CHARMED "Origins"
By J. B. Tilton email: Rating: PG (for mild language)

Disclaimer: "Charmed" and all related characters and events are the property of the WB television network, except for those characters specifically created for this story. This is a work of fan fiction and no infringement of copyright is intended.

(Authors note: This story takes place between season 3 episodes "Pre Witched" and "Sin Francisco".

A very special thank you to MagicAmethyst80 whose muse helped to inspire this story.)

The Elders and all the Whitelighters suddenly and inexplicably loose their powers and it's up to the Charmed Ones to discover what's going on and how to correct it


The demon waited patiently in a darkened corner of the alley. It scanned the alley both ways to make sure it was alone. Other than a lone human female that was cautiously walking down the alley, there were no other people - or beings - present. The demon smiled.

Its mission was simple. Capture a human female for its master. It wasn't the first time it had performed this mission. But with the appearance of the Charmed Ones a couple of years earlier, the missions were getting riskier. The youngest sister had the ability to see the future. Many times that led them to innocents in danger.

But there was no sign of those accursed witches. They couldn't be everywhere. And it looked like this was one of those times when the demon could proceed unhindered. It waited until the human was nearly to it before it revealed itself.

The demon was nearly seven feet tall. Its skin was a dark black, allowing it to blend in quite well with the surrounding shadows. Its eyes were a dull yellow that glistened in the half-light of the moon overhead. It smiled at the woman.

"Walking alone after dark?" it said to the woman. "My, that's such a dangerous thing to do. Especially in this part of town. Now you'll see the foolishness in such a venture."

As the demon started its advance on the startled woman, the wind in the alley began to pick up. The demon suddenly stopped and looked around. Something wasn't right. He knew it wasn't the Charmed Ones. They didn't have the power to affect the wind. But it could sense something. Something powerful.

Suddenly a vortex opened several feet from the demon and its prey. Magic began to swirl within the vortex as a figure suddenly started to form within it. Within moments the demon and the woman stood staring at the figure as the vortex began to recede and vanish altogether.

The figure appeared to be human. It was as tall as the demon but much more muscular. It looked like a body builder. Huge muscular arms were crossed over the figures chest as it looked up, its eyes closed. He was dressed in what appeared to be some form of toga reminiscent of the type worn in ancient Rome or Greece. As the demon and woman stared at the figure, he opened his eyes and looked around.

"Who are you?" demanded the demon. "This female is my prey. I'll not let you nor anyone interfere with my plans for her."

The demon hurled a fireball at the figure. The weapon engulfed the figure covering him in flames. Within seconds the flames went out leaving the figure apparently unharmed. The demon stared at the figure in shocked disbelief. Realizing it had underestimated the situation, the demon began to shimmer away.

Before the demon could shimmer, the figure extended one hand and a thin blue beam shot from its palm. The beam struck the demon in the forehead, ending its shimmer. The woman stared in shock and horror as she watched the demon simply stare at the figure, offering no resistance.

Within seconds the demons eyes clouded over. The blue beam from the giant figure ceased and the figure looked around. As it did, the demon suddenly fell over, lying dead on the ground. The woman stared at the figure in total horror.

"This place," the figure said looking at the woman. "It is called San Francisco?"

"Y...yes," stammered the startled woman.

The figure eyed the woman for several moments. He seemed to be making a decision.

"You are mortal," said the figure. "I have no use for you. Be gone."

The figure turned and surveyed the street at the end of the alley. Realizing she had been granted a reprieve the woman turned and began to run in the opposite direction as fast as she could. The figure ignored the fleeing woman as it looked around drinking in everything its gaze fell upon.