Well if most of you haven't guess yet, I'm redoing Soul Catchers for one very important reason. I just believe it needs a little improvement.

For those of you that have been following with the fiction, I honor you for reviewing, commenting, and what not. Personally I think you guys deserve better. So that's why I'm rewriting it.

The plot is the same… don't worry. And so far most of you guys don't know what the real ending is going to be like, which is good. It's still going to be in third person point of view.

Anyhoot, I'll get on with it.

This is a Link and Zelda fic so don't go freaking out. Link and Zelda are already in love, but don't you worry Malon and Link lovers. Malon is in it. (I have a liking to the farm girl so there is no WAY I'm leaving her out.)

I don't own the Legend of Zelda characters, nor do I own the copy right of them, and I'm not going to type this over and over again in the chapters because I've already mentioned it once so therefore it would be pointless to do so.

And also, sorry for such the long, long, long, long, wait. Now that it is summer, I can finally get some headway on this thing.

Soul Catchers


Zelda did not like nightmares for one good reason.

They terrified her.

Of course everyone hates nightmares. It's only natural to the human nature. Who would want to see someone you know, love, or yourself in a frighteningly, seemingly, real situation that involves someone getting hurt, lost, disappear, or even killed?

No one. At least she hoped no one did.

The only thing that Zelda did know about her nightmares is that they were always unsettling. Almost every night she would have one. Why the goddesses would want her to have these dreams, she didn't know. Overall she wanted to have nothing to do with them. It kept her worry meter up in the red and she hated that. It made her look like a worry wart or some over protective mother trying to keep her child from seeing the evils of the world. But, she wasn't protecting a child… more like a certain hero that kept getting into trouble.

"He gets into more trouble than anyone I know…," the Princess muttered to herself, resting her arms on her balcony. Her head rested on her hand while she looked out at the stars and the moon. It certainly was a beautiful night. Summer had always brought clear skies. Perfect for star gazing and astronomers alike.

But to Zelda it was a calm before the storm. The quiet night always brought something into her sleep. Something that always kept her nerves standing on end. Something that she would always have to tell Link in the morning. Something that would always get the same reply.

"Don't worry Zelda… nothing like that is going to happen."

"'Don't worry Zelda… nothing like that is going to happen!'" Zelda mocked, "as if you have any idea…"

The Leader of the Sages sighed and straitened up, still looking at the little lights shining above her, "You better be alright you stubborn hero or I'll rip you so there is nothing left of you…"

She walked back into her room and looked at her desk where an open letter rested. Most wouldn't really even call it a letter, considering there wasn't much written on it. It looked like it had been handled far too much for just a simple note.

Zelda sat down in her chair and red the words once more for about the eleventh time that day:


Sorry you got this on such short notice, but I was kind of in a hurry considering I got asked to do this on such short notice.

Just like Link… trying to avoid the point as per usual.

Anyway, I just saying don't flip out that I'm gone this morning. I was called by the Mayor of Clock Town to go and investigate a thievery that took place. Said it was urgent so I packed my bags.

He says that the thing that was stolen was something called the Soul Catcher…

"Well, at least he tells me what happened this time…," Zelda muttered while reading.

It's a relic can manipulate souls… what ever that means. I'm not too heavily doused in the subject. Anyway, as per usual I don't want you to worry too much alright?

Zelda imagined a laugh coming from Link as he wrote that.

I'll be back in a week. No more or less okay? I'll be back soon. After all it's only a thief. Just one thief… okay?

No worries,


And so the letter ended abruptly. She wished the letter included something more… something like a p.s. but not… Link wasn't the type to leave long, wonderful, heartfelt letters. He was, after all, a man of very few words, but Zelda had managed to open him up a little.

She folded the letter and put it back into it's parchment envelope and put it on one of her desk shelves. She then reluctantly moved toward her bed and climbed on it, letting her head fall limp on her fluffy pillows. She pulled the covers over her, and made herself fall asleep.

She knew she would regret it in the morning.