Part 1

Danny sighed and watched him over the microscope.

For a detective he knew quite a bit about forensics and Danny'd heard Mac and Stella praise him many times for that and thank god they didn't have to deal with someone clueless about what they did.

He was reading over Danny's report and scribbling something on his note pad.

As he continued sneaking glances at him, Danny pondered who'd be on top if they had sex and promptly turned red and ducked his head before he could see.

Damn, where the hell had that come from?

He was still working so and apparently hadn't notice Danny's sudden change into a tomato.

Danny went back to his work only to look up a couple of seconds later to sneak another look. Stella walked in and said high to Flack who nodded going back to the report as she looked around for a moment and caught Danny sneaking looks at Flack every two seconds.

The next time he looked up to sneak a peak she caught his eye, rolled hers and shook her head before walking out. When she opened the door she turned and mouthed something to him with a wink before walking out just as Mac walked in.

Mac opened his mouth to say something but Stella grabed him and drags him , much to the ex-marine's surprise.

Danny blushed when he realized what Stella mouthed.

"He'd be on top."