CT: Well! Celsius! Do the disclaimer!
Celsius: …your setting me up with Efreet! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!
CT: Well…i just thought…
Celsius: Next time, dont think, better for you. whatever, CT doesn't own ToS. Nor does he own any sensibility with making couples.
Celsius: i only speak the truth.

Three weeks later

I felt the breeze flowing through my hair, playing with each individual strand, caressing my head and cooling my skin. I looked out upon Meltokio, it was so peaceful now. After the defeat of Mithos we were invited to a dinner-dance party at the king's palace in Meltokio, before any of us could say agree or disagree, Zelos had already wrote us down as guests. The party wasn't for another several hours, so I walked through the streets of Meltokio pondering about what had happened. It was already three weeks since the end of Mithos, everything had become relatively peaceful, except for the dealings with rebuilding towns and contact with Sylvarant. All these things were important to me because I was now the leader of Mizuho. But there was still one thing that always took away attention more then anything else. Lloyd.

There was once a time where I was like every other female on the face of the planet, I was swooned over by Zelos Wilder, the 'gleaming knight' of Meltokio. I thought he was a gift from heaven meant for me. Apparently he liked me, so when he asked me out, I was completely flustered and embarrassed when he said 'yes'. I was an outcast from Mizuho, sent to the Imperial research institute as a 'bargaining chip' to prove Mizuho's loyalty to Meltokio. Zelos made me feel accepted in a way, that two such different people could be brung together by fate. I was able to overlook Zelos' idiosyncrasies and looked at his true nature, he was good natured and kind. But his hormones always got the best of him, that was how we broke up.

I came home one day to the smell of lavender in Zelos' living room, I was aiming to surprise him by coming home early since my lessons were canceled for the day. But I only came home to betrayal. For the first time in my life, I thought Zelos was going to treat me to something nice, as if he knew I was coming home early, but that damn philanderer was instead having fun with another one of his obnoxious 'hunnies'. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, the anger swelling up inside me like a balloon being blown, then that balloon popped. In a fit of anger, I kicked his table over in rage before bolting out of his house, I managed to hear his 'hunny' say about what an 'uncivilized beast' I was. I looked behind me, he hadn't followed me to the research institute. It was then I remembered about the assassination mission that the pope had called for to kill the Chosen of Sylvarant, I wanted to be as far from Zelos as possible, so I asked about it.

The following week I was to use a Rehaird given to us from the Renegades to go to Sylvarant to being my journey, this was now my new goal in life, but this was also a journey which changed my life. I was to assassinate the Chosen of Mana. I first met them in a place called the Ossa Trail, which I failed horribly, but that's where I first saw him, Lloyd Irving. At first I thought of as only another person in a long list of men, but then after joining him, I saw that he was so much more. We spoke several times at lake Umacy, Hima, and finally outside at partially rebuilt Luin. He never realized his feelings for me, but at the time, but I really didn't mind. I grew more and more attached to Lloyd, seeing how he could always relate to what I had gone through, but even to this day, there might be something Lloyd has never told me, and it irks the hell out of me.

There were two times that I felt like we were like a singular entity, once at Flanoir where I nearly told him my feelings, and once at Heimdall. We think so much alike at times, it scares me, like he is reading my thoughts in my head and saying them out loud. But we promised that once I could, I'd join him on his journey. Which leads me to where we are now. It was three weeks since then, and well, things have changed. Oddly enough, Lloyd and I have been dating for a bit, but it wasn't what you would call a 'date'. I called it being abandoned by your friends and it just happened that the only person I could go with was Lloyd. But in the end, they were all fun.

I looked at the sun and moon, which were at opposite ends of the horizon, this was the start of the second moon, it was my birthday, but no one remembered. I walked back towards the palace grand hall, a place off limits unless there was a party, I was dressed in a rather gaudy (by my opinion at least) outfit, it was like a gown, but it was still highly formal, I hate wearing women's clothes. Asides from whispers and men looking strangely at me, the outside was rather calm, but I felt out of place. I saw no one I knew and I began to wonder if I was the only person who showed up, let alone the only women without an escort.

"Sheena!" I heard someone call, such a familiar, caring and nonchalant voice, it could of been one of two people. One who I hate, the other who I love. Thank Martel it was the second one. I turned around promptly to greet him, it was defiantly him, Lloyd.

He was dressed similarly to what he wore at the last dinner party, maybe a bit more regal, but he had his hair combed down, it actually was somewhat long, some hair reaching down past his eyes, "Hey! Lloyd! I was beginning to think no one else would show." I said with excitement.

"Heh… Everyone is here, Regal, Presea, Raine, Genis, Colette and Celsius." said Lloyd, examining my dress carefully. It was both a wanted and unwanted scrutiny. "You look gorgeous Sheena!"

I felt my face turn pink as I tried to hide it to no avail, the color of my dress brought out the color of my skin. "T… thanks. You don't look half bad yourself." My mind began to drift back to the people staring at him and I, from one women I heard 'they look totally paired for each other' then I remembered, I was the only woman without a male escort. I might as well try my chances with Lloyd, "S-say Lloyd…" I started, my voice a bit rocky.

"Hm? What is it Sheena?" Lloyd responded, his oblivious tone in his voice telling me that he didn't know what I was going to ask.

"W-would you mind being my escort?" I asked, feeling the blood rise to my cheeks, causing my face to turn an even deeper shade of red.

Lloyd scratched the back of his head and nodded, "Heh, sure thing Sheena. Zelos filled me in."

I became annoyed when he said the name Zelos, the blush starting to fade away, "Ah, Zelos. I assume he didn't tell you anything stupid?"

"Nope, he said that all an escort does is that he shows his women to inside the Palace and he dances with her." Lloyd said nonchalantly, I wondered if he sensed the anxiety in my heart and was trying to make me feel better, it wouldn't surprise me in the least though.

After another ten minutes of waiting and idle banter, we were finally let into the palace, the couples lining up and entering in two lines connected at the elbows. Our elbows were intertwined rather loosely, probably because Lloyd has never been this close to me before, so I tightened my grip on his arm and I laid my head against his shoulder just to see how he would react. Which he didn't. I heard him chuckle a bit and we continued to walk silently with some people looking at us oddly.

When we made it inside, my jaw dropped in the pure extravagance of the grand hall, colorful banners lines the walls, stained glass windows depicted scenes from Tethe'alla's history, Spiritua, Mithos, the holy ground of Kharlan, and such. There was a large hall way where at the end was a band already playing romantic music. There were many tables lining the outer edges and there was an area for dancing as well as a small hallway leading to the many terraces that surrounded the castle.

Almost instantly, our friends found us and took us aside to our own table, dead center of all the other ones. Raine was dressed in a gown, much more conservative then mine, she was being escorted by Regal, who's clothes were smiler to the ones in the last dinner party, then there was Genis and Presea, who's clothes matched their personalities perfectly, Presea wearing a rather beautifully dull dress and Genis wearing a suit and tie. Then there was Zelos and Chocolat, that's right, Chocolat. Zelos had his hair tied back and a overly gaudy suit was adorning him. From what I heard, Chocolat was the first person from Sylvarant besides us to visit Meltokio, where she met Zelos. Well, unluckily from him, Chocolat was overly protective of Zelos, but he liked her anyways. She had her long brown hair tied back similarly to Zelos' and she wore a red gown. And finally, Celsius was with her old love, Efreet.

About two hours into the party, the music shifted into a soft, slow romantic music, couples slowly began to shuffle their way into the dancing area, Lloyd did the same with me, he took my hand and nearly dragged me, "H-hey…!" I protested to deaf ears. Once we were there, Lloyd look at me and smiled.

"C'mon! They're expecting us to dance Sheena." there was no way I could resist his smile. Lloyd places his two hands around my waist, bringing our two bodies together, I put my arms around his shoulders and closed my eyes. It was literally perfect for me. I heard familiar scattered whispers throughout the dance, as it dragged on, the song changed, but it was still a romantic slow dance. I opened my eyes to look around, we were alone on the dance floor. All the other couples were sitting at their tables watching us and smiling. I felt my face turn crimson, when I looked up, Lloyd's face was the same color as mine, I closed my eyes again and shut out everyone except from who I was holding. I could see us, just me and him, dancing in the clouds with the gods. As the music stopped, Lloyd let go of me and guided me back to our table, where I sat there, completely flushed red.

The heat was starting to get me as I started to sweat bullets. So I stood up quickly and silently and found my way to one of the higher terraces and got a breather. The scene was so tranquil and peaceful, the many scattered houses, some children playing in the moonlight and some parents walking and talking.

"…Sheena? Are you feeling alright?" Lloyd came up behind me and stood to my right, looking obviously concerned and sweaty.

"Ahh, yeah, I'm fine, just got a little hot." I replied, staring out into the distance.

"Oh, I see. Anything you wanted to talk about?" Lloyd unbuttoned the top button of his shirt and let the cool breeze form around his body.

"Well, there is one thing that has been bothering me. You spoke of an Incident that happened at Iselia, yet you never really told me about it." I asked quickly before he lost interest.

"Oh, that. It happened a long time ago. Genis and I disobeyed the laws of Iselia to help Genis' friend marble who had an exsphere without a key crest." Lloyd began to look down and depressed.

"You don't have to talk about if it hurts you."

"No, it's alright. I've been meaning to talk to you about this. Anyways, I asked my dad…Dirk if he could make a key crest. Which after a bit of arguing, he made one. But…I had to run to Iselia to give Colette her birthday present. But by the time I got there she was already gone. But apparently Desians found out about me and were there have me executed."

"For what?" I asked, almost in disbelief about how the Desians would simply execute someone just for trespassing.

"Because I was breaking the non-aggression pact. They burned down half the town and a quarter of the town lost their lives. I've never really gotten over it though. It was the reason why I was banished form Iselia."

His story reminded me almost exactly of my own, except much worse in a way, "How could they? They didn't have a chance to fight back or anything! That's horrible!" I exclaimed. "At least in Mizuho…"

"Sheena, it's alright. We got our revenge. But I still can't help but think it's my fault…"

I began to think, these events shouldn't govern our future, "Lloyd, we should just move on with our lives. I mean, we just can't keep dwelling in the past." My mind seemingly touched Lloyd's, he was about to say the same thing.

"Exactly what I was thinking Sheena, we shouldn't let these events control our lives." Lloyd smiled, "and that's why…" he clutched something in his pocket shaped like a box.

"There you are!" it was Celsius, she was dragging her boyfriend around apparently looking for us. "I've been looking all over for you!"

"Oh, you have been?" Lloyd looked over at Efreet, "Can you still feel your hand?"

The redhead tried to pull on his arm, but Celsius' grip prevented him, "I don't think it's even my hand anymore."

Celsius looked back, "Not like your going to use it. Anyways, Zelos was looking for you two. Say's he has something important to say." Celsius looked at both of us and smiled, before dragging her boyfriend off into another whirlwind…never mind. Lloyd and I walked back to the hall only to see everyone quietly talking and eating, as if waiting for us. We sat down at our table while Raine asked where we were.

Zelos stood up and walked to the center of hall with Chocolat attached to his arm. He looked around and winked me, I replied with a sigh. "Well now since they're finally here, I'll start! I'm sure your wondering why I'm standing up here." Zelos said confidently. "I have requested a special song for two of my favorite people. Sheena…" I felt my blood rise in anger as he called out my name, "…and Lloyd…" for some reason, that named calmed me down. "…to dance for us. Lloyd says he also has a special surprise for us!" Zelos walked back to the table and sat back down while passing Lloyd and I, giving us a friendly wink.

I became embarrassed once again, were my feelings for Lloyd so obvious? I felt my hands shaking while the walk felt like an hour. I looked back and I saw Colette urging me on, smiling. She was the one who originally loved Lloyd, I was wondering why she was so happy about this. I heard the music suddenly start playing, a soft serenade, it was the same song that was playing the first time Lloyd and I danced, I stared at Lloyd's face as she smiled and brought me to him, he held me closer then ever before. His arms were like a loving vice around my waist and my arms held him tightly. We danced for what seemed like eternity, the soft sounds of the music, people watching in silent admiration, and the smiles of all who watched us. As the music began to stop, I opened my eyes and let go of Lloyd.

"…Lloyd." I said underneath my breath, smiling softly and lovingly at him. He let go of my shoulders. He dug into one of his pocket and pulled out a small velvet case with a gold trim. My mind leapt, was it really what I thought it was? "Is it…?"

Lloyd nodded and fell to one knee, opening the case, it was a beautiful diamond ring, obviously hand crafted with a L and an S engraved on it. Lloyd looked up at me, examining every feature of my surprised face, "hehe, I know this is kind of sudden and all. But, Sheena, would you do me the honor," Lloyd's face turned more and more red, "…of becoming my wife, Sheena Fujibayashi?

I didn't know what to say, it was sudden, but I couldn't say I haven't been wanting this for the longest time. Thoughts ran through my head, my entire life flashed before me . Lloyd Irving…The hero of the two worlds, the savior of Luin, the destroyer of the Desians, the husband of Sheena Fujibayashi. "Lloyd…but then how…" I looked over at Colette, I expected her to be crying and depressed.

"Sheena! Say yes!" I heard her yell, giggling in an airheaded way.

I smiled and felt a new surge of confidence come over me, I closed my eyes and remembered the moments leading up to this, it felt as if our minds were one for those seconds that felt like hours…


Yes Sheena?

I love you, Lloyd Irving.

And I love you too, Sheena Fujibayashi.

"…I do." I smiled as Lloyd took out the beautiful ring and slid it onto my finger. I heard the applause of the countless nobles and friends who were there, I heard Zelos Cheering, Presea smiling, Regal laughing inwardly, and all of my friends cheering me and Lloyd on.

Part two: The wedding, coming up!

Celsius: well, that was pleasantly... romantic.
Efreet: what? You didn't like it?
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