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Lucian was a mystery to many of the lycan. His origins were lost to all but himself, his memories were barely shared with anyone other than his Beta, the brutish second in command named Raze. The lycan Alpha had shared some of his past with the one he had chosen for his right hand man, but even to Raze Lucian was a mystery.

The proud, strong, smart, ruthless lycan Alpha. The legend, the martyr, the rebel. The most feared leader the lycan had ever had, the most feared leader they probably ever would have, but why?

Why did the vampires fear him so? Why was he the one who knew their weaknesses best, knew their tactics best? Why was he the one filled with such a cold fire of justified hate? Why him, what was so special about him? Why was he the leader, why was he the one hidden in the shadows, pulling the strings, winning the war in secret, but helping his kind draw closer and closer to victory?

What was so special about Lucian?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

He was a slave, a nobody, a dog. A guard dog, a hell hound of fantastical myths, nothing but an abused pet. He had no hidden talents, he had no desires to be great, he harbored no lust for power and fame. He only loved. Loved a princess, stayed loyal to her kind, and all his years dedicated to their protection were years dedicated to hers.

Sonja. She was the special one. She was his master, his lover, his mate, his bride, his being. She was everything, all that he wanted, all that he needed. She was beyond special, a princess, an Elder's daughter, an angel trapped in a world of night and blood.

He was her slave, submissive, obedient, loyal to the end. He bowed his head to her and her kind, and she loved him for the strength only she could see. He was nothing special, except in her eyes. He was everything to her, he was worth everything, and she was worth it all for him.

That. That was what was so special about the lycan leader. He was loyal to her kind no longer, he was protector of his kind until his death. His reason for living was taken, but he lived on, for her memory, for their child's justice, for his kind's survival. There was nothing particularly special about Lucian, until the vampires took all that was special to him.