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This is from the movie when Angela goes and sees Isabel's dead body in the hospital down by the pool. I added my own words and stuff. Kind of like a deleted seen, it explains more into the film and stuff like that. I hope you like it and I'm sorry if it's a little off context, I haven't seen the film since February 18, 2005, so please cut me some slack.

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Immediately after she hung up she got changed and left the apartment. 'Isabel,' something was wrong with her, but what?

All through her ride to the hospital this question lingered in her head. When she pulled up to the curb of the hospital, a cop-in-training was waiting for her; she knew who he was because she was the one training him.

"Officer Dodson, this way please." She got out of the car and followed him to the elevator. In the elevator he didn't say much except that Isabel was dead. When the doors opened Angela looked as if she was about to cry, but she held in the tears, until she walked into the poolroom.

As she walked in the people around her said 'hello,' but there wasn't much enthusiasm behind it.

As she entered the room where Weiss and her sister's body were she broke down in tears. Behind her, Angela heard Weiss mutter something along the lines of "give us the room" and then the sound of the doors closing.

Even after Echo Park, Weiss refused to takeoff work, and insisted on helping out in any way even with his injured arm.

When he turned around Angela was on the floor on her knees brushing loose hair out of her dead sister's face. She then looked up to see broken glass where her sister had crashed through. "She fell from the roof? Angela asked trying to calm down her breathing.

"She jumped" Weiss said.


"Look…I know it's hard to accept. She was sick."

"Isabel wouldn't kill herself."


"She wouldn't kill herself."




"Period!" Angela yelled, her voice bouncing off the walls.

"Angie, there were security cameras."

Angela left the poolroom and went up stairs to talk to a few other officers and retrieve the security tape. Now she was going home to get some things together before returning to clean out Isabel's room. Even though her room was to be locked down for no other use (due to suicide patient rules) Angela still had a feeling to clean everything out. She was given the key so she could enter the room at anytime. As she walked to the elevator, she saw it closing and yelled, "Hold the door, you going down?" and right as she reached the door a man from inside said, "Not if I can help it." Then the doors closed, she noticed him, and he was John Constantine. She was shocked at this display of rudeness especially from him; he was clearly not the man she made passionate and heart pounding love to at night in her dreams for the past month.

That night after cleaning out Isabel's room,Angela left to see the priest of her catholic church, the very same she had just gotten off the phone with. When she got there she saw John, but she noticed he hadn't seen her so quietly walked in behind him. Silently she prayed that her sister could have the catholic funeral she always wanted.

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The rest of this story takes place in the film so for more see it again and again until you get bored out of your mind I know I will. The d.v.d. comes out on July 19, 2005. Smooches