Alice and I wrote this weird story. You probably have had to have lived in Hawaii to understand it as it's written in 'Pidgen'. I grew up with it and Alice learned it in grade school and grad school. She pretty good fora haole.

Guduts of the Old Republic

A Star Wars Pidgen Parody – You probably have to be from Hawaii fo get um.

One long time ago, befo had one high maka maka emperor, da old kine Republic stay buss up. Bruddah Malak, da no good fo nuttin boy from high maka maka Revan, lets his gang scrap wid da Republic.

Malak wen smoke anybody who wen try stop him…even dem Jedi mokes, plus plenny wen try fo be his scrubs too.

Way high above da hood of Taris, the Jedi throw blows wid Malak fo shut him down….


"Whoa, wat dat noise?" said Junior Boy, rousing from a sound sleep. "Whea I stay? How come I only get BBD's?"

"Brah, how you can sleep through dis noise? You deaf or wat?" yelled Ulgo Trask.

Together, they rushed down the hall, taking out the blalas in their way. Trask waved Junior Boy forward. "Our ship stay buss. We gotta get to Carth Onipa'a, he da supavisah of dis ship. An we gotta save Bastita, she go run the Sovereignty Movement."

"Ho, dis is sounding way to confusing fo me."

X x x x x

A big blala smashed Trask with a war club. Trask fell to the deck. "Junior Boy, I stay buss. Save yoself."

Junior boy wen run, leaving one brown trail until he found Carth. "Eh, you must be da man?"

"Yah why? Boddah you? Now get in da pod or I goin poun you like poi."

"Hookay boss, no get all hemajang," retorted Junior Boy. "So wat now?"

"We gotta find Bastita Honey Girl, the Jedi Wahine who goin save us all."

"As long as she one hottie, we go."

Carth shoved Junior Boy into the pod and they popped out of the dying ship, headed fo da hood.