Smile For Me
- chapter 1 -

Pained whimpers echoed across the halls of the Hiwatari Mansion. A small boy, no older than the age of five, huddled against a corner trembling, fear evident in his eyes crimson eyes as he fought to keep his cries at bay. A loud noise reached his ears from downstairs, and he knew immediately that his grandfather had forced their front door open. He ducked under the blanket, covering his curled form and hoped that his grandfather would be in a good mood today, but considering the noise that told him that his grandfather had broken their door - again - the chances of his grandfather simply walking by his room today was very slim.


Kai shut his eyes closed as the door to his room was forced open as well and Voltaire stomped in and even though Kai couldn't see anything through the blanket, he sensed that Voltaire must be utterly pissed right now.

No... Kai was already sporting a black and blue cheek, a swollen lip and a broken arm from yesterday's beatings. How much more can a mere five-year-old take?

Someone... please... help me.

His silent plea was left unanswered.

Eleven years had passed and Kai Hiwatari has stopped wishing, stopped hoping all together that someone would see and help him back to his feet and let him live a normal life. He couldn't tell anyone, neither could the maids and the butlers inside the mansion. It didn't matter if Voltaire would been in jail by then. The man has way too many underground allies that even in custody, with just the flick of his wrist, could kill anyone in an instant and still have his hands clean.

Voltaire was powerful and he knew it. Everybody knew it.

Ever since Kai's parents died in a - so as the media says - a car crash when he was 2 years old, Voltaire stepped up. First it was smooth sailing between them, but when Voltaire's company got bankrupt, the man became corrupted and began taking out his anger on his grandson. Kai was simply 5 then. A few months later, the company was back in business and flying sky high but that didn't stop the beatings at all. In fact, it just got worse.

When he turned 7, Voltaire banned him from going out of the mansion lot. Up until the age of 12, Kai learned through various private sessions with various private tutors. None of them knew of the boy's condition. Once, a woman who had stayed for the longest time as his tutor had found herself in a special place in Kai's heart, that the boy even found it within himself to call her mother. The woman, Mrs. Granger or so was her name, had two other sons as well, but gladly took care of Kai as if he was her own. She wanted so badly to introduce her sons to Kai, but Kai wasn't allowed to go out, neither was anyone else besides her to go in. It really didn't take long until Mrs. Granger began to ask why Kai always came to their sessions a new broken bone every time. Kai kept quiet. It only took a week for the woman to catch up and she attempted to escape the mansion with Kai.


Another week later, she was announced dead by the media and her body was never found.

That ripped Kai apart more than anything in the world. He refused to eat anything for a week and locked himself in his room, simply staring at empty space. Even when Voltaire threw across the room, even when he was sprawled across the floor, the boy didn't move a muscle. Every time, a maid would always sneak into his room when Voltaire was already asleep and carry him into a proper position on his bed.

After a week, his stomach got the best of him and he began eating, but he hardly spoke at all. When he wasn't in his room, he would be out in the gardens, looking at the flowers. Mrs. Granger loved the flowers in their garden.

The beatings became more rougher when he turned 10, almost everyday Voltaire would storm up to his room, and at least once a month, he was sent to the hospital. Turning 12, Voltaire allowed Kai to finally get out of the mansion whenever he wanted, considering that Kai would finally be allowed to walk to school. No drivers.

The maids and the butlers couldn't do anything to prevent Voltaire's abuse, but they did help Kai somehow, lending the boy their make-up to hide the bruises, and buying medicine and ointments with their own money to treat the boy's wounds. Voltaire didn't want Kai buying his own medicine, it'd be a waste of money to simply waste medicine on such a pathetic young boy. That didn't stop them from sneaking medicine into the house.

Anyone would say that it would be a miracle that Kai would still be alive by now, but Kai practically owes his life to the helpers inside the mansion and helpers owed their lives to him.

Whenever Voltaire would throw a fit just because a maid did a small mistake, Kai would step up and talk back, earning him another session of physical abuse. Voltaire never hit one of the maids nor the butlers, and that was all thanks to Kai.

But even then, Kai barely spoke at all and barely came out of his room, only when it was time to go to school.

He didn't talk to his classmates, nor did his classmates speak to him. Even if they were always so curious about the band-aid that never came off his cheek. Even if they did ask, Kai didn't answer.

After a while, Voltaire enrolled Kai into another school.

"Class, please settle down." Kiresu-sensei rolled her eyes at her class, sighing as a paper ball flew up into the air, followed by a pencil, then a notebook. Kiresu immediately spoke once again before the chair was given a chance to fly, "ALRIGHT! KEEP QUIET, SIT DOWN AND DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE!" The class immediately settled down. Kiresu grinned widely, "Good. Now that I've got your attention, the school is moving your camping trip to next week-"




Kiresu jammed her pen on her desk, almost making a dent as her left eyebrow twitch, "Mister Granger, may I please request of you to stop dancing and get down from your desk."

Tyson Granger grinned and smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, sensei. Got a bit excited. About time this school decided to do something good for a change. Phooey." Jumping down from his desk, he sat back down with an oof.

"Yes, well, I'm sure you are." The teacher sighed and rubbed her temples, "There was bit of a problem to the original date, so the school decided to hold your camping trip early this year, and well-"


The class fell silent as the woman's head shot up at the door, all of them looking a bit surprised to find the school secretary at their door, "Yes, Mirato-san?"

Mirato smiled apologetically, "I'm really sorry for barging in like this, but the... uhm... well... the exchange student? You haven't forgotten, have you, Kiresu-sensei?"

At that, Kiresu's eyes practically bulged out of their sockets as she slapped her forehead. "Oh, yes! I'm really sorry, Mirato-san. Is he here yet?"

"Uhm... Well, yes." Mirato blushed, motioning to the closed door behind her.

"Well..." Kiresu cleared her throat, "Class, we'll be having a new student today. I take it that you'll make him feel comfortable and at home." The class looked surprised at that. It really wasn't every year that you get a new classmate in the middle of the school year, but they all nodded their answers.

Mirato smiled a bit and opened the door, motioning for the boy to step in. A figure stepped inside the classroom and the room was immediately filled with dreamy sighs for the girls part. Spiky two-toned blue hair and crimson eyes. Really eye-catching. His body was in no way well-built, but he was neither skinny nor fat, but his face really made up for it.

Tyson raised an eyebrow at the white plaster on the boy's left cheek. Wounded? Probably just minor. He shrugged it off as the Kiresu smiled warmly at the new student, "Welcome. Would you care introducing yourself to us?"

The boy merely nodded and faced the class, "Kai Hiwatari, age 16. It's a pleasure to meet you."