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I love Hot Gimmick. This one, it going to be Ryoki and Hatsumi, Hatsumi and Azusa… a love triangle. Akane and Subaru and Shinogu and Subaru's sister. I'm also going to write a Hot Gimmick Fic with Shinogu and Hatsumi and one with just Hatsumi and Azusa and one with just Hatsumi and Ryoki. So many possibilities.

No wait it's just gonna be Ryoki and Hatsumi.

At the apartment complex Hatsumi Narita was leaving the trash room to head up to the roof to enjoy her day off of school. When she got up there she saw that it was empty which made her even more happy. The breeze blew her dirty blonde hair away from her face. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the cool feeling and the sweet smell of spring.

"Hey." A voice came from behind her. She turned to find Ryoki Tachibana behind her with his hair slicked back and his glasses off. She smiled as she turned to face him.

"Hi Ryoki."

"Hey, ya wanna come down to my room?"

A blush stained her face as she turned to face the breeze again. "You know I'm not ready…" She said as the wind cooled her hot face.

"But you're my slave." Ryoki said as he walked up behind her.

Turning around she glared at him. "I don't think so. I thought I was your girlfriend Ryoki! You can't boss me around."

"I'll do what I want." And he showed her as he took her lips in a hot kiss, his tongue tangling itself with hers, his hands sifting through her hair. When he parted from her he stroked his thumbs over her flushed cheeks and smiled. "See I told you I do what I want. What I want now is you."

"I can't Ryoki." She said with a new blush.

"Why not?"

"I'm on my monthly." She said softly, embarrassed that she had to explain herself.

"Oh okay, well how about we go to the park."

With a smile she nodded okay.

While leaving the complex, Shinogu watched with sorrow as his sister walked away with her boyfriend, the young Tachibana son. "If only she knew how I felt." He said before heading down to the daycare center to pick up Hikaru.

At the park, Subaru and Akane were walking hand in hand a smile on Akane's face and a blush on Subaru's. When they saw Hatsumi and Ryoki, they waved at them to come over. Ryoki wasn't too pleased to be interrupted by those two but he knew if he wanted to get laid that making Hatsumi happy was his first priority.

"Hey guys." Akane said with a sing song tinge in her voice.

"Hey what are you two doing here?" Hatsumi asked.

"What do you think? We're here for some fun!" Akane said with an exasperated gasp.

"Oh we're here for a lovey-dovey walk." Hatsumi said with a smile up at Ryoki who just smiled back absentmindedly.

"I guess we'll see ya later."

"Yeah cya." Subaru said as he watched his best friend walk away.

"Wonder what's up with Ryo?"

"Dunno, but I know that he's still Cherry." Akane said with a smile.

"What!" Subaru said as he jumped away from Akane.

"He's cherry because Hatsumi still is. I read her diary and it said that he was cherry and that he had a manual on how to have sex."

Bursting out in a gust of laughter Subaru hugged Akane. "Well wouldn't Ryo be shocked to find out that I'm not a cherry boy anymore!"

"Yeah but you still act like you're cherry!" Akane said as she jutted out her hip and gestured at Subaru. "You still blush when we hold hands and stuff. I mean why do you do that?"

"It's cuz I like you Akane." Subaru said as he hugged her.

"I guess it's okay. You're so kawaii when you blush. I mean when we first did it I saw that you had more of a blush than I did."

"Akane!" he said as she laughed and watched him blush.

"Ya know my birthday is coming up Ryoki." Hatsumi said with a sigh.

"Yeah what do you want?" he asked as he threw an arm around her shoulder.

"I was thinking that-that maybe we could spend the weekend alone."

Ryoki looked down at her ducked head. "Do you mean you want to actually do it?" He watched as Hatsumi nodded.

"Only if you make it special and romantic and gentle." She said softly.

"Yeah of course, but why?" he asked as he tipped her chin up.

"It's because I love you Ryoki. I'm no longer terrified of you. Well actually you do terrify me but in a different way."

"How so?"

"You make me scared. The way you make my pulse beat so quickly and how you make me yearn for your warmth. You make me hate you but at the same time make me want you."

Smiling he hugged her, his chin upon the top of her head. "I guess I love you too. I feel the same way. That heat that begins in the pit of your stomach and just seems to bloom through your blood stream."


"Okay you'll be seventeen, I'll make it special okay." He said, actually wanting to be nice to her. "I'll take you home now."

"Naw I've got to go to the studio and pick up Azusa. I have something important to tell him."

Annoyed Ryoki stared down hotly at Hatsumi. " I don't like that you are hanging out with him. Especially with the way he treated you."

"I'm doing a favor for his dad. Nothing else. I'll call you if something happens. Okay!" and annoyed now with Ryoki she ran off.

When she was at the studio she asked the secretary for Azusa but was told that he wasn't around. She then tried reaching him on is cell phone. He wasn't picking up but she thought maybe he was in a meeting. She then left and headed off to get a snack.

Since she wasn't used this area she found herself lost. And then thinking that she knew where she was she walked down an ally. Sadly she found herself in a predicament. She saw Azusa and one of his buddies from the studio swapping money and a back of white stuff.

"I uh, I didn't mean to…" and before she knew what she was doing she was running. She heard footsteps behind her and felt herself being tackled to the cold hard ground.

"Can't let you squeal." The guy said.

"Azusa! Azusa!"

"Hatsumi this time it's your fault."

"I'm just here to tell you that your father told me that- that he's going to be gone for the next week!"

"Like I care couldn't you have told me that on my cell?" he asked as he watched her struggle.

"I'm sorry." She sobbed out.

"Hatsumi!" a familiar voice came from the entrance of the ally.


"What's going on?" he asked as she ran over to her, glaring daggers at the man.

"I was lost and I needed to give Azusa a message."

"Dude get away or I'll give you a few injuries." The guy pinning Hatsumi down said.

"Don't mess with my sister!"

"Aww ain't that sweet." The guy said as he shoved her head down harder in the concrete.

"Azusa! Is this something you planned!" Shinogu asked.

"Yeah, my dad is on vacation but I got someone to fake him."

"But why?"

"Because I'm still out to get revenge on the Narita family!"

"You're wrong! My father didn't have an affair with you mom!" Hatsumi cried out.

"How would you know?" he asked.

"Cause my dad isn't like that!"

"She's right! You want to know who it was?" Shinogu asked as she pulled the guy off of his sister and held him up in the air.

"Sure tell me Mr. I'm in love with my sister."

"It was Mr. Tachibana who fucked your mom. He was the one who threatened my old man to keep his secret! Your private investigator is screwed up!"

Suddenly Shinogu woke up and found himself in a cold sweat. Guess it was all a dream. He got up and called Hatsumi's cell and found that it was her birthday. Her voice mail came on, seemed that she changed it. "Hey it's Hatsumi, I'm celebrating with Ryoki this weekend. Call ya later!"

Ryoki Tachibana! Those two…

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