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Chapter One: Oh Ron!

"Make sure there are no other students left in the library," she said to the young man who looked, frankly, pissed off.

He muttered something along the lines of 'no one in their right minds would stay long in this shit hole' and slunk away, dragging his feet.

His mutterances were proven wrong when he spied a young girl slumped over as she sat at a desk in the Restricted Section. Stupid girl fell asleep in a forbidden area. How dumb was that? As he neared he noticed the girl was kissing her desk in her sleep.

"Oh Ron! Ron!" she murmured as she delicately trailed her tongue along the wood.

She awoke with a start when Draco burst into raucous laughter. Her face and her desk were covered in drool. She turned to see Draco rolling around on the floor, his face mutated with hysteria.

"What in seven hells is wrong with you?" Ginny yelled, standing up and discretely wiping her face clean with her robe sleeve.

"Oh Ron! Ron!" Draco squeaked in a high-pitched voice between fits of giggles.

Ginny's eyes slowly grew wider as realization dawned. Without warning she leapt onto Draco's trembling body and began to pommel him with punches. His face, his arms, his chest, anywhere she could reach. But Draco just kept laughing, even harder, as if delighting in the pain. She closed her eyes and concentrated solely on connecting her fists with his flesh.

After a while she stopped and opened her eyes to find Draco unconscious, a blissful grin across his face. Whether it was the laughter or the beating that finally did him in, she didn't know.

Before she had time to catch her breath she heard distant footsteps approaching. "Draco," the librarian called.

Ginny quickly got up and ran over to her pile of stuff. She grabbed up all of it from off the desk and shoved it up on a high shelf, hoping it wouldn't be noticed there. Then she returned to her chair and felt the floor around it with her hands. One of her hands disappeared as she lifted the invisibility cloak off the ground where it had fallen sometime during her slumber.

She grabbed Draco's feet and hastily dragged him away from the main aisle so that the librarian wouldn't stumble upon him. Curling up next to him, she pulled the big cloak over them both, hoping it covered all of Draco's gangly extremities.

Between beating Draco up and zooming around in a panic, she had no time to catch her breath. She was really that out of shape. Now she was gasping in air like a fish out of water, trying to hush up before the librarian discovered her.

Just as the librarian came into view, Draco half groaned, half chuckled as he began to regain consciousness. Ginny twitched violently and pressed her hand over Draco's mouth, digging her fingernails into his face. This only made him laugh harder.

The librarian looked around frightfully, turned, and ran. Ginny could hear her steps echoing in the distance until she was far away. Cursing colorfully, Ginny ripped the invisibility cloak off them and rolled away from Draco.

"Stupid bloody prat!" Ginny hissed. "You almost got us caught!"

"No Weasley," he drawled, "I almost got you caught. I was here for detention so I had an excuse!" Remarkably, Draco still appeared to be on the verge of laughter.

Ginny ignored him and started to collect her things. Draco watched her feeling so brilliantly amused and he couldn't figure out why.

"As much fun as this was Malfoy, I really-"

"You're in love with your brother!" Draco shouted, remembering.

Ginny achieved the astonishing feat of having all parts of her face twitch separately. "I…" she trailed off.

Draco raised an eyebrow.

"I am not!" she screamed. Her mind was racing in a general state of panic. How would she get out of this one?

"Accept it Weasley! You were making out with the desk! And quite tenderly might I add!"

"I was sleeping!" she retorted.

"And dreaming about what?"

She slammed her books down on the desk. "I DON'T REMEMBER!"

Draco allowed for a dramatic pause and then said, "Well I have a pretty good idea! And to think all this time I thought you were mad for Potter…" He threw his head back and cackled.

Ginny stormed up to him and hit him hard in the gut. When he looked down at her she slapped him across the face. He grinned widely at her, his eyes burning with excitement and something else Ginny couldn't quite put a finger on.

"Let's dance Weasley!" he asked her, lifting her up and spinning around in a circle before setting her down again.

She gaped at him. Clearly she was dealing with a mad man.