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"Father?" Sakura said, her voice very soft.

"I'll go find Syaoran." Mei Lin said as she stood up quickly and left.

"I'm here." He said.

"Why?" she asked.

"I wanted to see you." He said.

"Please step away from my wife." Syaoran said as he walked into the library, his jaw set, and his amber eyes burning with rage. He walked over to Sakura and stood in front of her. "You will not get anywhere near my wife." He said.

"Father why are you here?" Touya asked as he entered the library with Mei Lin. "The last that I heard of you was that you were in a mental institute.

"I was released." He said. "The doctors did many tests." He said simply. "I would think it more suitable if we all sat while I told you what happened." He said.

Once everyone was situated, Fujitaka adjusted his glasses before beginning. "I was on an archeological dig right before my wife died. The place was in an ancient ruin near the Bramuda Triangle. There was a cave in and I was caught in it. According to the doctors, I had inhaled some strange chemical that had been residing in the cavern. That chemical had made it's way into my neurological system and my brain. The chemical had caused some kind of reactions within my brain and a tumor began to form. With the neurological screw up and the pressure of the tumor caused the strange behavior of mine. The psyche ward removed the tumor and found an antidote and fixed the neurological problem. I then began to teach online courses. I also then took up a job as an ER doctor. I had gotten my medical license in college then my artifacts degree."

"To be safe." Syaoran said, "I'd like a doctor to do an examination on you to confirm all that you have said."

Within the week, Syaoran had gotten a fellow doctor friend of the family to help out. That friend actually happened to be Eriol. Eriol did a very thorough examination. Brain scans, and blood tests. "I don't see anything wrong." Eriol said.

"Are you certain?" Syaoran asked.

"Positive." Eriol said as he cleaned his glasses.

"Did you do a polygraph test?"

"Of course."

"And…" Syaoran urged.

"He was telling the truth." Eriol said as he put his glasses back on. "Dude you need to chill out. I understand that you're worried about Sakura, but so are the rest of us. I had no intention of being careless."

"I just don't want her to get hurt again."

"I know you don't. None of us do."

After dinner, Syaoran called a family meeting. Everyone who was in the house gathered into the lounge.

"Eriol, if you wouldn't mind, would you do the honors and tell everyone your test results?"

"Sure." He said. He stood up, feeling like he was back in medical school. He cleared his throat and began to explain. Everyone sat quietly, listening intently to all the complicated mumbo jumbo that was spewing out of Eriol's mouth.

"So he's completely sane?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, all the tests came out normal." He said as he flipped through his sheets of paper.

"It's just as I told you earlier." Fujitaka said.

They all sat in silence. It was all such a shock that Fujitaka was actually normal. The last they had actually heard from him, was when Emerson kidnapped Haruna. It was quite an eventful day.

"So what now?" Tomoyo asked.

"I don't know." Syaoran said.

"Perhaps, let's introduce him to his family." Yelan said with a soft smile.

"I think that's a great idea!" Sakura said. She turned to Syaoran and extended her arm. He grabbed it and smiled down at her.

Yelan apparently took pride in giving the tour of the house. She introduced Fujitaka to the grandchildren. It was quite a sight. He could barely believe that such small creatures had come from his child. Or that his son made one.

"They're so beautiful." He said softly. He trailed a finger gently over Tsukasa's cheek.

Yelan then showed Fujitaka to a guest room to rest. Everyone then went their separate ways. Syaoran and Sakura headed to their chambers. When the door was shut, Sakura let out a long breath. "I can't believe everything that has happened."

Walking over to his wife, Syaoran wrapped his arms around her. He knew that she was scared, and confused. "From all the data things look fine." He said.

"But I can't help feeling that something is off." She held him close, trying to push that feeling away.

In his guest room, Fujitaka sat on the edge of the bed. He was glad to be back with his family. But what he didn't know, was that there was something lurking within him, something deadly, in which no one knew about, not even him.

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