I was never really happy with this chapter (even though you liked it) so I have added to it so there is greater detail and such. I hope this makes up for a bad first try. FMA isn't mine.

She sat in deep contemplation at the head of his bed. Al had needed to be taken to the train station early so Ed was seeing that he got on safe. She had been braiding his hair when he had been called away momentarily.

Like a fool she had believed he was going to stay for a while. She had finally realised only a small while ago that her feelings for him were more than just the concern she carried for both of them. It hadn't been an easy thing to admit to herself, she was far too practical to believe in love. Yet what she felt for Ed was nothing like she had ever come close to feeling before. She thought their journeying had come to more or less an end. She had been wrong and it had hurt her more than usual. She wanted so badly to tell him how she felt, but all she could do was braid his hair. At least she was comforted with the thought she hadn't finished so he would be returning to get it completed.

Ed was also lost in thought as he walked back to his adopted home. Over the past few days he could see something different in Winry. He had never really thought that someone could care so much for him. He didn't quite know how to handle the situation. It was hopefully nearing the time that he and Al would have completed their quest. What then? Would they move in to stay with Winry and Aunt Pinako? They had nowhere else to go and he knew they would always be welcome there. But so much had happened…would he ever be able to settle down into a quiet life again without growing bored.

Once he had reached the house he crept quietly as he could back to his room. Peering through a crack in the door he could see her sat solemnly on the bed where he had left her. He didn't know what he could do for her. He knew that he did indeed have feelings for her but had no idea how to express them. He hoped she felt something too, that the blush he saw play across her face every so often was not his imagination. But then women were complicated so he may have been heading in entirely the wrong direction.

Taking a breath he entered the room. She looked up slightly startled.

"Oh Ed…you finished doing your hair," she said downhearted.

He had finished his hair. Of course he had as it was half done and he was going to meet people. He didn't want to look a mess so he had tidied it up. This was another female thing. He supposed that doing someone's hair was quite an intimate act. It wasn't like you would let anyone play with your hair.

"Yea, but I didn't make a very good job. Could you redo it for me?"

She felt her heart skip a beat. Was he blushing? She tried to not think about it too much as he sat back down in front of her. Trembling hands would not make for a good hair stylist. At this distance she could take in his smell without making it obvious. His hair was still silky, if not its usual colour. She hoped that it never lost its brilliance, just has she hoped it would never go from his eyes. His golden eyes were such a perfect colour to her, rare and as precious as the metal itself.

Ed felt very relaxed. He didn't realise how much he liked having his hair played with. People paid others to play with their hair and up until now he couldn't understand why. Not that there was ever anyone around who could, or indeed who would. He hoped that he wouldn't get addicted to it, knowing he was leaving once again. It was in this moment of peace that he asked her something he wanted to for a while.



"Do you remember back in Rush Valley? You said you would train harder to become a better mechanic, but you never got to tell me why."

She finished his braid. Her hands dropped into her lap and she sat still. She had to give him credit; he'd remembered even when she wished for him to forget. She had cried again and he must have got irritated by it. She still hadn't answered his question. He turned to face her but she did not look up. He was going again, why not tell the truth and not have to face him for a while.

"I thought," she began, "that if I could make the best auto-mail you would stop looking for a way to get your real arm and leg back. Then…you would come home to me."

She hoped that 'to me' had meant little to him and she cursed herself for letting it slip. It wouldn't have stood out back then so why would it now. After a moment of silence she felt a hand push her chin up. She had a moment to look into his eyes, before he kissed her softly on the lips.

He wasn't sure why he had done it. At the time it was the best way for him to express his emotions as well as the best thing to do. So he was awful with words which male wasn't. Even Winry knew he could never speak was going on inside his heart or mind. A kiss, very spontaneous for him, seemed best. It stopped her from crying as well. It was short, but left Winry with a shocked look on her face.

"I will return to stay one day," was all he could muster saying.

She blushed like never before. He had kissed her so out of the blue she didn't know how to react. She wanted to yell out as he turned away. It hadn't taken him long to regret doing it, or perhaps he was just doing it to shut her up. There were many theories as to why he had done it but all she could whisper was "Promise?"

He turned back to her. Why hadn't he noticed how beautiful she was? Well he had noticed but he hadn't appreciated it. He certainly wouldn't have told her when they were younger but something was changing in her. She was too old to be pretty now and something stirred within him when he looked at her.

It clicked. He didn't realise earlier because it was not the type of feeling to admit to having in public. He was lusting after her and her perfect curves and soft lips.

"I promise," he said moving in to kiss her again. She accepted without a fight, and slowly returned the favour. What else could she do?

She couldn't believe this was happening. Butterflies danced around her stomach. No matter how many times she had dreamed of this happening she never believed it would come true. His hand caressed her neck, slowly trailing down her body. She shivered with delight right down to the ends of her toes.

He stopped and pulled away when his hand absent-mindedly touched her breast. She must have been disgusted at him, he had gone too far. He didn't even know what she was feeling.

"It's okay Ed. You don't have to stop." She whispered. He couldn't deprive her of his touch now she had waited for it for so long. She was not going to miss this chance at being close to him especially when he was leaving again. She always believed he would come back but a little voice warned her not to be too sure.

But he did. He knew that he was feeling almost pure desire and it had come so suddenly. Perhaps he shouldn't have bottled up all his feelings like he did but it was too late. He wanted so badly to show how much he cared; he just couldn't say it so he could only act his emotions out.

She was worried. Was he suddenly realising he didn't want to be kissing her? Her heart was beating with a pace unusual to her. Although she had never had experience when it came to boys, something just felt right. If she trusted anyone it was Edward. She uncurled her legs from under and put then either side of him. Even after making this move closer to him he still didn't move an inch. She cradled his head in an attempt to capture him again from the distant land he was visiting. He seemed to welcome it and snuggled further into her jumper before they both lay down.. At that moment it was nothing sexual, she just wanted to show that she wasn't angry with him if anything.

She smelt so sweet. Her young skin was soft and warm and his male urges once again took hold. He couldn't help himself as he began to kiss her neck. She took his good hand and placed it back on her breast desperate for more. Her heart was racing faster and faster and she sighed as his lips danced across her collar bone. Propping himself up on his elbow he looked down at her. Her eyes showed the same desire he felt, but he was still unsure about how far to go. She was pure after all and he was sure she had never gone far with anyone before. Winry wasn't like that and hadn't ever seemed interested in the male population in that sense.

"Winry…are you sure?"

It felt as if something else had taken over her. She removed his shirt in one swift movement and pulled him down to be kissed again. This demon had bubbled up inside of her and pulsed through her veins. He hadn't noticed earlier but she had blushed when she walked in on him in just his boxers. She hadn't failed to notice the muscles all over his body. The auto-mail wasn't a problem as it was part of him, a part of him she had made.

He took this as a yes. Perhaps something was telling them both to savour this time together, as if it would be a while until they would see each other again. Perhaps he should have taken this as a sign but all he could think of was exposing her body. He had seen her in a bikini a few years ago but now he had a new appreciation. He carefully took her clothes away from her and threw them aside faster than she could blink. She could have stopped him at any time and he knew she would if she wanted it all to come to a halt.

She blushed at how exposed she felt, then blushed even harder when she realised what had happened to him. To some degree she was feeling proud of her body as he took it all in. she didn't like her breasts but they seemed to be going down well with him. Of course they would, he was a male, but it didn't feel perverted or wrong. Suddenly she felt beautiful.

He quickly removed his trousers as they restricted his bulge uncomfortably. The sight of her naked body had brought certain things into life. Winry looked both shy and playful at the same time. He was going to sleep with her, this much he knew. Yet he was also inexperienced. His pride demanded that he take control to, if anything, comfort Winry. Confidently he took her hand and moved it down to his pants.

She gently squeezed as she took him in her hand. The male anatomy was terribly ugly even if it did serve a good purpose. He gasped. She took this as a good thing and began to stroke him gently, earning even more moans. She hadn't done this before but for him to be making such noise could only be a good thing.

He felt selfish all of sudden through his pleasure. With his good, warm, hand he moved down to her sensitive spot. He gently rubbed her most intimate place which caused her to take a sharp intake of breath. Why did all of this come naturally? Was it because he felt for her the way he did? Was that the secret that made this scene comfortable? He felt good to hear her sigh and see her face twist with pleasure.

Neither of them could take it anymore. The remaining underwear was tossed aside and he positioned himself correctly. They were already both sweating out of sheer anticipation. Her heavy eyes called to him, urging him forward.

"Winry, are you okay with this?"

She laughed through her nervousness, "Only for you, Ed."

He nodded and entered her. She let out a small cry of pain and he stopped still. She hadn't expected it to be this uncomfortable but wonderful at the same time. Although it physically hurt she was flying inside. For a moment or two they stayed like that before Ed could no longer take holding still. He began to move within her again in the most blissful union they had ever encountered.

That goodbye had been the most difficult. No-one knew about their goodbye and that's how it remained. Yet when Al returned home alone as a 10 year old boy, that last goodbye had become bittersweet. Ed had disappeared physically, but his soul remained with all of them.

Then one day, her world went even more upside-down. She knew Al was leaving soon and her plan was to wait as she always did. Al would find out how to bring Ed back, and she would wait for the day.

The doctors smile had confirmed it for her without words. She went into shock for a few hours. Her brain whirled with what to do next. She couldn't remain at home, she knew this much. Just looking at Rose and her baby wanted to make her cry. So she decided to do what she had once told Ed. She would train at becoming a better mechanic in Rush Valley. She could keep her secret for just a while longer.