I've read more than my fair share of LoTR/HP fics, and even more Dark/Evil Harry fics. And for the most part, sadly, I'm not impressed. So I decided to do something that, as far as I know, has never been done before, and combine the two in a rather unique way. You see, in every LoTR fic I've ever read, Harry meets up with either the elves, the fellowship, maybe even the Valar, but in everycase, he's on the 'good' side. Well that isn't the case anymore. As Harry deals with the loss of his godfather, something within him awakens and nearly destroys him. He may have wondered what he'd done in a past life to deserve his life now, but now he'll have to face the truth of it. There's a little bad in every situation, of course. I don't own either HP or any of the LoTR material. This is purely for fun.

Prologue: The Void

As the Dark Lord Morgoth lay dethroned, beaten, and trapped in the void beyond the world, he once again pondered what it would be like to create his own world, and why it was that, even with all his power, intellect, and knowledge, he still was never able to grasp that one power. The secret fire. The light of creation. He had long since come to believe that his creator hated him. That he made him this way to torture his every thought, and had planned for him to turn against him, fight his brothers and sisters at every step, and murder and mutilate all of creation. He hated his father. He hated him for creating him this way, hated him for always hiding the secret of life, so that he could never move on and create his own world, but most of all, he hated him for creating him without a mate. No, there was no real companion for Melkor, unlike the others. I am the strongest of all the Ainur, I have known that from the first moment of my creation, and He has told me so many times, but he will never tell me the secret. When he created those ridiculus mortals, they already had the light within them, but they haven't the knowledge or power to use it. Everything You do makes no sense! Then suddenly he heard it. The sound he dreaded. The sound of Eru's voice. A voice he could not deny, despite how much he wanted to.

"Melkor, I know it is hard for you to understand, but you will not always just be a thought in my mind. You will one day have a life of your own, and when that day comes, I know that you will do great things, and the void will fill with many wonders that even I never imagined. But you know that everything that happens has a purpose in this world. After all, you were there when it was made, and you played an integral part in that. However, I don't intend for you to just lie here forever, wondering why you are. I made you so you could grow beyond myself, Melkor. The others can too, but not like you can. You have always scorned Mankind, and yet the light within them and within their elders is the very power you seek. I know what you did to my children, and of the ones you made to haunt them even after you left, but didn't you ever wonder, Melkor? I know you have a powerful curiosity. After all, you got it from me. Did you never wonder why they have the fire, when you do not? I know you think I am hiding it from you, but I have never lied to you Melkor. It has been there with you the whole time. You have hidden it from yourself, underneath all those layers of anger, shame, fear, hatred, and despair. Even shrouded in darkness, it was there. It is still there, waiting for you to stop being Morgoth, and start to grow. Your attachment to the void has hidden the truth from you. And you became afraid of the light because of your shame, even as you were drawn to it. I'm going to be honest with you, Melkor. I was once like you. Steeped in darkness, trapped by chains that I wrought with my own two hands. It took someone else to make me realize that I was even trapped in the first place. Your Sister, Varda, is very similar to her." He paused, as the one he considered his firstborn flinched at his words, his mind weighed down with these revelations.

"You see, Melkor, knowledge and power are great, and can do great things, you know this better than anyone. But in truth, they are hollow, and meaningless, unless coupled with something else; something which defies knowledge and power, and thus has eluded you. It is not something which I can show you. In fact you have already seen it, but still could not concieve of it, even when it's power struck you down. No. You must experience it for yourself. That is the only way. And so I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone in this world before -- There are other worlds out there, Melkor. Beyond the Void. And I am going to send you to one now. You will be bound to another's lifeforce. You will, for the first time, experience the life of a mortal."

Melkor was terrified now.

"You will see the things he sees, feel the things he feels, and when he is old enough, I will allow you to help him and manifest through him. But remember, your lifeforce is bound to the boy, and you will experience whatever he does, including his death. So protect him, or you will be destroyed, and I don't want that to happen to you. You may have never realized it, but I love you, my son. I want you to be happy. I'll see you when you get back."

And with that Melkor, former Dark Lord, blacked out.