Hogwarts Secret Scandal 30

Pure Gold, True Silver

(and Epilogue)

To get away from all the bodies in the great hall, Draco went outside. He had some time until his next NEWT so he decided to send an owl to Lavra. After writing the letter about how he thought he did on most of his NEWT's and asking Lavra if her father was going to make a deal of his NEWT scores, he sent the owl off. He watched the owl fly away and something on the ground caught his attention. He saw Mina and Harry running around through some obstacle course.

"What are they doing?" Draco wondered out loud. He walked down the steps and ran forward Hogsmeade. "Hey, Potter!"

Harry didn't hear Draco. Harry and Mina walked into a tent. Draco had a bad feeling something wasn't right. What were they doing out here? This couldn't be for the Defense Against the Dark Art Newt. Where was everyone else?

Draco. Draco hid around a corner and peaked. He recognized the person at once. It was Michael Bletchley. He remembered that he left Hogwarts when Draco joined. When Draco was visiting his father in prison, Lucius Malfoy told him that Michelle Bletchley was one of the new recruits. Draco held his breath and stood next to the tent to eavesdrop. There were other voices. Another person, Professor Tofty, entered the tent.

'What would Professor Tofty have to do with this?' Draco thought to himself. Why were Death Eaters here anyway? He knew Voldemort would be after Harry but Mina too?

"Good work, Tofty," said Bletchley.

"What is going to happen to Potter and the girl?" Tofty asked nervously.

"That doesn't concern you," growled Bletchley.

"I don't think I should have helped you," Tofty said.

"Well it's too late," giggled a Death Eater wheezily. "We're going to take them now.'

"I can't let you. This is wrong."

"Seems like our Imperious Curse on you is wearing off," said Jugson. "Looks like we have no choice."

"Stupefy!" cried Tofty.

"Avada Cadavara!" yelled Jugson.

Red and green light flashed in the tent and Tofty hit the ground with a thump. Tofty's hand fell through the entrance, inches next to Draco's shoe. Draco shivered. He had to move, but he had to know where the Death Eaters were taking Mina and Harry.

"That takes care of him," said Jugson. "You certain she is the one, Bletchley?"

"She's from the house of silver isn't she?" Bletchley said. "She's got to be the Silver One. The Dark Lord knows that Harry Potter here is the Gold One."

Draco stood motionless outside, wondering what on earth they were talking about.

"Let's get them to the mines," said another voice that Draco didn't quite recognize. "The Dark Lord is waiting and we have to undress them."

Draco was horrified to think of the kinds of things they were going to do Mina. They were going to undress her and do what exactly? He wanted to go in there and curse them. But he had no idea how many were in there. He'd get himself killed and there would be no one left to save Harry or Mina. Draco was the only one who knew their plan. He had to go tell somebody. Perhaps they could stop them before they left to whatever "mines" they were headed for.

Draco turned around and sped to the direction in the school. A Death Eater in the tent paused before picking up Harry Potter.

"What's the matter?" Bletchley demanded.

The Death Eater poked his head out of the tent. "I thought I heard someone."

"Nobody knows we're out here," said Bletchley. "Let's go."

The true Defense Against the Dark Arts examiner, Artemis was having trouble examining everybody. The seventh year girls were too busy teasing and flirting with him for him to get any progress done.

"Please, it's not that sort of exam," Artemis said, "please kindly demonstrate a Patronus for me."

"I can think of whatever happy thought I want?" Pavarti asked, grinning.

"I don't' care," Artemis said.

After Pavarti and other girls demonstrated their Patronuses, it was Serena's turn.

"Miss White, where is Miss Lovegood?" He asked Serena. Though he knew the girls on a first name basis, he had to act like he didn't.

"Didn't you examine her yet?" Serena inquired.


"I saw her leave with Harry," Parvarti said, "Professor Tofty was going to examine them for the Defense Against the Dark Art NEWT."

"Professor Tofty isn't the examiner for the Desne Against the Dark Arts," said Artemis, "I am."

"I thought that you were working together," said Parvarti.

"No, Tofty's supposed to be examining you on astronomy. Where is he anyway?"

"Outside I think," said Parvarti.

"Professor Shields, could you go get him for me?" Artemis inquired.


As Darien excited the Great Hall, Draco Malfoy collided into him.

"Malfoy, what are you doing?"

Darien gasped and looked up at him. "Professor, Death Eaters kidnapped Mina and Harry!"

"What? When did this happen?"

"Just now," Draco said, "you've got to do something. You're an auror!"

"Did you see the Death Eaters take them?" Draco asked, his voice calm but firm.

Draco shook his head. "No, I heard them talking in a tent. They might still be there. You've got to stop them!"

"I'll need you to tell me and Professor Dumbledore everything you know." Draco told him, stopping at the statue to give the password.

"There's no time Professor Shields!" Draco ranted, pulling on the Professor's arm. "You've got to stop them!"

"Where were you when this happened?"

"Just outside of school," Draco explained in a rush. "I saw Mina and Harry walking around some kind of maze. Then they went into a tent. Professor Tofty was imperioused. They killed him."

"Do you know how many Death Eaters were present?"

Draco shook his head.

"All right, I'll go check it out," Darien said. "I want you to go to Dumbledore and tell him everything you heard, understand?"

"Yes sir," said Draco.

Darien said the password to the statue, it moved and Draco stepped onto the spiral staircase. Darien ran outside the school toward Hogsmeade. He found the tent Draco had told him about. He waited by the entrance, listening for any movement inside. Wand outstretched, Darien entered the tent. He pointed at every corner of the tent, but found no Death Eater standing there. The Death Eaters were already gone and they had taken Mina and Harry with them. Darien went around the room searching for clues. All he found were tables adorned with lit poisonous candles, a pair of broken wands and Tofty's dead body. Darien examined the broken wands. They had to belong to Mina and Harry. On finding nothing, Darien rushed back to the school. He approached Serena, Luna and Artemis.

"We've got a problem," Darien said to them. "Mina and Harry have been kidnapped."

"What?" Artemis gasped. "How?"

"Professor Tofty was imperioused," Darien explained, "he led them to the Death Eaters when he was examining them. The Death Eaters are no longer there."

"Any clues where the Death Eaters may have taken them?" Luna inquired.

"No, but Draco Malfoy might know of some," Darien answered.

"Draco?" Serena inquired. "What would he know about this?"

"He's the one who tipped me off," Darien said, "he's an ear witness to what happened. He's with Dumbledore right now. I need you all to come with me."

"Right," said Luna, "we'll speak with the other professors. We may have to cancel the NEWT's, for now."

"Okay," said Darien, "Serena, come on."

Serena and Darien walked to Professor Dumbledore's office. A paler than usual Draco Malfoy was telling the Headmaster what happened.

"Did the Death Eaters say why they would take Harry and Mina?"

"They said something about them being the gold and silver ones," Draco said nervously.

Darien gasped, strode over to Draco and grabbed his shoulders. "Gold and Silver ones? Are you sure that's what you heard them say?"

"Yes sir," he said. "I don't know what they had to do with anything and why the Dark Lord was looking for them."

"And you're certain you didn't know about this?" Darien asked him.


"Your father has told you nothing?"

"My father's in Azkaban now," Draco said, "the Dark Lord doesn't tell him anything anymore."

"Oh, no, Darien," Serena gasped, "the Death Eaters…they think Harry and Mina are us!"

"What?" Draco questioned, looking at Serena. Why did Serena call Professor Shields by his first name and what did she mean by us? "Serena, what are you talking about?"

"Ugh, long story, Draco," Serena said, "look, we need to find Harry and Mina. Where did they take them?"

"They're not there at the tent anymore?" Draco asked Darien.

Darien shook his head. "It was empty. They left no clues about their whereabouts."

Draco swallowed, rubbing his head. "I heard them say something about mines."

"Mines?" Darien questioned. "Mines where?"

"I don't know!" Draco shouted. "I don't know! I swear I don't' know."

Draco buried his hands into to his face. Serena put her hand to his shoulder. "It's all right, Draco. At least you have an idea where they might have taken them. It's a good thing they didn't catch you."

The door opened and in walked Luna, Artemis, Trista, Amara and Reenie.

"Professor, all the students have been sent to their dormitories," Luna announced, "and the professors went to investigate the scene."

"Very well," said Dumbledore.

"Bad news," Serena said to Luna and the others. "Voldemort has Mina and Harry. They think they're Darien and me."

"Serena, what do you have to do with this?" Draco asked, lifting his tearstained face from his hands. Serena bit her lip and didn't answer. "Professor Shields, what's she saying?"

Darien sighed. "You're aware of the prophecy of the gold and silver ones? The one that was retold a month ago?"

"I think so," said Draco, "every seer prophesized about it."

"Well, Serena and I are gold and silver ones mentioned in the prophecy," Darien said.

Draco looked from Darien and Serena. "But—what does this have to do with Mina? How did she get into this? And Harry?"

"I believe since Voldemort has been after Harry for nearly eighteen years," Dumbledore stated, "Voldemort thinks that Harry is the gold one. He is involved with Mina and the Death Eaters must have assumed she was the Silver One."

"But how would they know that?" Draco demanded. "Who told them?"

"It doesn't matter," Trista said, "what matters is us finding them. Serena, call the others. We will all have to find Mina and Harry together. See if you can reach Mina."

"Oh, right," Serena stepped to a corner and opened her communicator. "Mina, come in. Can you read me?"

There was no answer. Serena tried catching the others. Lavra answered her communicator immediately.

"What's up, Serena?"

Draco gasped and turned to Serena when he recognized the voice. "Lavra!"

"Mina's been kidnapped," Serena said, "she and Harry are in mines somewhere. We have to look for them."
"We're on it," said Lavra and Serena closed her communicator watch.

"That was Lavra," Draco said, standing up. "What's going on here? What's with that thing?" Draco pointed at her communicator.

"Hey, you might as well tell him," said Reenie, "he's dating Lavra now."

"Well, Draco," Serena said, "the prophecy says something about planets aligning. That part is talking about the nine sailor soldiers. Lavra is one of them. She is Sailor Jupiter."

"Sailor Soldier?" Draco questioned.

"Yeah," Reenie said, "we're legendary soldiers that fight for love and justice."

"You too?" Draco pointed at Reenie in disbelief.

"Yes, me too," said Reenie.

As Serena and Reenie tried to explain to Draco, Darien, Luna, Artemis, Amara, Trista and Professor Dumbledore were looking at various mines.

"There are so many," said Amara, "they could've taken them anywhere."

"Yeah, it could be a gold mine, a coal mine," said Artemis, "anywhere in the world."

"Gold mine," Darien breathed, "that's it! They captured the Silver and Gold Ones, right? They would have taken them to a gold and silver mine!"

"That's got to be it," said Amara.

"This is the nearest mine," Dumbledore said, pointing at a mine on the map of England. "And it has the most gold and silver in it. You can start looking there."

"Let's go," said Serena.

"I'm coming too," Draco announced.

"You can't, Malfoy," Darien said.

"I'm the one who told you what happened to them!" Draco questioned. "I've got to come with you. I know how these people work better than anyone!"

"Malfoy, I'm an Auror."

"True, but you're just out of training and you've been a teacher here. I've got a Death Eater father. He's told me the Death Eater's strengths and weaknesses. You've got to take me with you! You said Mina and Harry's wands were broken. I can help!"


"Let him come," said Dumbledore. "He can bring Harry back to Hogwarts safely while you battle the Death Eaters."

"What about Mina?" Draco asked.

"She's a sailor scout too," said Serena, "she can handle herself. As soon as we get there, get Harry and leave. We'll take care of Voldemort."

"This will be dangerous," Draco told them.

"Hey, don't worry," Serena smiled, "we've been through danger before and we all got out all right. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine."

Draco nodded. "All right. But how are we supposed to get there? Just apparate in the mine?"

"why apparate when we can sailor teleport?"


Sailor Venus had to fight on her on until her friends came for her. The other Death Eaters came to and started to attack. Bellatrix, consumed by Chaos, stood in the background and watched. Sailor Venus wasn't surprised. That was how all the main bosses were like. They sent their minions to the fight and just watched. Venus was glad for that because she didn't want to take Bellatrix on her own. She can handle the Death Eaters just fine, but not a person consumed by Chaos. That was a task only Sailor Moon could handle.

Sailor Venus brought both hands to her mouth, kissed her fingertips and held her hands out. An orange heart appeared in each hand.


Venus tossed both hearts at two Death Eaters and the hearts became two jets of light, allowing her to destroy two enemies at once where her previous love and beauty shock only let her attack one enemy at a time. Mina groaned and hung her head wearily. Though she was putting up a good fight, she was losing her energy. There were just too many Death Eaters. But Sailor Moon and the others were coming. They had to be. They were coming…weren't they? Harry was crouched on the ground, hurt with a twisted ankle from having to dodge an enemy's curse. If only Voldemort hadn't destroyed is wand then Harry wouldn't' be dead weight for sailor Venus. He could help her fight.

"Mina, you're getting tired," Harry said.

"I've got to protect you Harry," Sailor Venus gasped. "I can't let them take you away from me. I waited too long to be with you. My friends will come for us, don't' worry."

"They don't even know you're here, little girl," Bellatrix chuckled.

"Don't underestimate the Sailor Scouts!" Sailor Venus spat. "We've fought everything that came our way and won. We'll stop you just like our enemies before. Chaos, we beat you once and we can beat you again!"

"You cannot destroy Chaos," Chaos Bellatrix said. "Sailor Moon thought she did when she jumped in the cauldron, but she only weakened me. Many sailor scouts have tried defeating me. You thought Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Moon were the only ones that tried to stop me?" Chaos Bellatrix laughed. "Chaos exist everywhere. I'm formed from every bit of Chaos in the galaxy. Sailor scouts have tried stopping me before I became stronger but they could not match up to the powers of Chaos and neither will you! No one will help you now. PREPARE TO DIE!"

Sailor Venus summoned her swords, ready for Chaos' attack but before either of them could act, ten spheres of light appeared in the dark mine. Each sphere was a different color and was made with different material. One sphere was blue and made out of ice and water where the one next to it was sea green and made out of salt water. Three spheres were close to each other, right at Venus' left. The one closest to Venus was dark green, made up of lightning and leaves. The one in the middle was dark purple with swirls of graveyard soil and the one next to it was red and fiery. The four spheres in the center room were gold, silver, pink, dark blue and dark red.

"What is this?" Chaos growled.

The blinding light from the ten spheres cleared, revealing the figures that stood within them: the sailor scouts. They stepped forward and withdrew their weapons.

"Sailor Mercury of ice and water!"

"Sailor Neptune of the sea!"

"Sailor Jupiter of the trees and lightning!"

"Sailor Mars of war and fire!"

"Sailor Saturn of Death and Destruction!"

"Sailor Pluto of Time!"

"Sailor Uranus of the Sky!"

"Sailor Mini Moon of the future Moon."

"And last but not least," Sailor Moon said, unfolding her elegant feathery wings and showing a confused but amused Draco Malfoy at her side. Sailor Moon summoned her staff and stepped forward, "Sailor Moon of the Moon Kingdom!"

"And I am Tuxedo Mask."

"I knew you would come!" Sailor Venus exclaimed.

"Sorry we're late," Sailor Jupiter joked, "the troll gave us the wrong directions!"

(AN: This little bit may seem stupid, but this idea came to me from Ronin Warriors. When Cye, Rowen, Kento and Sage came to help Ryo, they all announced their names and Rowen made a joke about being late: "Sorry we're late; we missed the exit on the freeway!" I don't know why, but I just had to have the scouts do something similar. I always think of the sailor scouts as female versions of the Ronins anyway.)

"Well, isn't it the Moon Child," said Chaos, "come to face me at last?"

"Draco, quickly," Sailor Moon said, ignoring Chaos, "get Harry out of here. Sailor Mini Moon, go with them."

"Oh right," Draco said, he had forgot the reason why he came with them in the first place.

"Good luck," Sailor Mini Moon whispered.

"MERCURY BUBBLES BLAST!" Sailor Mercury made a fog for Sailor Mini Moon and Draco to use as cover.

Draco rushed over Harry, bent down and lifted Harry's arm around his neck. "Come on, Potter."

"No, we can't leave," said Harry. "We have to help."

"They can handle it," Draco said, rising.


"Hey, it's nothing we've done before," said Sailor Mini Moon at Harry's other side.

"You have to take this," said Sailor Venus, handing Sailor Mini Moon the cage that held the vegetable Voldemort inside.

"What is this thing?" Sailor Mini Moon said, looking disgusted.

"It's what's left of Voldemort."

"Gross!" Sailor Mini Moon exclaimed, shoving it into Draco's hand. "Here, you hold it!"

"Thanks," Draco groaned and he conjured a curtain to conceal the ugly remains of Voldemort.

"Go, quickly!" Sailor Venus said.

"But Mina…what's going to happen. What are you anyway? Who are all these people?"

"We'll talk later, Harry," Sailor Venus said, kissing his cheek. "Now go. Draco, thanks for coming to help."

Draco smiled. "I told you I'd still look out for you, Mina."

"I'll make sure you get to the exit safely," volunteered Sailor Jupiter. "You won't be able to apparate out of the mines."

"Lavra?" Draco said.

"Hi Draco," Sailor Jupiter smiled, "come on, let's go."

They ran out of the room, with Jupiter leading the way. Jupiter was right go with them because there were tons of dark creatures that were obsessed with gems. They looked something like goblins, but only bigger and nastier.

"I think this mine belongs to them," said Jupiter. "Voldemort sure knows how to pick his hideouts, doesn't he?" Sailor Jupiter pounded her spear into the rocky earth, sending sparks of electricity that shocked the goblins and turned them into living magnets, making them stick to the walls and ceiling. Draco looked at her fondly.

"I always knew you had a sparking personality. Magnetic too."

Jupiter grinned. "Why thank you. You think that's cool, wait until you see what else I can do."

"Makoto, can you flirt later?" Reenie demanded. "We'd like to get out of here alive."

"You will guys," said Sailor Jupiter walking through the tunnel. They came to a place where there were broken rocks, wood and a mine cart on a track. Sailor Jupiter pointed at the cart. "That's your way out."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. We've looked at the map. Now hop in."

On approaching the cart, a couple of Acromantulas came crawling out of another tunnel and toward the group.

"Oh no!" Sailor Mini Moon exclaimed.

"Get in!" Sailor Jupiter yelled.

"Potter, Move!" Draco said, pulling Harry to the cart.

"Watch my ankle, Malfoy!" Harry winced.

Sailor Jupiter stepped forward and hit her staff into the ground again only this time, instead of turning the spiders into magnets, it electrified them. Sailor Mini Moon threw the cage holding the deformed Voldemort into the cart and went to assist Sailor Jupiter. She took out her Luna P ball, bounced it and it turned into a hairspray can.


Sailor Mini Moon sprayed a spider's face with the freezing mist, causing it to cough and curl up. Others scurried away.

"Thanks Sailor Mini Moon."

"Hair spray doesn't just fix hair," Sailor Mini Moon told her, shaking the can, "especially when it's Kitty magic hairspray."

(AN: Who else uses hairspray on spiders besides me?)

Sailor Mini Moon climbed into the cart in front of Draco and Harry. It was a tight squeeze. "Hold tight everyone."

"Um, are you sure this is safe, Lavra?" Draco asked, now having second thoughts of how he was going to get out of the mines.

"One way to find out, Draco," Sailor Jupiter said, putting her lightning rod into her subspace pocket.

Sailor Jupiter clenched her teeth and gripped the edge of the cart. She got down as if she were about to start a bobsled race. She pulled the cart back and pushed it forward.


Sailor Jupiter grunted and sprinted off. The wheels of the cart squeaked against the track. The cart most likely wasn't used in decades. Draco looked down at it the wheels. They needed oil. The spokes were rusty and one of the wheels looked like it was about to fall off.


Sailor Jupiter picked up speed and sent a charge of electricity down to the wheels to keep the cart on the track—just incase the cart would go to fast and lose its precious cargo.

You should be able to apparate once you're out of the mine. Go straight to Dumbledore and give him Voldemort. Enjoy the ride, guys!" Sailor Jupiter gave the cart one hard, final shove and let go.

"LAVRA!" Draco shouted.

The cart cascaded down the tunnels, twisting and turning. Draco and Harry were screaming but Reenie was enjoying the ride. She was sitting at the front and when a monster came near them, she hit it with a blast of pink light.

"I think we're going to crash!" Draco exclaimed.

"We'll be fine," Reenie said, "Jupiter magnetized the cart. Don't be such a fraidy cat."

"This is worse than floo powder," Harry muttered. "I want off!"

"Come on, Harry," Reenie said, looking behind her, "you slew a basilisk, went up against a dragon, faced Voldemort and you can't even take a little rollercoaster ride?"

"I like rides fine," Harry said, "if I can control them!"

Finally, they reached the exit. The cart fell on its side when it reached the end of the track. Harry and Draco crawled out wearily as Reenie jumped out.

"Yeah!" she exclaimed. "Let's do it again."

"NO!" Draco and Harry shouted together.

Jupiter returned to the main room just in time. The team was fighting hordes of inferi, death eaters, dementors, and other nasties of the dark. The Sailor Scouts were attacking with all their strength but some of the senshis' attacks worked better than others. The "undead" minions were not a problem for Sailor Saturn where Sailor Mercury kept failing with her magical water.

"Leave them to me," Sailor Saturn said, lifting up her glaive. "REST IN PEACE!"

Large holes opened up underneath the inferi and violet energy grabbed the inferi and pulled them down into the graves. The graves closed up and the power that was controlling them leaked out of their bodies with a hiss. The dementors were causing even the strongest sailor scouts to crumble but Sailor Saturn stepped in and took care of them.

"Let's see what you think of my kiss," Sailor Saturn said, kissing her glaive. "KISS OF DEATH!"

She drew a purple symbol symbol of death (it looks sort of like an upside down U) in the air and ye symbol expanded, sucking the life out of the dementors.

Sailor Venus decided to try to change the remaning Death Eater's hearts instead of destroying them "VENUS LOVE STRIKE!"

A flurry of orange hearts consumed the Death Eaters. They shouted in surprise and then dropped their wands. For the first time in their lives, they fully understood love and the human heart. They stopped fighting immediately and at each other.

"What are we doing?" they asked of themselves.

"It worked," Sailor Jupiter said, "you think it will work on Bellatrix?"

"No, Chaos has consumed her heart," Sailor Venus said. "She's a monster now."

"Let's go," said Rodolphus LeStrange.

The Death Eaters nodded, taking off their masks and tossing them to the ground.

"What are you doing?" Chaos Bellatrix demanded the Death Eaters.

"We're turning ourselves in," Wormtail said. "This is wrong. I can't fight anymore. I never wanted to in the first place. The Dark Lord made me take away people I loved and he can't do that again. I won't do it."

"You have no one else to love you, fool!" Chaos Bellatrix shouted at him.

"Maybe not," said Wormtail, "but I did had people I loved. I loved James and I loved Lilly but if I really understood what they were to me I wouldn't have done what I did. I wouldn't have tried to bring the Dark Lord back and I wouldn't have hurt Harry Potter. The Dark Lord is gone now. I no longer work for him and I don't work for you either."

The Death Eaters started walking away and Bellatrix shouted at them to stay.

"You fools, come back here! Don't leave! We can win!" she exclaimed. "Wait! Rodolphus!"

Bellatrix's husband stopped and turned around, looking sorrowful. "I'm sorry, my dear, but I can't stay."

"Please, Rodolphus," Bellatrix pleaded, Chaos' voice rather soft within Bellatrix's body. "Don't go! Stay with me. We made a vow to each other. We spent years in Azkaban together. We were always together! We never failed each other before. Don't start now!"

Rodolphus shook his head. "You're a different person than the day I met you. I still love you but I'm afraid I no longer know you. I regret everything I've done as a Death Eater. Maybe it's not too late for me to change."

"No, Rodolphus, don't go!"

"Goodbye Bellatrix," Rodolphus said sadly and he disappeared down the tunnel.

"Wait! Wait!" Bellatrix shouted after husband. "Don't go! Don't leave me here! RODOLPHUS! NO!!!"

Bellatrix covered her face and wept. "No! No! No!" She sunk to her knees and muttered to herself. "Maybe they're right. Maybe I should stop…but I've come too far. How could they desert me?"

"Poor Bellatrix," hissed Chaos within Bellatrix's body. "Why are you sad? You won't have to share your power with them."

"They were my friends," Bellatrix said, "and my husband."

"And they've left you. It does not matter. You still have me. You don't need them."

Bellatrix's eyes flashed red and she came to her feet. "Yes. I still have you, Chaos." She looked at the Sailor Soldiers. "You took people I loved."

"You never really loved them, Bellatrix," said Venus, "you're like Voldemort. You don't understand love. It's too late for you."

"All's fair in love and war," Mars muttered with crossed arms. "Let's show her, Sailor Venus."

"Right," Venus agreed, walking up beside Sailor Mars. "VENUS…"



Mars' fire and Venus' metal began to merge together a giant bull made out of fire wearing orange armor.


The fiery bull snorted fire and in the background was the torso of a beautiful woman with long hair with a warlike expression. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars appeared on either side of her.

(AN: For those of you don't know, Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of love and war. She tries making Gilgamesh her husband and when he refuses her, she gets all mad and sets the bull of heaven on him. I have no idea what the bull actually looks like so I decided to make it look like this. I knew there was another reason why I signed up for Mythology this semester besides that I just like mythology in general!)

The bull struck the ground with its fiery hoof, snorting fire and it charged Chaos Bellatrix. Bellatrix was hit with a fireball but quickly recovered and destroyed the bull.

"Pitiful," Chaos Bellatrix said. "You cannot defeat me. No one will."

She sent a powerful wave at them, knocking everyone down. Sailor Moon struck the rock wall. She grunted in pain and lost consciousness.

"No, Sailor Moon!" The sailors shouted.

Sailor Moon was standing by the Galaxy Cauldron. Why was she sent here?

Sailor Moon, I never got to thank you, said a voice.

"What?" Sailor Moon said out loud.

You freed me, just like you said.

Sailor Moon looked up and saw a woman clad in golden armor.


Galaxia nodded and smiled. "You freed me of the Chaos. I am very grateful."

"But now Chaos has returned and possessed another," Sailor Moon said, "and I can't jump into the cauldron again."

"You won't have to, Sailor Moon," Galaxia said, "I am going to give you a token of my gratitude. Your own armor."

Galaxia crossed her arms around her. Her own armor flashed and sent a copy of the same armor to Sailor Moon. When it was on Sailor Moon's body, it became silver. The diamonds on the headdress, boots and gloves changed into silver moons.

"Wow," Sailor Moon said, looking at her silver armor. "This is really something."

"Use it to put an end to Chaos, once and for all."

"Thank you, Galaxia," Sailor Moon nodded.

Sailor Moon stood up and awakened from her unconsciousness. She was till in her silk fuku but the vision of Galaxia was real. Galaxia gave her the key to destroying Chaos. "All right, Chaos, time to end this!"


The mines shook greatly and a rush of silver swarmed to Sailor Moon, followed by a rush of gold that went to Tuxedo Mask. The gold and silver swirled around the couple, giving them a new transformation. Sailor Moon stood in her silvery armor and Tuxedo Mask stood as Prince Endymion, but his armor now had a gold plate and a gold cape.

"Wow," Sailor Mars breathed, "that's amazing!"

"We are the gold and silver ones," Prince Endymion said, "and we're going to bring you down!"

"Let's go," said Sailor Moon, brining out a shining silver sword and twirled it around.

"MOONLIGHT INSENERATION!" a big ball of silver energy sped to Chaos Bellatrix and burned a hoe into her.

"No…you can't defeat me."

"I can if I separate you from Bellatrix," said Sailor Moon, "and I'll cut you into a thousand pieces and spread you across the universe. Keeping you whole is too much of a risk. I'll stop you from ever coming back. Together, Endymion."

Endymion pulled out a gleaming golden sword. The Gold and Silver Ones attacked together. "GOLD AND SILVER SLASH!"

Chaos was torn from Bellatrix body and into thousands of pieces. Endymion and Sailor Moon golden and silver orbs around each speck of chaos, preventing Chaos from coming whole again. Then they sent every last piece out of Earth, far away from each other.

"I don't think we'll have to worry about Chaos again," Sailor Pluto said, "at least for a long time."

"Yes, it will take for ever for the Chaos to find all the pieces to itself again," Sailor Mars said.

Weakened, Sailor Moon's armor disappeared, leaving her as Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon fell down and Endymion bent down beside her. His armor changed back to its platinum style.

"Well done, Sailor Moon," he said.

"Couldn't have done it without you," Sailor Moon whispered.

Bellatrix was lying flat on her back, staring into space. The group crowded around her.

"Is she dead?" Sailor Mars asked.

Sailor Mercury bent down and roused Bellatrix's wrist for a pulse. "No, but she's very weak."

"She didn't have Chaos within her as long as Galaxia did," Sailor Pluto said.

"Then we can give her another chance," said Sailor Venus, taking out her sword of love. "VENUS LOVE STRIKE!"

Bellatrix took in a deep breath. Her eyes opened and she slowly got up.

"Where's Rodolphus?" she asked.

"He should be at the Ministry of Magic by now," Sailor Venus explained. "He ad the others were going to turn themselves in."

"I see," Bellatrix said, lifting up her left sleeve to look at the Dark Mark on her arm. "The Dark Lord is gone and we don't have to fight for him anymore. Perhaps it is better if you kill me. I devoted my whole life to power and the Dark Arts. I have nothing left."

"That's not true," said Sailor Venus, "if you really believe in it, you can find some love. It was too late for Voldemort to understand, but not for you and the other Death Eaters."

"I've done terrible things," Bellatrix admitted, "I tortured a man and woman for the sheer fun of it. I killed people. I even killed my own cousin."

Endymion looked away. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You don't have to kill anyone anymore," said Sailor Venus. "You've got another chance to set things right and be with those you love. If you hurry, you might be able to catch up with your husband."

Bellatrix stood up and nodded. "Thank you." She looked at Endymion and raised an eyebrow. "Do I know you?"

"No," said Endymion.

"You just have…the eyes of someone I knew," said Bellatrix, shaking her head. "Sorry."

Bellatrix walked away, not even realized she just spoke to the son of the cousin she killed.

"Finally," Sailor Moon said, embracing Endymion, "it's over."

The Minister of Magic was shocked that all the remaining Death Eaters had turned themselves in. He wasn't sure whether to imprison them or not. The death Eaters were willing to take whatever punishment. In the end, instead of spending the rest of their lives in Azkaban, the minister decided to let them go. The Death Eaters completely turned their lives around. Bellatrix made regular visits to the Longbottoms and Sirius' grave. She eventually learned who Darien was and gave him her deepest apologizes. The wizarding world was becoming more and more united with the muggle world.

Dumbledore sent the cage of Voldemort to Borgin and Brukes in Knocturn Alley. Borgin placed the cage in the window with a sign that said: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU LOSE YOURSELF IN THE DARK ARTS as a warning.

The time came for the Hogwarts seventh years to graduate from the school and enter their fields of occupation. Darien stood next to Lupin by the wall, watching the graduates throw their hats in the air and embrace each other.

"You were a great teacher, Professor Lupin," said Darien.

"You don't need to call me professor."

"Sure I do," said Darien, "You've been the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this school's ever had and it's safe for you to some back and teach now, isn't it?"

"You're a great teacher, Darien," Lupin told him.

"Yeah, I did a good job," said Darien, "but Dumbledore only offered me this job because he had no one lese. There was another personal reason why he offered the job to me and now that I've taken care the business I had to do, I want to go back to being an Auror."

Lupin looked at him. "Are you serious?"

Darien smiled and nodded. "Yes, one year being a teacher is enough for me. It's time for you to come back to Hogwarts."

"What about Dumbledore?"

"I've spoken to him already," Darien answered, "he told me he only really needed me for this year. He'd love to have you back and I'm sure the students do to."

Lupin smiled and shook hands with Darien. "I'll speak with Dumbledore. Good luck, Darien."

"You too, Professor," Darien said.

Lupin went to Dumbledore and Darien went to Serena. She ran excitedly to him.

"I made it!" she cried. "I've graduated!"

"Congratulations, Serena."

"Thanks, Darien!" Serena said.

"What are you going to do now?" Darien inquired.

Serena shrugged and laughed. "You know what? I have no idea!"

"Well, have you ever thought about being an Auror?"

"Me an Auror?" Serena demanded.

"You've done an excellent job in my class," said Darien, "and I can help you with your training."

"Okay, well, I'll give it ago," said Serena, "I did have lots of experience fighting the Dark Arts after all."

"But first," said Darien, taking her hand, "before you become an Auror, how about becoming my wife?"

Serena grinned. "You know I will, Darien."

Dismissing the fact that they were surrounded by Hogwarts students, graduates, parents, Hogwarts Staff and Ministry officers, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher kissed the Hogwarts graduate. Everyone stared. Some clapped, others shielded their eyes. A few male students hooted and hollered and wolf whistled.

"Yeah, Professor Shields!" Dean said with a whistle.

"Dean, stop that!" Mrs. Thomas scolded.

Ron exchanged glances with his two best friends. "Why is it that all of our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has a secret?"

"Oh you know, Ron," Harry said with a shrug, "there's always a secret scandal happening at this school."

Reenie smiled at her future parents and seeing that her duty has been fulfilled, she decided to go back home to the future. "I always knew they'd find their way to each other."

Reenie walked down to the lake, took out her golden key and opened the gateway to the future. A moment later, the pink haired girl disappeared. Darien, Serena and the others stood around the Great Hall discussing their futures.

"Hey, speaking of the future," said Serena, "where's Reenie?"

"No idea," said Mina, "who's seen her last? Trista, have you?"

Trista shook her head.

Mina saw Rose out of the corner of her eye. Knowing that she was best friends with Reenie, she went to ask her. "Hey, Rose, have you seen Reenie?"

"Oh, she said something about going to meet her parents," said Rose.

"Her parents?" Serena looked at Darien and then to Rose. "Okay, we'll see her later then. Thanks, Rose."


Years passed and Serena and Darien formed Crystal Tokyo and became King and Queen. They had Reenie and appointed Harry, Draco and other Hogwarts students as special guards of Crystal Tokyo. The guards helped the King and Queen of Crystal in their cause to unite two worlds together. The legend of the Moon Kingdom, the Gold and silver ones would never be forgotten.

The world was free from Chaos. Dreams and magic learned to coexist with the world of reality. The future was looking bright, silvery bright for everyone.



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