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Yayoi Sakuma

The sweet aroma of hot cider tickled her nose. The smell itself made her mouth water. It was the perfect thing to bring her out of a deep sleep, and the only ones who knew this was her father and brother. That could only mean that she'd overslept and that the only other means of waking her was to tempt her with food. It was an awful thing to do but she knew it had to be done.

"C'mon monster! If you don't wake up now you'll be fucking late to math class." A deep voice said.

"Fuck it." The girl said as she buried herself under the covers annoyed that he had to wake her.

"Now that's so mean Sakura! Here I am waking you up out of the kindness of my heart, bringing you a cup of hot cider that dad made and what do I get from you is a 'fuck it." Toya said with mock disappointment.

Sitting up, the girl glared at the tall man beside her bed. He had cobalt blue eyes, and black shaggy hair. He was handsome, smart, and a pain in her ass.

"Toya, I'm so sorry for being an evil bitch monster, but as you can tell, I'm not in the mood for you wise cracks." With that said, Sakura jumped up and snatched the mug of hot cider. "Now since I'm awake, I'd like you to leave so that I might get ready for school."

When he left, Sakura shed her pajamas and took out her bar. Looking at her figure she sighed at the sight of her bosom. It wasn't natural for a Japanese girl to be a c-cup, and still be growing. It agitated her, though sometimes she did see the advantage of it.

When she's finally put on her school uniform, she grabbed her back and mini-disc player and headed out. Before walking out she gave her orange cat Kero a pat on the head.

As she walked along the path leading to her high school, Sakura had feeling that something good was going to happen. It could just be the fact that her cousin Tomoyo was excited about her boyfriend transferring from England elite academy to Tomoeda's small private high school. It could also be that she knew she was doing great in her classes. It probably was both. She was one step closer to being a third year. She was one step closer to being a third year. She was so anxious for that day to come that she dreamed of it sometimes. She really wanted to graduate and start her career. Well she first needed to choose one before graduation but that wasn't important at the moment.

When she got to school she immediately spotted her cousin holding hands with a tall handsome male with dark blue eyes with glasses, that flattered his facial features. Next to the two she also spotted another male. He too was tall and had the most beautiful hair she had ever seen. It was a golden chestnut color that shined so magnificently in the sun. Some fell across his face and over his eyes. As she got closer she saw that his eyes were a glowing amber that just drew her in.

"Sakura. Good morning. Sakura?" Tomoyo said as she waved her hand in front of her cousin's face.

Snapping out of her daze, Sakura realized that she had been staring at the handsome young man. Blushing she quickly turned to her cousin. "Good morning Tomoyo. Sorry I'm late." Sakura said with a sheepish smile.

"Finally you woke up. Geez.Anyways, Sakura I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Eriol. Remember I met him in England." Tomoyo said with a beaming smile.

"Nice to meet you Eriol. As you know now, I'm Sakura Kinomoto." Sakura said as she bowed.

"The pleasure's all mine. Oh yes Sakura, I'd like to introduce you to my cousin Syaoran Li. He's moved here with me from China."

Turning to Syaoran, Sakura bowed before making eye contact. "Nice to meet you Syaoran."

"Same." Was all Syaoran said.

Up at the front of the classroom, Syaoran stood next to Eriol, feeling like a complete ass.

"Morning class. Today I'd like to introduce to you our two new transfer students, Eriol and Syaoran. Eriol comes from England and Syaoran from China. Please make their stay here a good one." Is what Syaoran heard the teacher say before instructing him and Eriol where to sit. Surprisingly Eriol was seated behind Tomoyo and Syaoran behind the lovely Sakura. He had to admit that when he'd first laid eyes on her that he'd been shocked. She was tall and slender, her body had curves, and those curves when she walked sent out a provocative aura around her. She had a long face accented with glowing hazel eyes. She had a small cute nose and full rosy lips. Basically she was drop dead gorgeous, and when she had caught her staring at him this morning it hat sent a spark of smug pleasure throughout his body. Maybe his move here wouldn't be too bad.

Later that day, Syaoran regretted the 'maybe this move here won't be too bad', for he felt so fucking bored as he watched the second hand move slowly on his watch. He hated school and theses new people. They were so nosey and didn't know when to stop. He found that thinking about the evening events was the next best thing to do.

After school he was able to find Eriol and Tomoyo under the tree be the gate. He saw that they were stuck in a passionate embrace. When would those two stop being so damn horny?

"Oh puh-lease! Can't they do that somewhere else?" a very annoyed Sakura said.

Turning to her he gave her a shrug and just stood there. "Don't think they will. They really are too horny. Damn it! Eriol has the apartment key." Syaoran said with a groan.

Well you can come hang out at my place for awhile. You can try to call them later when they're a bit cooled off."

Looking at the young beauty, he saw her tilt her head to the side and give him a sweet smile. "Sure, let's go. Eriol call ya later, and make sure you two practice safe sex." Syaoran said before walking off along side Sakura.

As they walked along the path leading to her home, Sakura walked alongside Syaoran. They hadn't said a word to each other and the vibe had slowly become more awkward. Summoning up her courage, Sakura decided to make small talk.

"So Syaoran, how do you like Tomoeda?"

"It's not too bad. Some of those chicks back there are just insane, but over all things are good. You know you're really the only decent person, aside from Tomoyo and Eriol." Syaoran said with a smile. He noticed from the corner of his eye that a grin was spreading across her face. "What's so funny?"

"Well I'm mean I find it amusing that you seemed so bothered about having lovely women fawning their affections upon you." Sakura explained, holding in her bubbly giggles as best to her ability. " It's so hard to understand. I mean you can't be so dense to not notice your affect on girls, can you!"

"Well I know I'm not bad looking, but damn, can't those chicks practice self-control?" Syaoran asked with an exaggerated sigh.

Laughing even harder, Sakura stopped in front of her house and looked up at Syaoran's face. She noticed a very interesting expressing on it. You could only describe it as curious and gentle, but in his eyes she could see the flames kindling in their amber depths. She saw him take a step closer to her and put his hands gently on her shoulders. "Syaoran…" Sakura whispered before she ducked her head down, avoiding his entrancing gaze. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek, and the spicy scent of his after-shave tickled her nose. Sakura then felt Syaoran tip her chin up, forcing her to meet his gaze. The next thing knew was that the warmth from his lips was brushing softly against her own. The sensation flooded through her as she relaxed into his warm embrace. His lips were soft and smooth as they continued to brush back and forth over hers, gradually intensifying. Her hands crept up along the hard expanse of his chest and circled around his neck. She pressed her body into his, and deepened the kiss, making Syaoran groan into her mouth.

"We must stop." Syaoran said as he pulled his lips away from hers. He placed a kiss upon her tiny nose before resting his chin atop of her honey brown hair. The only sound for the moment was the ragged breathing of the two. Suddenly a pair of footsteps interrupted the peaceful sound of silence.

"Yes I agree with this young man Sakura. You two really should stop." A very angry voice said.

Snapping her head up, Sakura saw her brother Toya with a very angry expression on his face.

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