Author's note: Again, 15minuteficlets came up with a word that gave me inspiration for Tattoo/Typhoid. So here is yet another ficlet for these two. Hope you enjoy it, and I would love reviews for it.

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Raven black hair fell past her bared shoulders in smooth, silken tresses. Inhuman eyes looked around between dark lashes and splashes of green and blue, the midnight blue of her thin irises circling the large, black voids that were pupils. Pale lips were colored bloody crimson and they pouted slightly, the corners upturned ever so slightly.

Her slender, sensuous form was covered in a dark purple kimono. Long, lithe legs exposed by her long stride. Delicate arms were bared by the sleeveless garment, sleeves cut off to expose her flawless skin, a pale tan giving her a look of perfect health.

Every male was looking at her as she entered the council room, taking in her beautiful disguise. They found her exotic and enticing, seductive and sensual. But there was a dark aura to her, and they were filled with caution. All eyes desired her, all eyes feared her.

And then Roshi entered, and Kirigi entered, and Tattoo entered behind him. Stone and Kinkou stood to Typhoid's right, Kirigi came up between her and the other two, and Tattoo came up behind her. All eyes were drawn off her except one pair, the only pair that didn't fear her, didn't look at her like a man almost driven insane by lust.

Only Tattoo could see through her disguise. Only he could see her sickly pale skin and the pain in otherwise dark, empty eyes, the grimace in that subdued smile. Only he could see how she hated all of them, especially Roshi, and especially Kirigi, and especially herself.

It was a beautiful costume, and it was a beautiful lie. Deadly Typhoid Mary was confident and cold and slowly dying inside her lethal, lovely body.

She was taking Tattoo with her. Every time she came near him, every time he saw her eyes, her deadly, desperate gaze, he felt part of him die, his body weak as if she had touched him, infected him. She was his poison, his delicious, disgusting drug. She was killing them both with her loyalty to Kirigi and her resignation to her fate, and there was not a chance thing would ever change.

Tattoo stood almost directly behind Typhoid Mary, just like he always did at the meetings. Protective, bordering on possessive, but his impassive gaze kept Kirigi from being able to do anything other than suspect the true intentions behind Tattoo's stance.

Typhoid Mary never acknowledged him. It killed her to see him dying because of her.