Brah, no get huhu. (upset). Just cruise um (relax).

Guduts of the Old Republic II

Den all da guduts wen Nar Shadaa, yet one noddah buss up planet. All kine guduts was dere, but dey wen meet some new kine peoples. One habut (angry) kine moke, named Ratrin Vhek come up and make loud kine to da Exile. "Eh, sistah, dat ship, da Mynah Bird, stay mines!" (That's my ship, lady)

"Um, sir, I'm sure we can straighten this out," she replied, tryin fo calm him down. T3 jus wen stick um wid da tranquilizah and da mad buggah go moimoi (sleep).

"Wow, that was easy," da Exile wen say.

Den, dey go fo play cahds, Pazaak kine and da Exile go rake um ovah da coals (beat the other players). Even da small buggah, who look like one rat wen buss and da Exile clean house (won everything).

Bumbai, dey learn about da big slug, Vogga da Hutt, but fo get eenside, Claire wen had fo dress up like one Rock Za dancer (stripper). Atton's eyes wen get beeg. "Aisoos, you get di bambuchas (big ones)."

"Chill, you big gudut," she answered. "Just get me the Juma Juice."

Dey wen take Claire fo meet da Hutt and she dance like one skank until Vogga wen moimoi along wid da mutts dat was guarding him.

"Hey, I think this is a lightsaber crystal," she wen say as she stuff her baggies wid da goods.

Outside, she see Atton and da gangees. Atton get his eyes stuck on her chest. "Up here! My eyes are up here!"

"Aisoos! I canna help. Ey, now we get one nodda problem. Get peoples, dey stuck in da basement. Da mean kine gangees stay lock em up."

Tutu Kreia look futless. "Ey, not our problem. Dey can rot fo all I care."

"Ho, you one cold tita, ey? How bout I make you ma-ke?" Atton wen say, mad kine.

"I tol you befo, you was one foo. You jus making A at dis point."

The Exile look frustrated. "Enough, we're going to save those people. Who did you say they were again?"

In her skanky outfit, the Exile wen lead dem fo buss da Exhange. Da bruddah wid da squid face stay broke on da ground. "Oh, sistah, now you wen too fah. You piss off all da baddest mokes on da planet. Now you going get yours."

Atton wen cut off some of da buggah's face tentacles. "Ho, now iz time fo di tako poke! (octopus mixed with seaweed) Anybody stay hungry?"

The Handmaiden made one sour-kine face. "Ewwww."

Squidman expired and the Exile sighed. "Now it's time to hit the Jekk-Jekk Tar."

Atton made a confused face. "Hah? Wat dat? Sound funny kine."