100 Days With Mr. Arrogant : Full Summary

Mimi Tachikawa had it all loving parents, rich life, large mansion, a dozen of maids to serve her, pretty good career and loyal friends. Because of one incident, she meets a guy who is somewhat similar, but still different from her. This guy is named Yamato Ishida, a person with a rich life, large mansion, dozen of maids, fame… but has lots of problems in his life. The two ended up in agreeing in a CONTRACT for 100 days. In these 100 days, will Mimi change Yamato back to his real personality?





Chapter One: Enter: Tachikawa Mimi! College Life Ahead!

"Good morning, Miss Tachikawa… breakfast's ready!"


A beautiful taupe-haired lady came downstairs quickly. Her face was extremely pretty, and her glittering smile amazed everyone. Miss Mimi, as the maids address her, is a very kind-hearted girl. She knew life is full of happiness, for she never had experienced hardships. Except for the fact of going to school…

Mimi is an only child of her rich business-minded parents. Even though they are always busy maintaining their company, they always have time to spend for Mimi in outings and trips. They gave her almost all she wanted, and did everything for her good. They never spoiled her much and made her realize the value of money since she was young.

She's close to the hearts of workers of their household. She even tries to work with them sometimes. She dreams of becoming a famous commercial model when she was a child, and now that she's 17, she's finally achieved it. What she wants to achieve now is to have a caring and nice boy friend.

You might question why this girl has no boy friend yet. She is so meticulous in picking one. She doesn't want to be heartbroken and she had learned a lot from the people she encounter. She knew that there is a certain time for that, and it is yet to come.

"Good morning, Sora!" she greeted her personal maid. "come join me in my breakfast, today is my first day of College! Let's go to school together!"

"But Miss Mimi, I haven't done all the chores yet. And my class is 3 hours to go…" Sora tried not to accept her kindness.

"Mine too! I want you to come with me, you can just tour me around the University while we spare our time" she said, smiling sweetly, "Pretty please, Sora?"

She cannot reject her this time. "Okay, Miss." She replied. Sora got into the table as well. During their breakfast, Sora told her stories about the University. About some of her professors and how to deal with them, in case they become Mimi's teachers.

After they finished eating, Mimi and Sora got dressed for school. They got to ride on Mimi's expensive and fancy car she earned from her modeling job. Mimi knew how to drive and she got a student's license to drive it. Sora really looks up to Mimi. She was her maid since Mimi was high school.

Sora is a year older than Mimi. She's an excellent student, and she helps Mimi when she's in trouble for her exams. She patiently teaches Mimi at night after Mimi's job, and they really get along well. Sora has friends in college named Taichi, Jyou and Koushiro. They are all boys. Sora gets along well with many kinds of people.

"Here we are now," Sora said.

"Oh my go, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!" she cried.

"You can do it, Miss Mimi." Sora cheered her up. "If you did well in high school, I'm sure that you'll be able to pass college too."

"Okay." Mimi said, getting off the car. "And, Sora…"

"Yes, miss?"

"Please, just call me Mimi from now on. I do not want friends calling me so formally."

Sora smiled. "Okay, let's go now, Mimi."

"Great!" she exclaimed.

The two girls went to the entrance of the University. Many students recognized Mimi, and they crowded towards her. Mimi and Sora hurriedly ran away the immense crowd. They found themselves panting and stressed out.

"Oh no, you're really famous around here!" Sora said "I forgot all about that!"

"Yeah." Mimi said. "I guess I have to be careful now…"

"That's right." Sora said. "not all people in this University are good."

Mimi noticed yells of girls approaching. They hid behind the plants and started to look at the crowd. It wasn't the crowd after Mimi. It was of the same number, but the crowd is made up of pure girls. They came yelling and running, and Mimi was confused by it. The girls were yelling:


"Who is Ishida-kun? Is he a famous actor studying here?" Mimi curiously asked.

"Well, kinda…" Sora answered, sweat dropped. "Ishida Yamato. He's already 2nd year. I used to be in one of his classes. He's a blonde, and those girls really are his fans."

"What course is he taking? Is it BA Theatre Arts?" she asked again.

"Definitely not!" Sora asked. "he's a great anti-social. His course, as far as I've heard… is BS Business Administration."

"That… was too far from what I expected…" Mimi said. "Anyway, he must be a son of a businessman too, we're taking up the same course."

"I guess you should be more careful. His classes would be the same as yours, so his fan girls would be there." Sora warned her. "Those girls hate very pretty girls in his class. They knock them off and make them expel themselves…"

"That's strange, they have no right to do that." Mimi answered. "don't worry, I'll be fine."

"Let's continue our tour! I'll bring you to the building where you'll have your classes." Sora said, as she walked forward.

Mimi took a short glance at the crowd again. "Ishida Yamato… I wonder who he really is…" she thought.