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He looked down at his hand while she led him up to her room when she stopped. He looked up to see her smiling so he smiled back. "Come on in." she said excited. He just laughed a little, this pleased her very much to hear him laugh. She kept hold of his hand as she went on in. He looked around a bit while Mitsuko went to her closet to find something to wear.

"You can sit on the bed if you want." she said looking over at him. He did so and continued to look around.

"Once I get dressed we'll go wake Masaru up. The reverend should be here soon." she told him.

"Yes, how long do you think you'll be out in the lab today?" he asked in a sad tone. She could tell he gets a little lonely by himself.

"Well, I don't have to be out there the whole time. I mean, I could come in earlier. If you want, that is." she said as she looked at her closet.

She turned around with a shirt and skirt in her hands.

"Do you want me to come in early? I will if you want. I'm sure Father and Fuuton could handle a few hours on their own."

Jiro nodded to her, giving her his answer.

"It's settled then. I'll be in by 5," She smiled. "It'll give us some time alone. Masaru's going to a friends house anyways."

"That sounds good." he smiled. By now she was on her way to the bathroom to change.

"I'll be right back."


She left the room. He was alone. He smiled and leaned back onto the bed with his arms crossed behind his head, closing his eyes. Mitsuko came back into the room with a light pink three-quarter-inched sleeved shirt and a black skirt. Jiro just looked at her for a moment in aw.

"Come on," she said giggling. "we've got to wake up Masaru." she ran up and grabbed his and ran to Masaru's room knocking lightly on the door before entering.

"Masaru," she whispered. "time to wake up"

He groaned a little and turned around in bed. "Hey, come on now. You don't want to sleep all day , now do you?"

Masaru shot up at the sound of Jiro's voice.

"oh yah!" he yelled. "I forgot you were back!" He sprang out of bed. "Come on you guys get out! I've got to get dressed!"

The two just laughed at his eagerness.

They heard the door bell ring.

"There he is." she said going down stairs, Jiro following close as if he'd loose her if she were any further ahead.

The stair case ended at the door and they got there right when Den opened it. "Hello, come on in."

Futton entered, but this time with a young boy. He looked to be about Masaru's age. Maybe a little younger. Futton had told Den about him already. It was Akira. Fuuton tapped Akira on the shoulder and took his jacket off. Akira turned around and as soon as he saw Jiro he smiled a huge grin.

"Ji..Jiro" he managed to say.

"Aw!" Mitsuko broke in looking back at Jiro.

"Hm…looks like the little guy still remembers you Jiro." Fuuton smiled.

"Hello, Akira" Jiro said smiling back. Masaru came down the stairs and stood next to Mitsuko and Jiro looking at Akira. They had met before.

"Akira!" he yelled. "Come on! Let's go outside!" He looked at the reverend who nodded and they both ran outside.

"Well," Den started. "I suppose we should get to work." They all nodded to one another. Mitsuko looked over at Jiro.

"Oh, Father." she said. "don't you think we might need Jiro today? I mean, just incase."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt." he said.

He looked over at Jiro and winked, "I wouldn't want Jiro in here by himself anyways."

She giggled. "Me either."

They now stood in the lab looking at a casing labeled 01.

"Okay now, Mistuko, Jiro stand back. Den, when I tell you to, you pull the switch." fuuton told the three

They pulled the switch and with a bright light, knew of their success.

"There now," Den said. "the next time we come back, we'll be in business."

It was peering around to 5 o'clock and Jiro was wondering if she had forgotten. But he was reassured when she took off her lab coat and walked over to him.

"Father, I hope you don't mind, but I'm not feeling well. I think I'm going to go in early tonight." she grinned at Jiro.

"Oh, that's okay, I think we can handle it from here hun." he told her.

They left the lab and went up to her room.

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