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Author's Note: I decided to do this fic when I went on vacation to Fort Bragg.

The Beach

By: 24

Jarod drove through the windy roads that would take him to Fort Bragg. He had heard a person from one of his pretends talk about how beautiful Fort Bragg was on their vacation. He thought that he might like to go there one day and so here he was on his way towards a second vacation. He drove through the little town to his motel room The Beachcomber. He checked in and went to his room putting his meager belongings in it and looked out the window. He stood in amazement at the waves crashing into the rocks and sending out a spray of salt water. He saw people go down the walkway and down to the beach. He quickly locked his room and went downstairs to go to the beach. Once on the beach he saw people walking on the beach some with families and some with dogs who ran into the waves and out. He stood watching the tide come in and out. He lived by the beach and had only once seen it, but as he said he was never comfortable around this part of the world, so he didn't stay that long. Plus he had a job to do then. This time he was here just for himself.

He walked along the shoreline looking at the sandy beach. Some people had written their names in the sand, or just drew in the sand. He also found some washed up seaweed along the shoreline. He also looked at the rocks and kneeled down to look at the starfish that were attached to them. He then walked a little more and saw someone pick up a crab that was buried in the sand and watched as they put it back down after snapping a picture of it. He smiled and then continued on. His stomach was rumbling and decided to head back and go get lunch. He went to a restaurant called Captain Flints where he ordered Clam Chowder and fish and chips. After that he decided to do some shopping and send some presents to Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots and Debbie. Walking around town he went into the various shops soaking up the sun and the fun. It was a beautiful day out to go shopping. There were no clouds in the sky and the sun was warm. He even brought a disposable camera, so he could take some pictures to remember his vacation by. He even found a candy shop and brought himself some candy. He also brought souvenirs for himself. After going back and dropping off his goodies that he would send to his hunters and Debbie he went back to the beach to find some seashells and snap pictures. He snapped pictures of starfish, the ocean, the cliffs and everything else.

The next day he decided to go to Mendocino to look at the shops there. He brought some souvenirs and some more candy for himself. He also brought some more things for his hunters and Debbie. After some time there he had lunch at a little café in Mendocino and walked around some more. After that he decided that he should go back after snapping some pictures in Mendocino.

He went to the local post office and decided to mail his gifts. He sent Broots's stuff to his house, so his daughter could have her things he brought her. Then he went back to his room to pack. It was time to go after he sent off his gifts. It was a fun few days, but he had to get back to what he did best which was helping people.

The End