Given my tendency to get wrapped up in great epics, I thought it would be fun to have something that I could use up all my little rootless plot bunnies in. Hence, when my dear friend hikari-san started the RoyAi 100 Themes, I thought I would give the EdWin set a shot, since I'm more into that pairing.

These are going to be kind of unpolished compared to my usual work, for the most part; they're going to be spontaneous and fun, something to loosen me up and to have some casual fun with. I'm going to range them between 100 (true "drabble" length) and 500 words each. I hope they're enjoyable!


Theme 1 – Childhood Friend

"…and here's Nelly and her mother," she was saying from her seat on the floor, tracing the tip of her finger over the waxy surface of the aging photograph. "Remember when their cow won first place at the summer fair?"

Sprawled on the sofa, he craned his neck to look over Winry's shoulder at the battered old album. Fading pieces of their shared past were tucked carefully away within its pages, glued in place with careful precision. Trust a mechanic to set her photos at neat right angles, efficiently labeled with names and dates.

"Oh, look, it's Michael from down the valley!" she exclaimed, turning a page with a heavy rustle and pointing to the face of a cheerfully smiling boy, perhaps ten or eleven years old with a thatch of brown hair. Edward frowned.

"Don't remember him," he said, puzzled. "How'd we know him?"

Winry's smile was bright with mischief at the memory. "Oh, Granny used to buy apples from his family's orchards. I don't know if you ever met him." She laughed. "I had such a crush on him for a while. I used to beg Granny to make pie so that we would run out of apples faster."

When Ed didn't laugh, she tilted her head back to give him a frown. "What?"

"Nothing," Edward muttered, glaring at the sofa cushions. "You liked that kid?" he added when she wouldn't stop frowning expectantly at him.

Winry snorted, shifting slightly for a better look at him as she leaned against the couch. "Oh, for heaven's sake, Ed. It was a childhood crush. Don't tell me you never had any."

"Not really," Edward said, and she threw up her hands in exasperation.

"Honestly, Ed! You're hopeless," she said, and went back to her trek through the past, murmuring names aloud as she leafed through page after page.

He waited until she was absorbed again before adding, too softly for her to hear and turn to see his slight blush, "Just you."