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It was 4:00, no, 3:45, no, 4:15, no.

"Damn it!" Angela yelled as she stopped at the red light. She took a quick look at the radio clock and muttered "oh fuck! Izzy, please forgive me."

For the past 4 ½ years, every Wednesday and Sunday Angela Dodson would visit her twin sister in the psychiatric ward to raven scar hospital and take her to church, but this today was unlike any other day, she was late.

"What I wouldn't do for my favorite song" she said and as if by magic, "Passive" by 'A Perfect Circle' started in the radio, just as the light turned green.

"What a coincidence" she said and started to sing along with the song. "Dead as dead can be, my doctor tells me." she continued to sing the song as she pulled up to the hospital parking lot and parked the car. As she turned off the engine the song ended.

Angela walked into the hospital entrance and was stopped by one of the desk clerks.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" the woman asked.

"Yes, hello, I'm Angela Dodson, and I'm here to see my sister"

"Name?" she asked as she began to work on the computer.

"Isabel Dodson"


"427" the woman took a quick look off the computer and looked to Angela.

"Ah, yes here she is, in the psychiatric ward, correct?"

"Yes, thank you" she turned and left with a 'visitor pass' sticker on her shirt.

A knock at the door sent Isabel flying from her seat at the window to the door.

"Hi, sis" Angela said embracing her sister.

"Hi, glad you could make it "

"Like I said, 'every Wednesday and Sunday I would be here to spend time with you and take to church.' Sorry I'm late though, I…"

"No need to explain, I already know"


"I'm psychic, remember?"

"Uh—oh yeah, of course." Angela said sadly, remembering why her sister was in the hospital in the first place.

"No need to worry sis, I'm doing fine."

"I know, sorry"

"It's ok"

"Well alright, listen right now its 4:45; do you think you can get ready in time to make it to church? I hear we're starting on your favorite part in the bible, why Lucifer was thrown into hell."

"ok give me 5 minutes"


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