Title: Haven
Author: Helen (11nine73)
Rating: T (Suitable for teens, 13 years and older), for later chapters.
Distribution: Archived at my site. Anyone else, please ask.
Spoilers: None
Summary: 9th Doctor. The TARDIS malfunctions, landing the Doctor and Rose on a forbidding-looking planet What is Haven's secret? Even the Doctor isn't prepared for the answer to that...
Category: Action/Adventure
Disclaimer: Doctor Whoand Rose belong tothe BBC. The OC is mine.

The TARDIS groaned and shuddered. Inside the Doctor threw another switch.

"Not that way!" He yelled at the troublesome machine. "This way! Rose! Hold that one down."

Rose followed his finger to the control. "How?" She asked. "My arms don't stretch, you know."

"Damn!" The Doctor released the level he was hanging onto and hit the button.

"Not going well, I take it?" Rose griped breathlessly.

"The TARDIS…" the Doctor panted. "Has always been… fickle."

"There's fickle and there's downright awkward."

The Doctor laughed. He didn't seem to care that his beloved time machine was fractious in the extreme. It was just another adventure as far as he was concerned.

"Here we go," he said triumphantly. His forecast was correct as the TARDIS shuddered again and came to an abrupt halt, throwing them to the floor.

"Oh yes, so we did," Rose muttered. She sat up, ignoring the hysterical laughter of her companion. "Where are we?"

"Absolutely no idea."

"O-kay," she said slowly. "How about when?"

"No idea."

"Marvellous. Never passed your TARDIS driving test did you?"

"Didn't have 'em."

"Should have done."

There was a pause.

"You might have a point there."