Harry chuckled to himself. With all the knowledge Melkor had gained snooping about the wizarding communities throughout the globe during Harry's childhood, the so called Dark Lord was looking more and more like a joke. He was attempting to call all the strongest magical races to his side. Giants, Werewolves, Vampires, even Dementors. It was obvious he didn't know the secrets of the Black family, despite his own studies of Britain's older families, including some that most only knew as muggle. And it was doubly obvious he didn't know where the real strength of this world lay.

"But we do." said Harry. "And as a start towards my own redemption, I will break their bonds, and restore them to their rightful place in the world." he sighed.

The Harry side of him cringed when he thought of what his former self had done to the elves of his world. His thoughts and emotions had been so one dimensional then. I guess that's the price you pay to have that power. Being more an idea than a person. It drives one to madness.

He forced himself to relive the torture and mutilation of a particular elf that reminded him painfully of Dobby.

"Wow," he thought, "I guess two people in one body leads to abrupt mood swings."

"Quite," said Melkor. "Please don't do that again. We've got things to do. We can worry about the past later. For now we'll fix these wizards' mistakes, now we know about them."

Harry silently agreed, and surrendered his thoughts solely to the task at hand. The room was almost prepared for the ritual he was about to perform. Wizards everywhere will know fear this day. They will look at what they have done and find that they are guilty. That they have wronged not only their fellow beings but also themselves. And others will know that by silent and vocal consent they are also guilty. Today, the elves of this earth will remember themselves, their past, and their former beauty and grace.

"Alright Harry, you know what to do. I give you my blessing. Through my knowledge and strength and your light shall this wrong be righted."

Harry felt power and clarity flow through him like a rocket unleashed in his bloodstream.

He turned to face the eastern wall of the chamber he had prepared. On this wall was written in ancient elven script the grievances he was attempting to undo now.


Dobby felt himself called by his bond with Harry Potter, but the voice seemed different now. Older, and more powerful. He felt pride as he popped away into Harry's presense. What he saw shocked him. A room whose walls were entirely covered in writing with a mirrored ceiling and floor. Somehow he recognized the script on the walls, though he didn't quite understand them. Harry smiled down at the creature. His friend.

"Dobby. My friend."

"Master Harry Potter calls Dobby his friend? Dobby is most honored, sir."

"Of course I do, Dobby. You've helped me a great deal in my life as a wizard. And today I am hoping to repay that debt. Do you trust me, Dobby?"

"Does Dobby trust Harry Potter? Dobby would trust the Great and Noble Harry Potter with his very life!"

"Thank you, friend. I trust you as well. I'm going to place you in an enchanted sleep. When you awake, you will be as you were meant to be. I feel that's all I should say beforehand."

"Dobby trusts Harry Potter."

Harry smiled down at him. He waved his hand over Dobby and the noble little creature fell asleep. Harry moved him over to the center of the room, placing him in the middle of the circle to begin the magic.

"Now, I, Lord and Head of the Black family, return here this day, to this place which was witness to a great evil..."

He brought his left arm up to face the eastern wall.

"An evil that was carried out with the strength of my own house, my predecessors. A Hidden act, concealed from the mind of all, wizard, man, and elf. It is now concealed no more!"

At once the writing on the east wall lit up, burning with a crimson glow.

"Let no one be ignorant!" the words pulsed, sparks flying from the stone wall.

"Let the pale, sickly garment of enslavement the elves bear be seen by all!"

The stone wall burst into flame, and the words burned into the wall, blackened for all to see. The knowledge was spread throughout all magic, and everyone connected to it knew, knew the full horror of what had been done. How a beloved race was envied, secretly hated, and then enslaved. It was a master coup, but all the same an unspeakable act. Afterwards the other magical races, who could speak not of this evil, for that was woven into the magic, cursed the family, and thereafter they were known as Black.

All over the world, at that moment, wizard kind knew the truth. They had unknowingly betrayed their greatest allies for all those centuries. Unknowingly kept them underfoot, thinking them merely a wizard creation whose very being was the essense of hard work. Suddenly the memory came back to them. Many fell to the ground and wept. Babies cried in their cribs, or in their mother's arms, although they didn't really understand. Goblins, Centaurs, and Merfolk rejoiced. Their friends were coming back to them. And they would no doubt grind these ignorant wizards into dust!

Undetterred, Harry pressed onwards.

"Now let the guilt, the remorse, and the fear come to me. Let the Human spirit destroy that which it created. Let the Elf cast off his garment and burn it in the fire of that pain.

A Black, pulsating ball of energy formed in Harry's right hand flowing from the words written on the western wall. The emotion he had summoned from all wizard kind. He focused the power, using Dobby as a conduit, and severed the Elves connection to wizardkind.

He then lifted his arms to the ceiling.

"Let this mirror of truth rain down on us. Let our souls judge our bodies, and let the true spirit be reflected on its surface."

Light from the ceiling suddenly blinded Harry. Something was definitely happening. He placed his hands on the floor.

"Let this mirror of earth leech away the hurt and pain of all elven kind. Let it be swallowed up into the pits of the underworld, and let their old bodies be shed, and a new one given from the heavens."

At that moment all the elves the world over passed out. And others in their presense were able to watch their bodies dissapear and their souls float freely upwards into rays of light coming down from the skym, reforming them into tall, beautiful creatures that glowed with a light not unlike a veela, though not that alluring, but with a certainty and grace that was amazing to watch.

All over the world, every living thing suddenly felt that something that had been missing was back now. And a little more light filled each room. Children stopped crying, some people began to dance in the street inexplicably, and others just smiled. It began to rain. A cleansing rain. Grime, dirt, and pollution was washed away a little more, and somewhere, a small boy stood on his own two feet and walked for the first time.

Harry awoke to find he too had changed somewhat. He was taller now, and appeared more menacing. His eyes glowed a little with power. He felt stronger.

He looked to see Dobby examining his true self. The filth the Blacks had imposed onto his very soul now gone.

"I..." he said, and stopped, marvelling at his own voice. He looked up at Harry, his now purple irises sparkling, his head crowned with long black curls. "Harry? You did this?" Harry just nodded, almost ready to cry at the loss the Blacks had cost the whole world for so long. And he had done that to his own world. He rigged the battle. Made it so the elves had already lost their battle long before they began. It was hard to believe. The difference it made.

Dobby came over and embraced Harry. "I thank you friend. I do not regret the trust I placed in you. The elves are in your debt. As is all of the world, though not all know it. Perhaps now, we can make more of a difference. I am saddened by wizardkind today. My torture under the Malfoy family was long and harsh. Without your unique position and willingness to use it we would still be enslaved and psychologically damaged beyond the point of no return.

Many will not forgive you. But you, Harry Potter, are forgiven, and thanked for your efforts. We will not yet forgive the house of Black, however. That will have to be earned by the same souls that commited the act. Harry nodded.

"However I would like to invite you to come with me to the Elven City. It has remained protected all these years."

"I would be honored, er...what do I call you anyway?"

"Thunderbark, actually. A lot of us are named after certain trees and such actually."

"Sounds pretty cool if you ask me." said Harry.

"Well what do you know, you were raised by ignorant humans."

"Fair enough, but I got better, I'd like to think."

"Only with the help of a Dark God, Harry."

"You can see right through me, can't you?"

"Of course, it's one an elf's talents, ability to see the truth. It's why we made such good little servants, too."

Harry shook his head.

"Only a human could sink that low."

"Actually that's not entirely you're fault. Did you know that beings from another, slightly older planet came here and altered your evolution with their own dna?"

Harry smirked.

"Actually yes. Melkor was doing a lot of research while I was enjoying my childhood. The wizards have no clue but the muggles have started to pick up on it from their own ancient civilizations which were somewhat more advanced than they should have been. It's a contraversial topic though."

"Well that doesn't surprise me. It's hard to accept that you're not a true child of the earth when you live on it. It's why so many human souls become changelings."

"Really? That sounds interesting, but Personally I think we can grow out of it eventually."

Thunderbark nodded. "You're right. And maybe sooner than you think. Anyway lets get going. I'm anxious to see my home again after so long."