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Fire Thunder Lightening Chapter 9 Challenge

" Do you feel a storm comming on?" Asked Kagome, smiling slightly.

" Yeah. I think I do." Said Inuyasha also smiling. " You know what that means."

" Punishment time!" They both said.

" GET BACK HERE YOU BAKA!" Souten shouted while throwing thunder bolts at a frantically running kitsune. A dark storm was literally following over her head, it cackled with electrical energy.

" I hate this time of the month!" Shippo shouted. He dodged another thunder bolt, but tripped in the process. Souten lunged over him, a spear made of electrical energy in her hands pointed at Shippo.

" BWHAHAHA!" She laughed manically.

" FOX MAGIC!" The kitsune shoutes in panic. He poofed away just as the spear hit the area he was in a second before.

Reapearing behind a tree a ways away. He looked around, saw no one and sighed in relief.

" Honeymoon's over eh?" asked a voice behind him. Shippo jumped in surpise and fell over, as the tree he leaning against turned into Kazesune.

" Sensei? What are you doing here?" Kazesune smirked.

" Just checking in on my favorite couple." The older fox replied. " What did you do this time?"

" I brought her a drink from my oka's time. It said diet on it and Souten thought I thought she was fat." Shippo said. Kazesune nodded.

" Yes that would do it. Why don't you try apologizing?"

" I'm too busy dodging Thunder Bolts!"

" How about I distract her till she calms down?"

" You'd do that?"

" Of course." Said Kazesune smiling.

" Thanks Sensei." Shippo sat down to wait.

" Souten! He's over here!" Shippo felt Souten's red eyes turned on him.

" Sensei!" Kazesune smirked.

" It's best to get it over with, trust me." And he disapeared in a flash of blue fire.

Before Shippo could move, Souten had him pinned to the ground.

" Um Koishi, I really didn't mean you're fat by giving you that drink." He said, his voice cracking. Souten paused.

" Really?"

" Yeah!" Souten's eyes turned to hearts and she nuzzled Shippo.

" I knew you didn't really mean it my adorable cuddle fox." Shippo sweat dropped, Kazesune snickered.

The Next Day

There was a vistiter at the House of Inuyasha. It was girl from the village, black hair, blue eyes and in her teens. She knocked on the door and Inuyasha answered.

" Yeah what is it?"

" Is Shippo here?" Inuyasha shock his head.

" He's out with his girlfriend." The girl smiled.

" Ok." The girl ran away. After a bit of searching she found the couple. They were walking hand in hand through the forest. The girled smiled even wider and tackle glomped Shippo.

" Shippy! I missed you!" The girl cried while nuzzling him. Souten glared.

" Shippo... who is this girl? ...and why does she call you Shippy?" She asked in a carefully controlled tone. Shippo pushed the girl away.

"Masuyo, what are you doing here?" The girl merely smiled.

" I missed you Shippy!"

" WHO ARE YOU?" Souten screamed.

" I am Shippy's girlfriend."

" WHAT!"

" SHE'S NOT!" Souten grabbed Shippo's collar.

" You have a lot of explaining to do." Shippo laughed nervously.

" I saved her durring my travels and she became attached to me, that's all!" The fox swore. Masuyo grabbed Shippo's arm.

" I need to talk with Shippy for a momment in private." She said. " You don't mind do you?" She asked in a way that wasn't a question.

" Yes I do mind!" Souten grabbed Shippo's other arm and the girls started playing tug-a-war with me.

Demon Otherworld

" See? That's my grandson! He's got two chicks fighting over him." Bragged Inutaishou. " My son did had two as well"

" That's nothing! MY son had an entire harem trampling themselves to get to him!" Challenged Hougya Sr.

" Maybe before my son killed him!" The two dead demons glared at each other.

" Stop arguing you two! You're acting like hatchlings!" Scolded Ryukotsusei. The two stopped arguing and looked down, embarassed. " Besides, my son had more fangirls then either of yours!"

" Let's get him." Said Inutaishou.

" Right behind you." Said Hyouga and they pounced on Ryukotsusei. The three's mates sweatdropped.

Back on the Mortal World

The tug-a-war was ended by surprisingly, Kouryu.

" Souten-sama!" In the instant that Souten was distracted, Masuyo pulled Shippo out of her grasp and ran away.

" Damit Kouryu! What is it?"

" Uh, we Toto-sai finally agreed to fix your brother's Thunder Pike."

" Oh, good. But now I have to get MY Shippo back." And she ran off in the direction Masuyo went.

Said Girl dragged Shippo to a lake and let him go.

" Masuyo, what are you doing?" The fox asked.

" Saving you from that demon girl, she's no good for you!" The ningen declared.

" Souten is the only one for me.."

" How? She's abrasive, possesive, moody, and not at all feminine." Said Masuyo with her chin high.

" But... that's what makes her the demon I love and want to have a family with." Masuyo was shocked. " There's nothing you can do to change my mind." Masuyo snorted.

" Fine, but don't try comming running back to me later." And she ran away.

" Shippo..." Souten came out from behind a tree.

" Souten! uh, how long have you been there?" Souten walked up to him and gave him a kiss.

" Long enough to hear that sweet confession." Shippo smiled and enveloped Souten in his embrace. " Shippo?"

" Yeah?"

" Were you serious about having a family?"

" If you want." Souten pushed Shippo down and pinned him to the ground.

" Then let's start, the Thunder Demon clan needs an heir afterall."

And that's the End of Fire, Thunder, Lightening. The sequel will be out soon. It will be called " The New NWC"

BTW NWC stands for "Nermia Wrecking Crew" It's a term amoung Ranma 1/2 fans.

Summary: Kagome's family goes to Nermia on Shrine bussiness, and Yusuke's goes there to investigate the unusual amount of paranormal activity there. Chaos insues as the three groups meet. And some old foes are back as well.