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The morning seemed to come rather quickly for me. Before I knew it, there was light streaming through my window, almost blinding me. I slowly rose, trying to get my thoughts under control. I glanced at the clock and saw that I had woken before my alarm went off for school. All that happened yesterday came back in a flood, just like how the memories of prom night rammed me yesterday morning. Everything was happening in such a short time, yet dragging out the days and making it seem like weeks. Suddenly I remembered Tim and the incident with Drakken.

I stood up quickly, but my cast and bandaged back soon reminded me that action was not going to come so easily over the next few weeks. As I glanced down at my leg, I saw that I was still in my mission clothes. Ugh, here comes the shower.

I grabbed my crutches and maneuvered down the stairs in the best way I could, and then came to more dreaded stairs. For that moment, I was really wishing that we lived in a one-story house, and that I did not so eagerly jump at the proposal of having the attic/loft for my own bedroom. We should have made this house cripple-proof. I held onto the rail as I navigated down the staircase. Finally I reached the bottom.

I hobbled into the kitchen, the empty kitchen. There was no hustle and bustle of Mom trying to get the twins ready for school, nor that of Dad sitting at the table and sipping coffee, reading the morning newspaper. A small post-it note on the table caught my attention. I picked it up, reading what it said in Dad's scribble handwriting.

Kim, make sure that you get Jim ready for school. I had to run by the hospital. Ron called and said he'd give you a lift. Jim usually rides the bus, so don't worry about getting him there.


I sighed, crunching up the paper, then hopped over to the bottom of the staircase.

"Jim!" I called up the stairs, "Get ready for school."

"I'm comin'!" came the slurred and tired reply.

I rummaged through the pantry until I found a box of Pop-Tarts, then placed two in the toaster. I leaned against the counter, drumming my fingers as I waited on my breakfast. Hearing a noise, I glanced up the stairs and saw Jim descending sluggishly, no prep in his step as he came to the floor. His shoulders were drooped, feet dragging. He threw himself at the chair on the table, leaning against the top with his elbow, head in his hand. Features were haggard, eyes having dark circles under them as he stared into space, vision glazed.

He must have been depressed, for Jim and Tim were very close, almost never out of each other's sights. They did the usual weird twin thing with the finishing each others' sentences, and their own little "Hicka-bicka-boo" language. Identical twins shared a deep connection, so if my heart was heavy by this matter, I could not imagine how Jim must feel at the moment.

I jumped as the toaster spit out the two Pop-Tarts. Not a word was exchanged between Jim and I as we both ate at the table. Over the course of the few days, the quietness has made me uncomfortable. After chewing a mouthful of my breakfast, I cleared my throat.

"So…how'd you sleep last night?" I asked in a bright tone of voice. Wow, that was so stupid to ask. Obviously he didn't.

Jim shrugged, saying nothing.

After a few minutes, I had finished eating. I told Jim to get ready for the bus while I take a shower. I went to the pantry once more and found the trash bags. Then I went to the downstairs restroom. At least the clothes that needed folding were in there. I rummaged through the pile until I found a clean outfit, for I did not want to go through the ordeal of going back upstairs. I slipped out of my dirty mission clothes, prying the dressings on my back away from the wound. It exposed a large ugly slash, parts stitched up. I grimaced and moved to my leg, shaking my head as I wrapped the garbage bag around it. That's what the doctor said, I did not need to get my cast wet, so this was how I would have to deal with bathing for a few days.

Bending over, I started the water then got in the best way I could, slipping slightly. Eyes screwed tight in pain as the water hit my exposed back. Finally I finished and got dressed, walking back to the kitchen to see if Jim was ready.

I got there just in time to see Jim get on the bus and it pull away, Ron's scooter coming forward. I gasped, running a brush through my still wet hair. Oh well, it wasn't as if he cared what I looked like, but lately I had been worried if my appearance was up to tab with Ron. That usually never happened before. I hopped outside.

"Hey Ron!" I greeted, waving.

"Hi, KP," he replied, getting off the scooter and coming over, offering to help me. He took my crutches and hooked them to the scooter, then turning around to help me on behind him. We rode off towards the school, which was a couple of blocks away.

When we pulled up to the school parking lot, people waved and pointed, whispering behind hands. They obviously did not forget last night. Some of them laughed and one person even clapped as we pulled into Ron's parking spot. He dismounted and helped me off, handing me my crutches. Monique waved and came over to us.

"Hey guys!" she said, then started to speak in a lower tone, "Everyone's talking about MHS's (Middleton High School) new 'star couple'."

I rolled my eyes and gathered my crutches, limping into the building. People once again started to stare. I ignored them and made a beeline for my locker. I entered the combination and it opened. I grabbed my Geometry supplies and tried to juggle them along with my crutches, but ended up spilling my binder, pencil case and book all over the place. The contents of my binder fell out, scattering on the floor. As I bent over to gather them, pairs of feet scattered the papers further, no one offering their help. Someone finally halted, but it was not for assistance.

"Awww… Kimmie's finally got more than she can handle," taunted the all-too familiar voice of Bonnie Rockwaller.

"Knock it off Bonnie," I growled, standing up on my good leg.

"Hmm, I thought you could come back better than that," she jeered further, "Rough weekend? I thought you could do anything…"

"Shut up!" I said back, my mind forming no good retaliations.

"Did you go out with the buffoon? Your tastes were higher, but now that Josh is-,"

Maybe it was 'buffoon' that got me. "As I recall, you were the one getting dissed by everyone else. Oh, and Brick dumped you by the way. His tastes are so much higher."

"As I was saying, Josh dumped that new girl he was going out with for me."

My mouth was half-open. I can't believed I had once crushed so hard after that guy. "You should both be suited for each other," I snapped, "I mean, after all, you are the only ones on your so-called 'food chain'."

"And what would happen if I gave ickle-Kimmie-kins a push?" she yelled back, shoving me into the lockers. I lost my balance and slammed my head into the locker, sliding down the metal. My body was shaking with fury as I slumped over. If it was a fight she wanted, then she was going to get one. I was in no mood for this. All these year I had kept back, using only words to fight.

With lightning speed I lashed out with my right leg, making contact with Bonnie's stomach and knocking the breath out of her. She staggered back, then launched forward once more, making contact with my face in a clawed, fingernail slap as she raked her hand down my cheek. Some freshmen and sophomores gathered in the hallway, chanting "cat-fight!"

Suddenly, I realized how stupid we must look. I tried to stand and succeeded, hobbling away. But Bonnie did not want me to quick. She screamed out some inaudible rude phrase and leapt at me again, hitting me hard and causing me to sprawl on the hard floor. My bones ached yesterday, and though I retaliated before, I was not going to do it again. Her hands grasped my wet hair and she pulled- hard.

Finally two pairs of hands separated us. One pried her fingers from my hair and she reluctantly pulled away, taking a few strands with her. I turned to see who had pulled us apart. Ron was standing behind me, offering a hand to help me up. I thankfully took it and stood; he offered me my crutches and we started towards my homeroom. He had gotten together my Geometry stuff and was carrying it for me. I smiled thankfully. He was such a gentleman. Neither Josh nor Erik would have probably done that for me.

As we rounded the corner, I turned to give one last triumphant look at Bonnie. She was walking the other way, hand-in-hand with Josh Mankey. At the same time, he turned around as well. His expression turned to a glare of complete hatred, a feeling that made me uncomfortable.

He had dumped me, well, cheated on me for the new girl that had come to Middleton recently. When I found out, he manipulated my words to say that he broke up with me, not visa-versa. I was devastated...

Two months ago

"So, how have you felt since that little 'embarrassing' situation?" said Ron, smiling, referring to the incident with my date with Josh Mankey last week. Drakken had tried to make me disappear by misting me with a formula that made a part of me vanish every time I got embarrassed. Fortunately, Ron got the West Indian Lilac, and everything went on without a hitch. Now, Josh and I were going to go on our next date this weekend.

"Yeah, everything was perfect," I sighed dreamily. I saw Ron's smile fall somewhat at my daydream state. He had been so uptight lately, but he still made the same corny Ron jokes. I had no worries about it. We had been best friends and he was still probably hurt from breaking up with Zita. Nothing was up

The bell rang and Ron and I walked out of Study Hall, on our way to third block. This was the only block him and I had apart; he had English and I had US History. We parted and went down different hallways. I was on air, almost running to my class. Josh was there. I had only talked to him this morning and it had been so long since I had last seen him. Well, only two hours, but still…

I ran into the class, panting from dodging around people in the hallway. I practically tripped over the desk coming inside. My eyes came to rest upon the male figure in front of me. Those little butterflies took flight again in my stomach. He gave one of his dazzling smiles, blue eyes sparkling. I would always find myself lost in those foggy pools, so mysterious yet oddly harsh, somewhat contrasting with his personality. His blond hair, a little more bleached than Ron's, cascaded over those orbs, sticking out in a handsome way.

"Hey Kim," he greeted, brushing my forehead with his lips.

I almost died. That was the third time this week he had done that. The only thing he had not done yet was meeting my mouth with his. That was for later, when we knew each other better. Even though he told me his deepest, darkest food horror secret, I still knew barely anything about Josh Mankey.

We sat next to each other, me always casting a love-struck grin at him while Bonnie looked on moodily two rows away. Even though she did not let on, I knew she liked him. She could not stand me being with him. I knew this relationship between Josh and me was going to be great. He was always honest and trustworthy, never paying attention to anyone but me. No matter what girl came, we would always be together…

Ron's voice brought me out of my memories.

"Earth to Kimberly Ann Possible!" he said loudly, leaning over to my ear, his breath tickling my neck.

I giggled and jerked away, slapping him playfully on the shoulder and giving him a flirtatious grin.

"Roger, Ronald Jonathan Stoppable," I laughed, playing along, "We have made contact. I have officially landed on the lunar surface." I did not care if we sounded stupid. As far as I knew, my mind was on the moon since this weekend.

"We're at your homeroom," he announced, walking in with me and placing my books on my desk. "I'll come around and help you to Geometry." He took my hand and squeezed it, walking out and waving as he went to his homeroom down the hallway.

I sat in the desk, cracking open my math book. With all the events this weekend, I had no time to do my homework. I bent over the paper, pencil poised for writing. The words in the book skimmed over my mind, leaving no impression in there:

If the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 17 in, and angle A is 32 degrees, what's the cosine and measure of…

I kneed the back of my hands into my eyes, all the terms making my vision blur. What was the use of all these terms anyway? I hurriedly did the last few problems, hoping that Mrs. Green was not in the mood for neatness.

One by one, people started filing into the "P" homeroom as the bell started to ring. A few waved, but many had questions. "I heard you and Ron are going out," "What's up with you and Ron?" or, "What happened to your leg!" I replied to their questions with short words. Everyone started to quiet down as the teacher came in and started taking role.

"Kenneth Park-," Mrs. Forester said in her monotone voice.

"Here!" came his response.

"Ashleigh Pelanski-"



Her words droned on. Just by this morning, I could tell it was going to be a boring school day.

"Kimberly Possible-,"

"Here!" I responded somewhat unenthusiastically, my tone matching her's. She never has called me Kim in the last three years I have been in this homeroom. Always Kimberly. Oh well, at least it was an improvement from freshman year, because then she would always title me 'Kimberly Ann'.

"Sarah Powell-,"

"Here!" came the voice.

That voice… I could feel myself bristling every time I heard or saw her. The 'new girl' was her title for the last month, but that had changed in a few weeks. It was ridiculous for me to still be mad at her for what she did, because I don't care anymore. That person was out of my life, and would never come back…

Throughout US History, Josh and I exchanged glances, passing a note back and forth. Dr. Chancery occasionally turned around, his small eyeballs darting around the room. I saw Josh write something on scrap of paper with his pen, fold it up, and then slid it to me when Chancery went back to the board, writing down dates of the War of 1812 (it was not really necessary to know when it took place). I took it, unfolding it slowly to where no crinkling of the paper was done.

What are you doing Saturday?

My stomach squirmed pleasurably as I wrote my response.


I waited, then passed it back to him. He smiled and then scribbled back. He glanced up, knocked his pen off the desk and bent over, hand out with the paper as he grabbed his pen. I yawned and stretched, taking it from his hand.

Movies? 7:00? Dinner will be a surprise…

I had to supress a giggle.


Quickly I passed it back. Josh smiled and crumpled the paper, nodding. At the noise, Dr. Chancery whipped around, glaring at Josh.

"Mr. Mankey," he said in his high-pitched, nasal tone, "What have I said about crumbling paper in this class?"

Josh sighed. We had heard this speech so many times before. Dr. Chancery had his little quirks about certain things.

"It disturbs the class, fold and raise your hand to toss away," Josh said, leaning back.

"Exactly," confirmed Chancery. "Now, do that."

Josh unfolded the note, slowly and deliberately folding it into a small piece. He raised his hand limply, and Dr. Chancery nodded. He got up and threw away our note, sitting back down. When Chancery went back to the board, Josh looked at me, crossed his eyes, and wound his finger in the "crazy" gesture. I smirked and took down the notes from the overhead. Before I knew it, class had ended.

As we walked out I waved good-bye to Josh, who in turn gave me a cute smile and immediately turned the other way, walking to his next class. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl rush up to him. It was the new girl, Sarah… something. She was in my homeroom and had arrived about two weeks ago. She was never that friendly to me and immediately started to hang out with Bonnie. Just that started making me want to avoid her.

She was talking to Josh, and he was talking back. I turned around to watch. Sarah said something and he laughed, saying something to her. She giggled and, to my wondering, gave him a small, playful slap on the arm. He did nothing about it and they rounded the corner before I could see anymore. I was slightly perturbed. My mind immediately started coming up with the worst case scenarios. Was Josh interested in her? Was he cheating on me?

No… I reassured myself that he would never do that. He was such a kind and honest person. Why would he do something like that to me? That was just a friendly slap, nothing flirtatious was intended. But as I thought about it, I noticed they had been walking down the hallway together over the pass few days? What was up with that? I shook my head and moved on to 4th block: Cheerleading.

We sat around, mainly mingling. The coach was not here and we were going to get new routines any day now. I was not looking forward to having to stay afterwards for tryouts. Freshmen and others who did not make it last year were staying after today. The squad had already done the mandatory tryouts, me making captain. I would need to stay with the coach and other judges, showing my approval for certain ones. I hated this. Turning people away was so depressing. I felt like I was being snobbish doing that. All this competition was making me sick, like it was some sort of "survival of the fittest". But next year was my last year before college, so I needed to have fun and hopefully leave the squad in good hands.

The bell rang and everyone left the gym, Ron included since he was the mascot. That frothing mask still freaked me out. People started filing in, and to my surprise Sarah was there. She glanced at me and I saw a sort of smug smirk plastered upon her face. Why did she always look like she knew something I didn't? The coach hurried in and handed me papers, practically throwing them at me. She looked kind of woozy and told me that today I would have to be by myself with the other judge, that I would be the one giving instructions. She did not feel well by what I could see. She staggered out, hand planted over her mouth. So that was why she was not here today.

The hopefuls all sat on the bleachers. I walked over, clearing my throat. I glanced behind me and saw the judge taking her time, filing every paper in the perfect spot.

"Umm… Hello, and welcome to tryouts!" said brightly to the girls. "I am Middleton team captain, Kim Possible and I'll be passing out little slips of paper that have your routines on them. I will tell you none of the terms, so you'll need to know them. Plus you will need to make up your own; I will hand you another paper that tells you what you need to do and the requirements. Most importantly, have fun!"

That sounded so cheesy, but what else could I say? I walked over to the table, collapsing in a chair beside the judge. She did not even look at me, but said:

"Today is just practice, but tomorrow you'll have to stay until 5:30," she announced to the crowd and me who had started to gather on the floor.

I hastily grabbed the papers, inwardly groaning. This was going to be a long week. Quickly I handed them out, then sat back down, watching some of them. Many were good this year. My eyes slid over to Sarah. She was studying the routine, then mimicked the moves upon the paper. She glanced up once or twice, eyes darting around. When she thought no one was looking, she arose from her spot and slid out the gym door into the school. What was she up to?

I told the judge I had to go to the bathroom and quickly followed her path out the door. The only people in the school right now were members of the Art Club. Josh told me they would be meeting today to plan decorations for the prom next month. I could not wait for the prom, and wondered if Josh was going to ask me to it.

Sarah went down the hallways, me stealthily following. She had no idea I was behind her. She walked to the Fine Arts hallway, where outside members of the Art Club were filing out the door. Josh walked out and I instinctively put my hair behind my ear, though I knew he could not see me. I felt disturbed as Sarah walked up to Josh, saying something I could not hear. They both started to the door, but then turned down another hall. They were walking fast, so the distance between us grew almost as much as my suspicion. I rounded the corner and what I saw made my heart drop.

Josh and Sarah were pressed together, she in his arms and his lips planting a deep kiss upon her's. I gasped, breath becoming short. I had to vent my anger on something. Frantically I looked around for something, fists balling up and a lump forming in my throat. I banged on the locker beside me, so hard that a small dent in it. Josh and Sarah started and broke apart. Josh's mouth hung half-open, his blue eyes staring at me. Rage rose within me, an anger I thought I could never feel.

"YOU DAMN CHEATING SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, my noise volume tearing at my throat.

I never cussed. That was one thing I always made sure never to do, or let anyone hear me do. At that time, I did not care. I screamed that sentence at the top of my lungs. Josh acted like he was doing nothing and came over to me. He must have thought I did not see the whole thing. He came over to me.


I could not contain myself. I slapped him across the face as hard as I could, putting all my strength behind it. It sent him careening into the lockers. He glared at me, a huge red mark with blue already starting in the middle right upon the cheek. Sarah stormed up to me.

"What the hell-,"

I did not stay around any longer for her to say anything else. I bolted out the door, tears coming to me, the lump in my throat becoming painful. I did not know where I was going. All I could see was the image of Sarah and Josh. It kept flashing over and over again, never leaving me alone. I stumbled on, dragging my feat in a half-jog. Suddenly, I found myself at the foot of the tree house where Ron and I used to hang out together. I pulled myself up the ladder, sobbing as I went along. Finding myself at the top, I moved to the old, moth-eaten couch to collapse upon and let my tears fall. But there was someone else already on it.


Ron was on the couch, immediately standing as I entered. A look of concern was placed upon his features.

"What's wrong KP?" he asked.

I barreled into his shoulder, sobbing my heart out- well, what was left of it. My heart felt as though it had been torn into shreds. The first heartbreak. All the songs had talked about it, but I never knew it could be this painful. This was the worst thing I have ever gone through.

"What is it?" Ron pressed further.

"J-Josh…lied…ch-cheat…S-Sarah," was all that I could get out through my sobs.

Ron seemed to understand. He pulled me to him, cooing soft words, giving me a shoulder to lean on in this time of trouble.

"It's okay," he reassured me, "I never liked Mankey anyways. Like I said, his last name was way too close to 'monkey'. You can never trust monkeys. Well- except when you got turned into one. (Getting off subject that's totally different.) But hey, there'll always be guys to break your heart, but I'll always be there, KP…"

The steady, annoying ring of the bell brought me out of my daydream. I hurried up as best as I could, struggling with my books. I was about to fall over from the uneven weight, when someone came over, supporting me with an arm. I looked up into the face of Ron.

"I got those," he said, grabbing my Geometry books and placing them in the crook of his arm with his own books. He stayed in step beside me as we went to first block, my memories of Josh fading away instantly as the man of my life walked beside me.

The more I thought about it, Ron had loved me for a very long time. When I went out with Josh for that brief amount of time, he was already steaming from jealousy. Those words he said to me as comfort ran through my mind.

There'll always be guys to break your heart, but I'll always be there KP…

Always be there KP…

Always be there…


Those were not just coming from a best friend. They came from the bet friend in the whole world, and the one who was meant for me, Ron Stoppable...

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