Chapter 1: So it Begins...

Yet another fic... I know it might be annoying because I update in order, but my friend has been asking for a make-fun-of fic like this. We've been plotting this ever since she got it in her head, whether I liked it or not.

"Alright!" A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled. "Now that I have you all to my disposal, I have a plan for a random fic!"

"Not again Ryo-oki!" Riku complained. "You do this to us every few weeks by making a new fic where we get tortured in one way or another! What are we doing this time? The Titanic?"

"Never saw it, but you've given me an idea for it! Thanks for the suggestion!"

"Riku! You should have kept your mouth shut!" Sora yelled. "Now I'll end up on the crew of the Titanic, while you get the part of Jack or whatever and she's your love!"

"Exactly! I get shoved in the corner somewhere too!" Kairi complained.

"Oh don't worry! I have perfect roles for everyone!" Ryo-oki grinned. "First of all, I'm gonna make you guess what we're doing with some clues!"

"You stole that from American Idol." Cloud muttered.

"You watch that show?" Sepheroth laughed.

"Shut up you 2! Or I'll give you girly parts where you wear dresses!" Ryo-oki yelled, pulling out some papers.

"NO! NOT DRESSES AGAIN!" Cloud shrieked from his hiding spot behind Aerith. ((I'm, referring to the part where Cloud dresses up as a girl in FF7. You don't really have to have played it to get the joke.))

Sepheroth stared. "You know... A dress wouldn't look good on biceps!"

"I don't care! I can force you both to eat junk food so you get fat or something and become fat ladies!"

They both started cowering.

"Anyway, here's the first clue." Ryo-oki pulled out a picture of a broom. ((See how long it takes you to guess this story if it weren't the title.))

"Um... Bed knobs and Broomsticks?" Ansem asked.

"Who invited Ansem?" Riku asked.

"We need someone to play the villain." Ryo-oki smiled.

"I know! Kiki's Delivery Service!" Yuffie laughed.

"No, but maybe one day." Ryo-oki's smile grew even bigger.

"You're doing this to get ideas, aren't you...?" Squall muttered.

"Was it that obvious?" Ryo-oki pulled out another picture.

"A... Pumpkin?" Sora said, slightly surprised.

"Um..." Squall thought for a minute. "Nightmare Before Christmas?"

"Nope! Last clue!" She held up a glass slipper.

"I know! Cinderella-" Riku stopped. "What're the parts?"

"Oh! Cinderella's being played by you Riku." Ryo-oki handed him a script.

"WHAT!" Riku glanced at the play. "So... Cinderella's a boy in this?"

"No duh. Cinderella's now Ash." ((I'm perfectly aware the name's from Pokemon. Leave me alone.))

"Um... What're we gonna do instead of the glass slipper?" Sora asked.

"It's a secret!"

"It says we're doing a glass flip-flop..." Riku said.

Everyone, including Ryo-oki, got an anime sweat drop.

"I'm gonna have to fix that." Ryo-oki frowned. "I'll think of something to replace it."

"Who has the part of the 'princess'?" Squall asked.

"Me of course! I'm not letting anyone have my Riku."

"Um... The other parts?" Aerith asked.

"Oh! Sora, you and Tidus are playing the stepbrothers; Ansem, you're the evil stepfather; Yuffie, you're the fairy godmother; Wakka's the court jester; The king and queen are Aerith and Cloud; Sepheroth and Squall are the mice that turn into the coachman and horse; I've invited boatload of Moogles for the guests and guards; Donald is the guy who delivers the invitation and has whatever's replacing the slipper; Goofy's head of the knights; Selphie's a maid; and Cid is the narrator."

"YES! I'M NOT ONSTAGE!" Cid cheered.

"Why Moogles?" Yuffie asked

"Because Moogle's are adorable!" Ryo-oki laughed.

"A maid? I don't remember that!" Selphie screamed.

"Well, there weren't any Moogle party guests either." Aerith muttered.

"Why are we in here? No one cares abut us!" Tidus yelled.

"Ay! Why am I the jester, man?" Wakka asked.

"Um... Why didn't you hire the random disembodied voice for the narrating?"Goofy asked.

"It's not like disembodied voices have addresses you know! I couldn't send an invite to the world's biggest Pizza eating contest and expect it to show."

"I can hardly believe Sora fell for that on actually... And he had to drag me along too!" Riku muttered.

"Shut up already everyone!" Ryo-oki yelled.

"What're we?" Namine and Nisemono ((the Riku Replica in English)) asked.

"You guys are the only human party guests." At their stunned she added. "You guys could be cats if you want."

"No, I think we'll stick with party guests." Namine laughed.

"What about me?" Axel stepped into the room.

"You're actually ASKING for a part?" Everyone asked in shock.

"I don't like you, so you don't get a part." Ryo-oki handed out the rest of the scripts and pushed Axel out of the room. "Don't call us! We'll call you!"

After everyone was in the dressing rooms being forced to get ready, Axel sat in a dark corner, preparing his own plan. "She does know this means war."

I'd like to thank:

Ranko Urameshi for letting me do this fic. She has a "Torture the FF characters" fic too for Kingdom Hearts where they remake Aladdin. Thanks for saying I'm allowed to do something like this!

Rachel for giving me a bunch of ideas for no reason. She helped me cast Riku as Cinderella, but that's about it...

So, what do you think? I hope you liked it. It'll get even more random soon. Heh heh... Riku's Cinderella and I am Princess Charming! YAY! It's a weird casting, but not as weird as Ranko Urameshi's. Why? You have to read her fic to find out! Until next time, bye!