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Chapter 1 - Through the Alley Wall

Four turtles raced over the rooftops of New York City on their normal nightly training run. Seeing a slanted section coming up to the side of them Michelangelo jumped to the next roof.

"Wah hoo!" The orange-clad turtle cried as he slid down the ramp. He flipped off the end and jumped back across the gap to regroup with the others.

Donatello was closely following Raphael, so closely that the red-clad turtle's sudden stop nearly resulted in him getting bowled over by his brother. Leonardo and Michelangelo, who had been running to their left, had already made the leap to the next rooftop and turned around when they realized that two of their brothers were no longer with them. Instead the sai and staff wielding turtles were looking down from the roof into the alleyway below. Mikey and Leo went to their own ledge and looked over. Below them was a sight that had put an end to more fun and friendly training runs than they could even count anymore.

"Again? How many times have our runs been interrupted by this kind of junk?" Raphael asked, intending the question to be rhetorical.

"742, if you count this one." Donatello supplied.

Well, it was more than most people could count. Raphael had learned long ago to make exceptions for this particular brother. Isn't counting things like that a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder? I wonder if he even gives real numbers or if he just pulls them out of the air? Raphael didn't say anything, but he sent his brother a you would know that glare. Don just shrugged in response. Pulling out his sais Raph looked to Leo for confirmation. Leo removed his swords from their place on his back and Donatello and Michelangelo followed suit by pulling out their own weapons. The Turtles leapt from the rooftop and landed in the alley where a group of Purple Dragons were terrorizing a young couple. The alley wasn't lit, which was probably why the Dragons had chosen that particular place, but the moon was full and high in the sky.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Leo was standing right behind a Dragon, practically breathing down the guy's neck. When the punk whipped around he found himself face to face with Leo's katana.

"shi…" Before he could finish the expletive Leonardo brought up an elbow and knocked him unconscious. His buddies turned around hearing their friend's curse.

"You didn't really think you'd get away with this did you?" Raphael asked dangerously.

The Dragons started to run out of the alley. Only to be confronted by a smiling Michelangelo.

"Nuh, uh, uh, not on our watch, boys." His nunachukas whirled and the two nearest Dragons were quickly knocked unconscious.

Noticing the couple huddled in the corner of the alleyway Leo hurried toward them. "Run." He didn't have to tell them twice. The couple raced out of the alley. As they hurried by him, Donatello caught a Dragon on the end of his staff and threw the guy clear of the fleeing couple.

The two would-be victims had escaped and the Turtles were mopping up the mess when something quite unexpected happened. Evidently someone had called for back up, because it was on its way, in the form of the Foot. Above them on the rooftops, Leo could see the telltale forms of foot ninjas so that escape route was out. In front of them lay a sea of Purple Dragons as well as several dark Foot ninja who had come to their aid.

"Well, this is it guys." Leo knew that they had their backs to the wall, figuratively and literally. There was no where for them to go, no escape route this time. No other options forthcoming the Turtles charged. Michelangelo took a hit and flew right through the wall, as if there had been nothing there.

"Mikey!" Raphael cried out and he charged after his brother, also passing through the wall.

"Leo!" Don called, "Raph and Mike just disappeared!"

"We're staying together. Follow them, Donnie, I'm on my way!"

Don hesitated, but as Leo closed in on the strange spot in the wall Don dove through, followed closely by his brother. The pair landed in a heap of arms, legs and weapons.

"AH!" Don shouted when one of Leo's katana found his calf. "Careful!"

It wasn't until the two stood and brushed themselves off that they realized something was very, very wrong with this picture. Not only were they standing in the middle of what could only be described as a meadow rather than the dark alley of moments ago, but the sun was shining brightly overhead, the bees were buzzing and the birds were singing. It was all so wrong. Leo called out for his missing brothers as Donatello dug through his bag of tricks for something to stop his leg from bleeding.

"Mikey? Raph?" Leonardo called out again. He started to wander off in search of his missing brothers, but the sound of Donnie clearing his throat brought Leo back.

"Hey Leo, you mind giving me a hand with this?" Don asked quietly while trying to keep the gauze in place over the gash in his leg. While he could usually patch this kind of thing up without too much trouble there were times that he wished he had three hands, and this was one of them.

"Don, are you bleeding?"

"No, this is ketchup running down my leg." Donatello deadpanned. "Yes, I'm bleeding. That's what happens when a katana slices open your calf."

Leo hurried over to help his brother. They could search for Mikey and Raph after Don was taken care of.

Raphael could hear his brother call their names, and Leo was worried by the sound of it. And he has every right to be. Raph was none too fond of the scene he was looking at, but it didn't seem that Michelangelo had noticed them yet.

Mikey made a move to call back to Leo, but Raphael slapped a hand over his mouth before he could make a sound.

The sudden movement startled the orange-clad turtle, and he couldn't figure out what had Raph so worked up. Raphael put a finger to his lips indicating that Mikey was to be quiet. Then he pointed over to the pond. The water was clear, blue and beautiful. The grass was the most amazing shade of green that Mikey had ever seen on grass. Little purple and yellow flowers bloomed around the pond and, for a while, Michelangelo had no idea what Raph was so upset about. It took a moment, but he finally saw it, no, them. He saw them, by his count there were at least four. As it was he wasn't sure if he was looking at alligators or crocodiles. Although, considering that they were obviously no longer in New York, and quite possibly no longer in their own dimension he had a feeling that the creatures playing in the water were neither one so it didn't really matter anyway. Mikey couldn't prevent the gasp at noticing the creatures. One of them looked up from its place in the water and locked eyes with the two now rather terrified turtles.

Michelangelo and Raphael held perfectly still, hoping that the alligator creature wouldn't notice their presence. They watched in horror as the attention of the other three crocs also drifted their direction.

"Oh shell,"

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