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Warning: BoyXBoy

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Chapter: 1.

Solitude and Hope

/Sora's POV/

It was getting late…this I knew. I shivered a bit only being able to keep warm just a few parts of my body for I had my clothes shredded.

The small bit of light was coming from the window of the velar that I was in…I was the only one there but I felt like I was not alone.

I could sense things around me…accompanying me…whispering things in my ear…but I never listened.

I knew what they were and I didn't care.

So many times that I tried not to listen to those whispers, so many times that I tried to escape…but the one that was in charge of this hell hole was never actually carrying…or loving that it drove me nuts to the butter end.

Pain, agony, suffering…all of those were my emotions…I didn't know anything else; I wasn't ordered or showed to love, to be happy, to cry, to show any other emotion that didn't have to do with pain and such.

Everything around me was always cold…always silent…which made me grow silent as well. I didn't have anyone to talk to so my voice…

I don't even remember how my voice sounded like. I was so wounded everywhere…body…mind and heart; everything that made me- me was shattered from so long ago…

I even didn't have a real reason to self mutilate for all of the wounds that I acquired without wanting…or without knowing.

I closed my eyes tightly not wanting to face the light…I never liked bright places; they always gave me a headache…

I felt like trash, not because I wanted to or that I never had a bath or something…it was because I was dirty; dirty with filth, dirty with sadness…dirty with disgust.

Nothing in my life was ever worth it and this was one of those things…I never liked the life that I am living nor the one that I might have.

I sighed as I heard footsteps coming towards me making me lift myself up and just look at the floor in front of me

"You're coming with me, young one" said the mistress that took 'care' of me.

She was a bit old but not that old; she wore a plain, long purple dress that came to her ankles along with her gray hair tied back into a bun.

She also wore glasses and old worn out shoes that made squeaking sound wherever they went. I slowly stood up but the shackles held me down she unlocked the gate and walked towards me

"And no funny business this time" I grunted as I just stood there. I had tried to escape but this place was very well guarded.

She removed the garments and just left the one that was around my neck- a thick, black leather collar and a chain attached to it.

She pulled on it causing me to cough a bit "Will you hurry up?" I just simply quickened my pace to hers as we walked down the hallways towards another room.

She led me to a room that was all white…white tiles, white curtains- everything white that would make you damn blind. She closed the door behind me and pushed me towards the bathtub.

I looked at her confused "Clothes off, you in the tub…now" she ordered in a serious tone. I nodded slightly and started to take my clothes off…or at least what was left of them.

After completely taking them off she looked at me making me blush "Hmm…you need to work out more if you want to be perfect"

'Perfect? For what?'

I thought as she walked in the direction of the bathtub "Now get in" she said as I turned and walked over and went inside the tub.

I sat down at the bottom as I heard her turning the valve of water on. It was cold-freezing actually which made me whimper.

It was touching my wounds that were on my legs. My arms were covered with them too but some of them were new.

She reached over my side and grabbed the soap and started to scrub my back with it then around then all over me.

After she was done she poured a bucket of water over my head as I gasped in surprise. "Pipe down…you're such a child sometimes" she said as she then started to wash my hair. I started to think of how I used to live…

I was wild and free without a care in the world…until my mother…she…why did she do that?

Why did she-?

"Get out or do you want to turn into a fish?" I heard the master say urging me to get out of the tub.

I slowly got out but just as I placed one foot outside I slipped and fell on my bottom, I whined as I rubbed my sore spot "Well if you act that cute in front of him I think that you might on his good side"

'He? Who would 'he' be?'

She grabbed a towel from the rack and dried me off then she gave it to me and I wrapped it around my waist. She pulled the chain again pulling me out of the bathroom and in the direction of another room.

What was she preparing me for? I was just a simple slave so what would she want to do to make me this clean?

We walked over towards her bedroom and she left me at the doorway as she went to fetch some clean pair of clothes.

She later came back with some very short jeans and a simple white shirt "Put these on" she said to me giving me the clothes. I let the towel drop to the floor and I put the clothes on.

Well…the shirt came perfectly but the pants? They seemed a little…'revealing' I thought as I saw the edges of my butt coming out from the sides.

I sighed…so…does this mean that she was about to sell me? I shrugged off the thought…at least I would be better somewhere else then here.

She made me turn around and we then started to walk towards the main doorway "You are going to go somewhere so you'd better behave"

We made it outside in a few minutes. There was a carriage at the front gate waiting for someone…for us? I looked at her while she yanked my chain and pulled me towards the small carriage.

"Look…you're going somewhere very far away from here…you are going to be a slave to someone very important so you better not ruin this for me if not you know what might happen. And you'd better take care of yourself, child" I thought I saw her smile as the driver snapped the straps of the horses making them run along the path.

I didn't want to look back at her…I didn't want to remember that life ever again but I knew that somehow it would haunt me.

I didn't want to be stuck the past and less in a place like that. I looked out the window to see everything around me going really fast…it seemed that we had to be- wherever I was going- really quick.

The driver drove as quickly as he could through the dark trail and after like it seemed like an eternity we stopped at a large opening. I looked outside again and just gazed at a huge castle 'where…am I?'

I asked myself as the driver opened the door and made me get out of the carriage. A guard that was there stepped up beside him.

"What might your business here be?" the driver looked at him and said "It is this one…" the guard looked at me and then nodded.

"I will take him from here, thank you" the guard said, walking behind me and making me walk towards the door of the castle.

Where was he taking me? I didn't know at the moment as we walked through the hallway.

It was made out of gold or what it seemed to be…though I really didn't think that it was made out of anything else.

My nose wouldn't lie to me; even though I was almost all of my life in captivity I did develop a very good sense of smell.

Everything was very new to me, everything was so shiny nothing like the cellar that I was in all those past years.

I then looked up at a large portrait that hung in a middle room. It seemed to be of a young man though I couldn't see very well due to the dim lights that surrounded it

"Hurry up before His Majesty gets here" I heard the guard say in a low but firm tone of voice as I glanced over towards him and quickly ran behind him as my chains clanged along the way.

Vases, crystals, glasses, figures, portraits, beautiful tiles that let you see yourself in them like if they were mirrors all around the hallways made me kind of dizzy…who would buy all these things? A rich person 'duh!'

We arrived at what it looked like a room, but two very large oak wood doors were blocking the way. The guard looked at me after he looked inside the room

"His Highness is not there at the moment so you might as well stay here to wait for him" I just simply nodded at that and walked inside after he opened the door for me.

After hearing a clicking sound of the door behind me affirming that it was now closed I looked at my surroundings.

It seemed actually very nice…long, red colored drapes over the windows which were 9 in total; a large bookshelf filled with different kinds of books, a canopy bed right in the middle with sheets to match the drapes of the windows.

A large fur rug right in front of the bed, a large trunk that seemed to be a bit old; and some furniture. This was a very… 'Clean' place I guess.

I walked over in the direction of the bed and took the liberty of sitting down on it.

It was very comfy, suddenly a sweet scent hit me…it smelled like vanilla something that I actually had never thought that I would smell, I looked down at my clothes…well it did seem kind of weird for me to be wearing this but oh well…

I sat down with my legs crossed awaiting when ever this 'Highness' would get here. Suddenly to my ears came a soft voice coming from the direction of the door "What type of gift?"

I see a guy with silver hair and aqua eyes coming through the door of the room in which I'm in. He then looks at me and just stares at me with a confused look on his face…

He seems to be lost in his thoughts so I just simply smile at him "This- my Lord- is your gift" said the guard that was standing beside him

/Riku's POV/

My head was starting to pound. All of those papers that I had to sign made a bunch of words start to dance in my head. All of the kings were around me awaiting my reply "My Lord…what will your answer be?"

"Tell your Queen…that I will sign the declaration of peace"

"Ah! Thank you, My Lord! Her Highness will be very pleased"

I just bob my head as then they start to stand up and walk towards the door way 'man that was annoying' I think to myself as I then removed myself from the discussion room.

All of the servants were waiting for me to tell them what to do. They always wanted to my every command even when I didn't want anything to do with it.

One of them steps up to me with a smile "My Lord" she says in a sweet voice. She is actually very pretty and attractive but I don't seem to find anything in her…'interesting'.

She's wearing a black and white maid's dress, her dark, brown hair tied back into a pony tail but some of the strands came by the front.

Her bright brown eyes looking at me while a smile played on her pink lips; and black shoes to match the dress. I smiled at her and silently passed by her side "My Lord, do you wish for me to-"

"No it is all right…I will just go to my room and go to sleep. Thank you for your hard work" I say as I walk along the way through the long corridors.

I really don't want to talk to anyone right now; I just want to hit my bed and wait for the next day to come.

Today has just simply and plainly worn me out.

Just was I'm about to reach my quarters I hear the sound of armor clanging. I look back and see one of the soldiers that was around running quickly towards me

"My Lord…a gift has arrived for you" I reach for the doorknobs and start to turn them "What type of gift?" I turn towards my chambers but something is very different.

Who is sitting on my bed? A young boy with chocolate brown hair, blue eyes like the clear blue sky; light tan skin, a well built body but it seemed that he had a bit of baby fat…he seems kind of young.

He's wearing a simple white shirt and very short pants along with a black leather collar around his neck. The soldier that is behind me walks up to my side "This My Lord is your 'gift'"

"I…I see. Well…thank you for…your information. You can remove your presence now; I will call you if I need you" The soldier bows and I hear him leave and closed the door behind him.

I then turned towards the boy "Well…I wasn't expecting this. I guess the Queen was very anxious for me to sign those papers" I say with a smile on my face as I walk towards him.

He just moves his head to the side in confusion. I chuckle "It seems that you don't understand what I'm talking about" I sit down beside him on the bed

"Well…how about we start by you telling me your name?" he seems to be still confused but when he was about to open his mouth to say something he lowered his head "What's wrong? You can't speak?"

"It…it's not that" his voice is very soothing and sweet. He seems to be blushing a bit now; I smile "Then what is it?"

"I…was never asked to talk before" he slowly lifts his head up as if awaiting a blow "What do you mean? No one asked you to talk before?" he shakes his head "No…they…umm…"

I place my hand on his shoulder making him look at me with those beautiful eyes which reminded me of the sky that I usually liked to watch when I didn't have to sign papers or go somewhere.

I would just simply look at the sky that moved above me. I came back to reality hearing him cough a bit "Is there something wrong? Anything I can get you" he shakes his head and a smile becomes visible on his features.

But then I notice that everywhere that I look upon his body there was a scar…his arms, his legs everywhere "Who did that to you?" he looks down at his arms "Umm…well…" it seems that he doesn't want to tell me

"Well…in any case…my name is Riku, And what should I call you? I can't just simply call you 'slave' now can I?"

"Well…all of the others did"

"But believe you me- I'm not like the others" his smile is brought back to life

"My name…umm…I really don't remember what my name is"

"Well…maybe I can put you one"

"Yeah, okay" he seems to like the idea as he bounces up and down happily "Well…" I start to think of a name…hmm…Yane? Nope…Van? Ew…Yami? Okay now that's weird…I'm running out of ideas here…Sora? Yeah! That's it "How about 'Sora'?"

His face brightens "Yay! I like that name! It's really nice Ri- umm…My Lord" he says with a blush as he then looks down with a shameful look on his face "We might as well go to bed; I'm actually kind of tired. Do you mind if we talked tomorrow morning?"

"No, no that's okay, My Lord" he then gets off from the bed and lays down on the rug. I look down at him "What are you doing?" "Umm…I'm going to sleep?"

"Well you don't have to go to sleep on the floor. Get up here" he stands up and looks at me confused "This bed is big enough for the both of us" I notice a blush creep upon his cheeks as he crawls over towards the bedside and climbs on.

Then curls up beside me like a little cat and softly starts to purr. I chuckle and pull the sheets over both of us 'well maybe this might get interesting' I say to myself as I close my eyes still hearing Sora's breathing slowly- a signal that he quickly had fallen asleep.

'Maybe he was more tired than I thought…' I then start to feel a little groggy and slowly fall asleep

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