shaky.

"It's me Dustin, Lauren."

Dustin let out a long sigh of relief when he heard the voice and name of the dark figure. Lauren walked out and the moon seem to catch her every beauty.

"What are you doing here in the woods," Dustin asked her as she step out of the shadows.

"I'm being one with nature, what do you think I'm doing?"

"I don't know."

"I'm out hear with friends. We're having another party."

"Oh, but I don't hear anything."

"That's because everyone is gone and I'm just spending my spare time exploring the woods some more. Why are you out this late, Dustin?"

She begin to walk closer to him.

"I'm out tonight because…I'm…"

But he was soon interrupted with Lauren walking around him.

"You know your energy is pure Dustin."

"No…is that good."

"Yes. It make it so easy to alter it."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Let's play a game, Dustin. A game of hide and seek. You go hide and I seek."

"I should be going. My friends might be getting worried and they…"

Lauren walked up to Dustin and kissed him hard on the lips.

"Play with me Dustin."

"I can't I got to…"


"It's too dark to even…"


"Lauren, please."

"Three…run Dustin."

Dustin backed away from Lauren when he saw her eyes glowed yellow. She smiled at him as she got down on her hands and knees. It then hit Dustin that Lauren is the Larkus. He pushed his way into the woods and ran as fast as he could. Some how he could still hear her counting. "Ten, her I come." Dustin ran and ran and behind him he could hear Lauren coming. He could almost picture himself on the day when he was being chased by her before. With his mind deep in thoughts, he forgot about him running in the woods and trip over a log. He hit the ground with a thump. He turned around on his back and out of nowhere, out jumped Lauren. She landed on top of him. Her yellow eyes looking at him as it glow in the dark. Her hands had a grip of his arms and he couldn't move.

"Now I got you," Lauren said as she begin to lean in close. Until their face were close for their nose to touch. Dustin begin to struggle to break free but couldn't. She was too strong for him.

"Just give in Dustin, I know you want to."

"No…I won't."

"The more you struggle the longer it's going to take. Which means the longer we'll hunt you down. You seriously don't want that do you?"

Dustin stopped struggling.

"That's a good boy."

Lauren got up off of him and helped him up. He dust himself off and then cut out running when she least expect it. It wasn't a whole minute before Lauren cut him off and pushed him into a tree. He felled down, back against the tree.

"Why do you insist on running from it Dustin, from me? Why do you want to go to those friends of your who don't give a crap about you?"

"They do care," Dustin screamed.

"No they don't and you know it. You knew it when they picked on you, you knew it when they don't show you the respect you wanted. You knew it and you just don't want to believe it."

"Why are doing this to me?"

"Cause I want to be your friend Dustin and be the one who understand you. They don't get you like I do. Being the outcast and being the one no one take seriously. You can trust me."

Lauren helped him up again.

"All I ask from you is to give to what is inside you."

Dustin looked at her for a second and then lowered his head. All of a sudden he felt dizzy and felled to the ground. He started to feel hot and his blood running faster in his veins. He stood himself up and walked over to a nearby tree for support. Lauren walked over to him and turned him around to face her. His eyes burned a brighter yellow.

"How do you feel?"

Dustin smiled at her and lifted himself up off the tree.

"I feel good, better then good. I feel evil."

He pulled Lauren close to him and kissed her hard on the lips. Lauren kissed back and they kissed long under the moon light.