Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed or any of the characters. Any resemblance in the plot is purely coincidental.

The story takes place right before "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell". The sisters aren't aware of Chris' true identity.

Chapter One

It was one of those days when most people would rather sleep, watch TV, eat or do anything a typical person would enjoy on a normal day. For the Halliwells however, a normal day is hardly normal at all.

"All I ask for is one day," Piper cried as she and Phoebe took cover behind an overturned couch. "Is that too much to ask?"

The living room was more of battle field than a comfort zone. Of course being in the house of the Charmed Ones, it is not new to see obliterated furniture, burnt possessions and scorch marks on the floor. Albeit today, there was more action than a normal demon encounter.

"Piper I'm afraid demons don't take the time off to try and kill us," Phoebe answered. "It's what they do for a living."

"Well, if they keep this up, they won't be living at all." Piper retorted.

Piper popped out from behind the couch to blow up two demons who are currently throwing energy balls all over the place. She sat back down just as Paige orbed in to join them.

"We already got three, two more to go." She said breathlessly while keeping an eye on the ongoing battle between Chris and the remaining attackers.

"We should give him a hand," Phoebe suggested watching the demons trap Chris into a corner. "On three?"

"Looks like he got things under control. With his telekinesis and all…" Piper replied her words dripping with sarcasm.

"One…" Paige cut in before Piper could say anything else.

Piper could only roll her eyes and prepare to run from their hiding spot.

"Two…" Phoebe continued.


All three sisters ran in different directions distracting the demons from finishing their whitelighter off. Piper blew one of them up before, again, taking cover behind the upturned coffee table. Phoebe levitated to kick the demon squarely in the face, knocking him off his feet. Paige took a last look on the demon's face. He had a very noticeable scar across his left eye and his eyes were burning with pure anger. She moved to thrust a broken table leg in his chest but the demon was quicker and shimmered out before the splintered wood penetrated him. Paige ended up stabbing the floor.

"Damn it. I'll get him next time." Paige said before helping Chris to his feet.

"Thanks," Chris uttered out of breath. "I thought you were just going to leave me to die."

"Well, that was the plan…" Piper whispered to herself a little too loudly.

Chris gave her that evil mocking look that only meant to say too bad for you it didn't work out. The two locked eyes and soon found themselves in a very uncomfortable staring game. Chris towered over Piper given his height. She had to tilt her head up in an effort to stay in their little game. That's when she noticed something else lingering in his vibrant green eyes. Something like disappointment – no it looked more like hurt. Piper could only look away.

"You're bleeding," Phoebe said trying to break the tension between the indifferent woman and the angry whitelighter. "We should get Leo." She added.

"No, I'm fine," Chris replied wiping the blood from his forehead. "It's just a little cut."

To Phoebe though, it didn't look so little. There was a gash on his head just below his hairline. He was staining his light blue long-sleeved shirt with crimson blood. It wasn't a pretty color combination.

"Were those demons after you?" Piper asked.

"What makes you think that?" Chris asked back.

Piper crossed her arms over her chest.

"Mainly because they chose to get rid of you and not us."

"They were only trying to get to you. They simply decided to kill me first. Apparently I was in their way."

"You really think I'd believe that?"

"Not really. I know you don't trust me."

"And I was beginning to think you didn't get the hint."

Chris chose not to answer her. He knew it wouldn't get anywhere. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't gain Piper's trust. There was no reason to believe this conversation would bring up a new outcome.

Phoebe and Paige looked at each other willing the other one to say something appropriate.

"So," Piper shouted clapping her hands together. "If everything's fine then I should start cleaning the place up."

Piper walked out of the living room leaving a guilty Paige and Phoebe and a bleeding Chris behind in silence.

"Don't mind her. PMS…" Phoebe lied through her teeth.

"Yeah…" Paige agreed laughing uncomfortably.

"How many times this week did you use that excuse?" Chris said trying to stop the bleeding and failing miserably.

Phoebe and Paige looked even guiltier than before.

"She didn't mean what she said." Paige said in an effort to comfort Chris.

"I'm pretty sure she did…"

"I'll get Leo to heal that. It looks bad." Phoebe tried again.

"I already said no." Chris answered a little too bitterly than he intended.

An awkward silence followed then Chris finally orbed out.

"I feel so bad," Phoebe stated turning to face Paige. "It's a good thing I can't get a reading off him. I'm afraid I'll curse Piper myself."

"He doesn't curse Piper." Paige said unconvincingly.

Phoebe could only hope her sister was right even though she knew she wasn't.

"I'm going to bed…" Paige finally said. "I'm already beat with the recent vanquish and my new temp job." She added before yawning and climbing the stairs.

"Yeah, you do that. I'm going to help Piper clean up," Phoebe said. "Maybe I can talk some sense into her."

Phoebe was still trying to crack a very firm Piper when they finally finished cleaning up. It was close to midnight and both women were obviously exhausted. It seems that Piper really hated Chris and there was nothing she can say to change her mind – and she's an advice columnist.

"He only tried to protect himself. You heard it too a hundred times: future consequences." Phoebe tried her next argument.

"It doesn't justify the fact that he still told us. I mean, if he was going to say it anyway, why wait months before he does?"

Phoebe knew she had a good point. Still she wasn't about to give up.

"He was forced to say. He was under the extreme pressure of saving the future and protecting his secrets." Phoebe was exasperated.

"Exactly. Why keep secrets from us? What, he doesn't trust us and he expects us to trust him? That's unreasonable. And that fact that my son grows up to be an evil tyrant is not to be kept a secret."

Phoebe answered her older sister with two words: "Future Consequences."

Piper whipped around to face her sister. "You're beginning to sound like him," she paused then added, "Why are you being so protective of him?"

"Because I'm beginning to understand his intentions and I'm willing to help him in whatever way I can."

The argument was beginning to heat up.

Phoebe was following Piper to the attic where Piper dropped off some of Wyatt's toys.

"Piper, please just give him another chance." Phoebe pleaded.

"I gave one too many chances already." Piper replied coldly.

Phoebe herself was starting to get angry.

"Well, that's not fair! All he did for the past week was to make an effort for you to forgive him!" Phoebe shouted.

"Fair? Don't you talk to me about fair, Phoebe. Nothing in my life is fair. I can't even have that one normal day for me and my son let alone accept Chris' apology. In fact," Piper turned to face her sister. "I don't even remember him apologizing to me."

"That's because you're too busy ignoring him." Phoebe replied angrily.

"Keep your voice down, you'll wake Wyatt."

"Stop trying to change the subject Piper!"

The disagreement escalated to a series of shouting and attempted walk outs before Paige finally decided to orb in wearing a maroon robe. Evidently, she was just about to go to bed when she heard her sisters yelling from upstairs.

"Do you mind? People are trying to sleep…" Paige yawned yet again.

"Stay out of this!" Both sisters shouted.

Paige was taken aback by the surprising request. Soon, she too was involved in their little argument that already veered away from the Chris issue.

The three sisters were so engrossed in their new found hobby that none of them noticed the Book of Shadows glow and shut itself.

Paige thought she had had enough and decided to just orb out and get that sleep she was deprived of. To her surprise, she was still in the attic.

"What the?"

Piper and Phoebe stopped their retorts and looked at Paige.

"What's wrong?" Piper questioned thankful for the distraction.

"I don't know…" Paige whispered. "I can't orb out."

"What?" Phoebe said. "That can't be right." She added putting her hands on her hips.

"I can't orb…I don't think my powers work…"

"Well, that's ridiculous." Piper said.

"Do your powers work?" Paige asked bitterly.

Piper tried to blow up an empty vase. She frowned when she found she couldn't. She tried again – and again. To her dismay, no shattered glass littered the attic floor.

"Oh no…" Piper murmured looking at her hands.

"Let me try."

Phoebe jumped up knowing she would stay in the air, but to her disappointment, she dropped to the ground on her ass with a loud thud.

"Something is definitely wrong." Paige realized.

The three sisters were left speechless.