I do not own Harry Potter or Sailor Moon. This is a request from Jay Ficlover.


Usagi (Sailor Moon), Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen) and the scouts all die in a battle against Chaos/Galaxia/whatever, and are reborn as witches and wizards. Chiba Mamoru is reincarnated as Darien Shields, a pureblood and a Slytherin, though a nice guy, and he teaches at Hogwarts... all the female students have a crush on him. Usagi is reincarnated as Serena Tsukino, the new girl at Hogwarts, sorted as a Gryffindor, and becomes fast friends with the Golden Trio, that from now on becomes the Golden Quartet... and, as time passes, it becomes pretty obvious to everyone that Professor Shields and student Tsukino are attracted to one another, since the teacher is always flirting and teasing the student, who hates his guts with passion (basically the same animosity those two had had as Mamoru and Usagi, and it'll have the same end as that one: those two liking each other).

One phrase from Ron gives the perfect summary: "I don't know, guys... I just have the feeling Professor Shields gives Serena detention so often so he can spend time with her"
Will there be a huge teacher/student scandal at Hogwarts? Or will Harry, Hermione and Ron be able to help Serena and Darien keep their eventual relationship a secret?

And Jay Ficlover has given what she would like to have happen in the story. She will like to have Rini come to Hogwarts to 'investigate' if her parents will get together after their rebirth. As Darien 'flirts' with Serena, she totally detests him (which isn't a problem for me) but the story ends in Darien/Serena. She mentioned a masquerade ball for Halloween which I shall include. Serena is to be half-blood and she's seventeen or eighteen, hence this will be in the last year, seventh year of Hogwarts. I want this to be different from my other SM/HP stories so well, a lot of things will be different. The scouts will be separated in different schools of magic. I hope what I chose fits them.

Hogwarts: Serena (Gryffindor) Rini (Slytherin) Mina (Slytherin—a site said one of her cons she can be overly ambitious, which is what Slytherins are)

Beaxbatons: Ami. Their robes are blue and they sat with the Ravenclaws during book, which in my other story, she's a Ravenclaw. Beaxbatons students are probably really smart. Who knows? I didn't mean to make her a loner, but she fits the type anyway.

Durmstrang: Lita and Raye. In my other story Lita's a Hufflepuff but as she gets in fights, maybe Durmstrang might discipline her a little bit. Raye is in Slytherin from my other story and she made some friends from Durmstrang so I'll have her meet them again! Hotaru will be there too.

Couples: Draco/Serena/Harry triangle though it ends up as Darien/Serena

Draco/Mina/Harry triangle (this will be fun, Harry and Draco interested in the same two girls). It'll end as Mina/Harry though.

Ron/Hermione (woot!) But maybe a little Ami/Ron. I'll take votes I guess.


Ami/Beaxbatons boy (or Ron)

Raye/Durmstrang boy (probably Vladimir!)

Draco/Lita (they'll meet at the end. He'll be impressed she went to Durmstrang and she beats the tar out of Pansy or something.)


Okay, did I leave anyone out? Oh, and Rini…should I include Helios or hook her up with someone from Hogwarts? Maybe one of the Creevy brothers? Yeah! Dennis or Colin? The beginning will be a little different than to the end of Chaos as some of you may know but the ending for both the manga and the anime sounded a little iffy. I will use the manga's version from what I read but write it a little differently. I hope none of you will mind but I just wanted to make a simple beginning to the story.

Hogwarts Secret Scandal


What could Sailor Moon do? She tried to talk Sailor Galaxia down but nothing worked. Now Chaos had taken her over completely and the golden clad soldier of the galaxy took on a different image. Her fuku changed from gold to black and her red eyes to amber. Large black bat-like swings sprouted from her back as she laughed maliciously.

"Oh no," Eternal Sailor Moon mumbled. "What do I do?"

"Give up your star seed, Sailor Moon," Chaos Galaxia commanded, soaring toward her.

"No!" Sailor Moon shouted as she took off. She barley dodged Galaxia's attack, causing her to dive to the ground. "There is still hope, Galaxia."

Galaxia howled with laughter. "How can you speak about hope? All of your scouts are dead, your precious lover is dead and you will die too! Your star seed is mine, Sailor Moon!"

Sailor Moon dodged another attack and she landed next to the caldron. She glanced in side it. The Galaxy Cauldron—the place where star seeds were born. Perhaps there was a way to change everything and make it right. That's it. Chaos and the cauldron were connected somehow. That was it. It sounded crazy but when sailor Moon thought of it, she really had no choice. There was no other way. Sailor Moon had to do it—to save herself, to save Galaxia, to save the universe.

"Purify the cauldron," she whispered, gazing in the cauldron and getting to her knees.

"What?" Galaxia muttered. She seemed to know what Sailor Moon was contemplating. "Sailor Moon, what are you doing? Don't you…"

"I am going to free you, Galaxia!" Sailor Moon announced. "I'll free everything! It is time to end this!"

"No! You fool!"

"Eternal Power!" Sailor Moon exclaimed, throwing herself into the cauldron.

"You fool, Sailor Moon!" Galaxia shouted, hovering above the cauldron, "You…"

Bright silver light erupted from the cauldron. Screaming, Sailor Galaxia shielded her eyes. The light broke her bracelets and she looked at them in shock. "No! My bracelets!"

Letting out a scream of anger and pain, Galaxia's body began to disincarnate. The wings disappeared and both Galaxia and chaos were destroyed. Her gold broach fell to the ground with a clang.

As Sailor Moon's strength was about to give out she wished that she would see her friends, her love and her daughter again. She closed her eyes and knowing she did what had to be done, died with a smile on her face.

The spirit of Queen Serenity soared by and stretched out her arms. Ten crystals flew to her outstretched hands. She gazed at them for a while before she spoke.

"My darling," said Queen Serenity, closing her hands over the star seeds, "you've done well. Your star seeds are still intact and I will send you to a place where you will not have to worry about evil forces outside Earth again. You shall have another chance at life."

Queen Serenity's spirit left the palace of Shadow Galaxia and headed toward planet Earth. There, she deposited crystals over Northern Europe. The blue crystal belonging to Sailor Mercury found its place in France. The crystals of Sailor Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, green, red and purple, arrived in Bulgaria. The Silver Imperium Crystal, the gold crystal and the others fell to England. Queen Serenity watched sadly.

"As it was your birthright, my dear," Queen Serenity said, "being the Moon Princess was too much for you to handle. It is difficult living the life of a Sailor Scout and a princess. Perhaps you would be happier if you live the life of a witch."

Darien never felt more proud of himself. His parents thought he was crazy for doing it, for even thinking it. Since he told him the news they continued to tell him how foolish he was to consider such an idea. His parents were both from Slytherin, purebloods that hated muggles and anything to do with them. His mother, Maria Rookwood Shields, was the sister of a Death Eater and Darien was sure she expected him to do the same. No, his parents weren't death eaters. He saw no Dark Mark on their forearms. Like Augustus, Darien's father also worked in the Department of Mysteries. Darien remembered how pathetic his uncle Augustus looked, sitting in Azkaban, going out of his mind. Darien couldn't understand, why did his uncle become a Death Eater? Were his parents about to follow?

But Darien wanted nothing to do with the Dark Arts. His parents were absolutely sickened with his decision. Darien was surprised they didn't disown him. No one approved of his choice or gave him encouragement, not that he proclaimed it. He only told a few people. It didn't matter anyway. He did it all by himself. He did it. He finally did it.

He became an Auror. Finally, after nearly four long hard years, he became an Auror. It was his dream since he became prefect for Slytherin House. His mind went back to four years, when he was a seventh year and speaking with other prefects.. Percy Weasley had been bragging again…


Percy was going on and on about working for the Ministry, just like his dear old muggle loving Dad. Darien didn't care about that. It wasn't that he had anything against muggles or anything. Someone had to work in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department. Darien just couldn't stand Percy Weasley. They were rivals since their first year. Darien rolled his eyes up to the ceiling and put his head into his hand.

"I think I'll work in Magical Transportation for Barty Crouch, or maybe the department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures…"

"Weasley," Darien began, pulling his tired face from his hand and frowning, "You don't even take Care of Magical Creatures. So how do you expect to go anywhere in that field? Aren't you scared of Griffins anyway?"

His cousin, Cally Rookwood laughed. Darien groaned. She always bragged about how "cool" and "pure" her family tree was. But was what was so cool about having a Death Eater father?

Percy gasped and turned his head to Darien. "I am just keeping my options open, Shields!" Percy spat.

"Oh, all right then," Darien said.

"Well, what are you going to do?" Percy asked, "Wait a moment. Aren't your parents supporters of You-Know-Who?" Percy grinned. "Is that what you plan on doing—if He does come back anyway?"

"Shut up, Weasley!" Darien snarled, getting up from his chair so quickly that it fell backward. His cousin gasped. "My parents aren't Death Eaters and you damn well know it!"

"You sure? Don't you remember those raids?"

Darien swallowed. He forgot. There had been some raids at his house. The ministry suspected his parents. "Doesn't mean anything. My dad's an Unspeakable—doesn't mean we have anything illegal in our house."

"How you know he hasn't done unspeakable things?"

Darien lunged for Percy and Dan Macmillan had to step in the way. "Back off, Shields…Weasley, come on. Cut it out."

"Get him later, Darien," Cally whispered to her cousin as she put him back in his chair. She glared at Percy Weasley.

"Anyway, Shields," Percy said, "you didn't answer my question."

"What?" Darien grumbled.

"What do you plan to do after Hogwarts?"

Darien glanced up and sighed. He hesitated. He wasn't sure whether to tell them or not. He knew they wouldn't believe him after telling his parents and Head of House. His parents weren't too happy. Professor Snape kept suggesting other options. He would've at least thought Professor Snape would encourage him. But of course, Snape was a Death Eater anyway. Darien looked around the Prefect break room. The other prefects were watching him curiously. Cally put her hand on his shoulder

"Come on Darien," she prompted.

"Don't you have a plan, Shields?" Percy demanded, raising an eyebrow. "You do plan to get a job, don't' you?"

"Yes I am," Darien muttered. "I'm going to be an Auror."

"A what?" Percy gasped. The other prefects stared at him.

"Slytherins can't be Aurors—can they?" Abigail McFarlan of Hufflepuff wondered.

"That's the craziest thing I've heard," Penelope Clearwater, Percy's girlfriend snickered.

"Darien," Cally put her hand on her cousin's shoulder and lowered her face to his. "You're not still on about that, are you? Your parents won't let you become an Auror!"

"I don't need their permission or encouragement to do it," Darien said, "or yours, Cally."

"Come on, Darien!" she grunted. "There are other things you can do! An Unspeakable like our dads…"

"Your dad's in Azkaban, Cally," Darien reminded his cousin roughly. She gasped and turned away. Darien looked at the blank, disbelieving faces of the other prefects. "You don't think I can do it, can you?"

"Come on, Shields," Percy groaned, his lips twitching into a smile as his girlfriend erupted into giggles at his side. "You a prefect? Be serious."

"I am serious, Weasley," Darien said. "I'm going to start training as soon as I'm done with Hogwarts."

The others remained doubtful. Rodger Davies chuckled and shook his head.

"What's the matter?" Darien demanded, getting to his feet, "don't think I can do it?"

"I always thought you'd be a Private Wizarding Consultant, Shields," Rodger shrugged. "I can't picture you as an Auror. You lack certain qualities…"

"Yeah, like what?" Darien asked. "You've got to be in good physical condition and I am you know. I'm Quidditch captain and I'm a better Chaser than you any day!"

"What does that supposed to mean?" Rodger gasped.

"You chase girls more than you do Quaffles, you idiot!"

"Li-liar!" Rodger's face went red.

"You are a good player, Darien," Cally praised. "I think Flint is still in denial you beat him."

"I can handle this Cally," Darien groaned. He didn't need his cousin bragging about him.

"Okay, so you're a good athlete," Percy said, "so was Charlie but he works with dragons. So are Fred and George but I don't see them becoming Aurors. Athletic abilities don't mean anything. You need other things. Like brains."

"I'm not stupid, Weasley!" Darien exclaimed, "I know enough about Potions and Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts…

"And everything else," Cally added.

"Cally, please," said Darien.

"How could we have learned anything last year with Lockhart though?" Craig McFarlan, from Hufflepuff wondered. "It's lucky for anyone to become an Auror with the kind of teachers we've been having."

"Lupin seems to know what he's talking about," Darien said.

"Well, the next time Black tries to break in the school," Percy began, "let's see you try and catch him Shields!"

"Maybe I will!" Darien exclaimed.

"Good, because Black scared the hell out of my brother Ron!"

"Please, that guy's crazy!" Cally wailed. "You can get hurt, Darien!"

"I'm not scared," said Darien. "I can be an Auror. I'll prove it to you guys."

Percy howled with laughter and put his hands on his hips. "Shields, the day you become an Auror, it will—why—it will be the day pigs fly!'

Penelope brought her hands to her mouth to stifle her giggles. "Oh Percy…!"

"You think so?" Darien said with a slight grin.

"Yeah," Percy said, his face nearly matching his red hair from laughing.

"Well," Darien chuckled slightly, walked up to Percy and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Thank Merlin for Levitation Charms, then eh, Weasley?"

Percy stared and tried to respond. His girlfriend made a small noise of embarrassment. Cally laughed.

"Good one, Darien!" she followed her cousin out of the break room, leaving the surprised prefects behind. "You tell him…but honestly, an Auror? You can do so much better! You've got Rookwood blood in you after all!"


Darien grinned as he remembered how picture perfect Percy's face fell. Always so pompous, so big-headed, no wonder his younger brothers tried to 'improve' his Head Boy badge. Percy loved to brag to Darien about that. "Head Boy, Shields…couldn't do it, could you?"

Darien sometimes wondered how Percy became a Gryffindor he way he bragged all the time.

Darien tightened his fist. "Weasley, you moron. I'll show you. Just wait until I show you."

He looked at his hanging certificate hanging on the wall. He imagined how Percy would react to the news. Darien couldn't wait to shove it under his nose the way Percy always did with his Head Boy badge and all the perfect papers he got.

"I did it," Darien said, in mere disbelief. "I finally did it and no one could stop me. I didn't need anyone."

An owl flew into the open window and up to him. It nibbled on his finger to get his attention.

"What—ouch!" Darien winced and looked at the owl. "Oh, a letter. I wonder who it's from."

He took the letter and read it with the owl hovering in the air.

Mr. Darien Shields,

Congratulations in completing your Auror training. I just heard. Now that training will be put into use while it's fresh in your head.

We are in need of a new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts. I would like you to come and fill the position. Send reply with owl or come to my office for a chat.

Professor Dumbledore

"What?" Darien gasped, staring at the letter. "No way! I just finished my training, I can't teach at Hogwarts!" He brought the letter down, "is Dumbledore serious?" He asked the owl as if it would answer him.

The owl blinked, hooted and flew away. Darien chased it. "Wait, you stupid owl! I need you to send a reply back! I can't teach at Hogwarts! I can't!"

He stuck his head out of the window. "Stupid owl! You're supposed to wait!"

Darien groaned and hung his body out of the window, his arms swaying slightly. "Oh, what am I supposed to do? I guess I'll have to come see Dumbledore in person. Hogwarts Professor? Me? This can't be happening!"

Dumbledore looked happy to see Darien. "Thank you for coming, please sit down."

"Yes, Professor," Darien sighed as she sunk in the chair opposite Dumbledore's desk. He glanced up at Fawks sitting on his perch. Dumbledore sat himself down and folded his arms on the desk.

"Well, you know why you're here," said Dumbledore. "I need someone to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. You were always a good student and your Auror training will be useful while it's still fresh in your head."

"I know," Darien said. "But, I haven't done anything yet. I just got my certificate today!"

"Yes, I know you've been looking forward to being an Auror," Dumbledore said softly, "but I feel this may be safer for you."

"Safer?" Darien gasped. "What do you mean? Professor, since when has this subject been safe? Look at Quirrel, and Lockhart, Lupin. Something happened to them at the end of teaching—and I've read about Mad Eye Moody from The Quibbler, Umbridge and Quirrel's brother—now how possibly, after everything that's happened to the professors before, how could it be safer than being an Auror? I'd have more risks it seems like!"

Darien was starting to believe the job was jinxed. After having a teacher like Quirrel for five years he sensed something was wrong. The same for Lockhart and Lupin. Dumbledore couldn't let Darien teach Defense Against the Ark Arts. He could die or be sacked before the year was over!

"Please, Darien," Dumbledore insisted, "I need you here at Hogwarts. You have family in Azkaban that may come after you if you're an Auror. It would be best if you stay here."

"But they could still find out where I am," Darien said. "Professor, wouldn't it be better for me to do this when I've retired?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "There are going to be certain differences this year and I need you here."

"What kind of differences?" Darien questioned.

"I'm afraid I can't get into that now," Dumbledore replied brightly. "So, can I count on you, Darien? I'm afraid you're my only hope. I have no one else to ask."

Darien paused. There was no one else in the entire wizarding country Dumbledore could ask to take the job? Or the world maybe? Dumbledore must've known many wizards outside of Great Britain. Why didn't he ask them? He looked at Dumbledore's eyes.

"I can't…" Darien mumbled. "I can't do it. I don't know enough."

"Yes you can," Dumbledore told him.

Darien groaned. Darien had always found it hard to have these kinds of conversations with Dumbledore. It was hard to lie to him. He always seemed to know when he was lying or making something up. It was like he could read his mind. Wait, Legilimency. He remembered studying about that in Auror training. Dumbledore had to be a Legilmens. There was something like that too, Occulmency but he wasn't really trained in it. He had only read about it.

He had to think. Why did Dumbledore want to have him teach? Was he really his only hope? And what were these differences, these changes Dumbledore was going to have this year? It didn't make sense.

"Darien?" said Dumbledore.

Darien sighed and ran his hand through his dark hair. "Oh, I'll do it."

"You will?"

"Yeah," he said. "I'll teach Defense Against the Dark Arts." 'I can't believe I'm doing this!' Darien screamed in his brain. His dream was taken from him. Teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts wasn't going to be anywhere near exciting as being an Auror.

"Good!" Dumbledore took out a contract and some manuals. "Read and sign and the line…you may decorate your classroom however you wish and I'll need you to write the list of books you want for your students."

As Darien signed the contract, he felt like he was signing his life away. He took the things Dumbledore gave him and left.

"So," a voice said from the corner of Dumbledore's office, "he went through after all. I was afraid he'd refuse."

"Me too," said Dumbledore, "but I think the differences you told me caught his interests."

"Thank you, Professor Dumbledore," said the voice. "I couldn't have done it without your help. This is really important to me."

"My pleasure," Dumbledore smiled. "It was no trouble. No trouble at all."

To Be Continued

Okay, there's the start! I heard a rumor that the 6th Defense Against Dark Arts teacher is Quirrel's brother so I decided to go with it. Thanks for the request, Jay. I think I'm going to enjoy this. I hope it's not a short start. It's roughly 3700 words. Anyway, please review! Give me your thoughts and any ideas you may have! I might give Serena and the other girls different names surnames.

I hope there are no Percy lovers reading this. I'll bash him a little bit. I don't really like Darien but to make him seem nicer, I'm going to pick on Percy instead.

Percy: Hey!

And I thought giving Darien a rival was a good idea. (squeezes Darien)

Darien: Tell me again why I have to be the teacher? I want to be an Auror!