Here it is! The Sequel to Kagome the Cat Demon, Fire Thunder and Lightening

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Fire Thinder Lightening Chapter 1 Prologue

" Oneechan give that back!" Called a little hanyou that resembled a cat but also looked like a dog, his eyes were cat like and so was his tail, but his ears looked like a dog's. He had short sliver hair and wore blue gi. Akemi, who had grown a bit, about preteen by human standards, was running away from her younger brother. The reason for this whole chase was Akemi took her little brother's favorite book. She turned around so she was facing him and smirked.

" Keep away from Akira!" She called and threw the book to Katsuro. He caught it and ran in another direction forcing Akira to follow. Akemi laughed.

" I'm telling Okasan on you!" Akira called as he chased Katsuro. Inunoobru stared at the three of them, he felt sorry for Akira, but at the same time struggled to keep a straight face. Akira now had to run back and forth between Akemi and Katsuro, Inunoorbu started to smell salt and now his cousin was starting to cry, he had to end this.

" That's enough!" He ordered. Katsuro was momentarily distracted and that made him miss his catch and the book hit him in the head.

" Ow!" Akira smirked

" You deserved it meanie!" Akira grabbed his book and ran off. " Thanks Inunoobru!" Akira called. Akemi walked over to Inunoobru.

"Why'd you have to interupt our fun like that?" She asked.

" You were making him cry." The dog prince replied.

" Oh."

" Akemi-chan! Let's go play somemore! Kiraia-chan said she found a great place for hid and go seek!" Katsuro called. He had learned the Cat tongue since his two best friends were a cat demon and a part cat demon.

" Great!"

Akira ran home, and sniffed out his mom, she was in the kitchen.

" Okasan! Akemi and Katsuro are picking on me again!" Kagome picked up Akira and gave him a hug.

" I'll talk to her when she comes back." She said as she rocked Akira back and forth.

" No, don't do that!" Said Inuyasha as he entered the room. " It's important for pups to play around with each other, makes them strong."

" Picking fun isn't healthy! It can scar for life!" Kagome countered.

" It helps them learn important lessons! Like safety in numbers!" Inuyasha countered her counter. They had this arguement everytime Akira was picked on my someone, which was about every other day. Akemi was older, tougher and a tom boy, always putting up a big fuss when Kagome tried to make her wear dressy kimonos, perfering her dad's kind or jeans and a shirt. Akira was more timid and younger so he got picked on. Kagome always wanted to dive in and save her little boy, while Inuyasha always insisted that they let him fend for himself.

" If we're always sayng him he'll never learn!"

" I won't let anyone hurt my son!"

' Inuyasha has a point' Youko said to Souta. ' Restricting it in your time is what probably makes all humans so weak.'

' But some people just can't handle it.' Souta said back.

' The Strong surive, that's how it was when I was alive, well in my own body.'

" Souta-koi! Are you ready?" Kina called.

' I'd better not keep her waiting.' Souta said as he ran to Kina.

' Yeah, she hits hard.'

' That too, but I'm looking forward to this as well.' Kina grabbed Souta's arm and they headed for the well. They were going to see a movie, a chick flick to Souta's and Youko's displeasure. But Souta would do anything for Kina and Youko, well Youko had to come because he was stuck in Souta's mind.

At the Kitsune Village

" Thaks Otusan, now no one will beat me at Hide and go Seek!" Said a little cat demon. He had fuzzy black ears, a small black tail, amber eyes and wore clothes made from animal fur. He huged his dad before running off.

" What was Kcyatto so happy about?" asked Kathy.

" I taught him some fox magic, he'll get plenty of practice with how much he plays." They both had decided to move here so there son could learn from the village elder, but Kathy missed her sister a lot and was sometimes very vocal of it. As they walked through the village they saw Faia and Kazesune who by the way was still wearing Kagome's collar.

" Kazesune what do you do if your neck itches?" Vadmiir asked teasingly. Kazesune decided to ignore him.

" So how's Aya?" asked Kathy.

" Great! She's taken a liking to weaving so I'm getting some cloth for her."

Village of Slayers

Over the years since Naraku's defeat, the Tajia had been reborn. Naraku's death triggered a large number of demon ubrisings. Sango trained Serina and Suzuna as fast as she could and sent them out, Akio and Miroku offered their services as well. For a while, these four couldn't keep up with the missions, but soon Sango trained enough slayers to give them a break.

" Kaze no Kizu!" Shouted Karyuu as she threw ninja stars. Even though she was still very young, with Kagura's help she gaining more and more control of the wind. Because of this, she could cut through the wind scar with anything she could get her hands on. The Ninja stars glowed and demolished her targets.

" I did Kagura-sensi!"

"Good job Karyuu." Siad Kagura. ' I never thought I'd be called sensi.'

" Okasan, Otusan got in trouble again!" called a boy with black hair. He had red eyes and wore a purple gi.

'I never thought I'd be called okasan either.'

" Was it the same as usual?"

" Yup."

" Ok Kazeken, now go practice with Karyuu."

" Ok." Kazeken could also control the winds. Kagura walked toward the Headwoman's hut. She and Shiken had mated shortly after Naraku's defeat, when Kagome came asking for his jewel shards, he relucantly gave them up and now was trying to make a similar stone with his own youki, so far it hasn't work. It usually just attracted other demons. Inside the hut she could hear Shiken arguing with Sango about the importance of his experiment.

Later back at Kaede's Village

" Hey Sis, I'm back."

"Hey Souta, Kina, how was your date?"

" Great." They both said. Souta dug into his pocket and pulled out a box.

" I brought you some chocolate from the theather." Kagome took one look at the box and started crying.

" You idoit! What did you do?" Demanded Inuyasha.

" I just gave her some chocolate." Said Souta.

" I'm sorry."Said Kagome. " That was Shippo's favorite kind." The little fox had left the village after Naraku was beaten, he said he wanted to get stronger and take care of himself for a while. They'd all been sad but Souten took it the worst, she started yelling at people and throwing things like chairs, fruit, and thunder bolts. Kagome was always worrying about him.

The Manor of the Lightening Demon Tribe

" With Shippo gone, I'll have Souten all to myself! I just have to figure out how to get her to fall in love with me." Zati said to himself.

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