100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

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Chapter Twenty: A Brother's Love


Yamato hung the phone and sighed. He cannot actually believe he said those things to Mimi. When Jun had rejected him during their high school, he was not this dramatic. He just felt a bit adamant to women, but he knew that this aversion from women started since his mother and Takeru left them. But when Mimi had said goodbye and actually left him, he was broken—shattered like a glass that was crushed to the ground. He never felt this loneliness since he was a child, and thus it is hard for him to recuperate.

This time, Jun suddenly asked him out about something, and he had no other option but to say yes. Besides, he knew that it won't be good for him if he stayed at home sulking as he always did when he knew his mom left, and to think that the fact that Mimi had gone to somewhere he doesn't want to know hurts him so well.

He entered his car without hesitation, and drove to the nearby café where Jun told him to see her.

"Why does it have to be the women I love most you have to take, Takeru? Are you still that weak that I have to give in and understand you? Haven't you learned that messing with me is something worse?" he said. "But then… if it is really her who drove me away, I have no right to bear grudges."

Yamato instinctively glanced at the rear mirror, looking at his penthouse. "I… I now don't know how to live without you, my slave girl…"

He chuckled to himself. "I could never find another one like you."

As soon as he arrived at the café and had parked, he saw Jun alone in a table, stirring her coffee. He instantly noticed her serious demeanor. She never showed anything like this to him aside from the day she dumped him. It's as if she called him there for a problem she have for herself. When Jun had a sight of him, she tried to cheer up, but it's not as enigmatic as the natural cheer Mimi instantaneously creates when Yamato is around.

"Hey," Yamato greeted casually. "Anything wrong?"

"Hi Matt, I'm glad you came here even though there was a ruckus earlier at your house. I'm sorry for that… and uhm, how does Tachikawa-san react when I called you?"

Yamato cast his glance on the window. "She's obviously not snoopy about my private life, you know. She doesn't know about 10 percent of what you know about me." He murmured.

Jun chuckled. "It is obvious too that you want to hide something from me."

"I know you'd said that," Yamato told her flatly. "Anyway, what is really the problem?"

"Don't sound like you don't want to see me, meanie." Jun replied. "Or is your girlfriend pressuring you to not to go here earlier?"

Yamato grunted. "I told you she's not like that."

"Well good." She commented. "I suppose we can have this time for ourselves."

Jun took a sip from her coffee and faced Yamato. "Matt, tell me," she began "Do you honestly love Tachikawa Mimi?"

He blushed, and he sighed. "Why ask something like that all of a sudden?"

"Then why get defensive? I only asked for a yes or no question. You are the one who's making a fuss."

"Hn." He snorted coldly. "Why?"

"Answer me first." Jun said sternly.

Yamato gave up. "Alright. Yes, yes and yes. Now, happy?" he tried to hide his blushing face by looking down at the same time, burying his face in his palm. He then tousled his hair and sighed. "So what's the reason?"

"… It's about Takeru's opinion and your reply."

"Don't mind our business." Yamato retorted as he glared at her. "I'll get going if that's the thing you want from me—"

Jun had tugged his arm and he was pulled closer to him. This time, Jun's eyes appear to be pleading him not to go. She suddenly broke out: "Don't leave. I'm hurting too, you know…"

Yamato stood up properly after she let go of him. "Why?"

"I'm trapped in between my love for my boyfriend… and my past love." She took a shy glance at Yamato, and the latter was shocked to hear that from her.


It was not that long after Mimi finally reached the Yagami residence. Hikari welcomed her with a smiling face, and she looked beside Mimi. She was surprised not to see Yamato with her.

"Where's niichan?"

Mimi smiled apologetically. "Gomen ne, Hikari, but he still fixes his issues at their house. His younger brother has just arrived—"

Hikari was shocked. "Really? He has… returned?"

"Yeah." Mimi nodded. "And you know what he—"

TK suddenly arrived and he intercepted what Mimi would say. "I'm here, can I join you ladies?"

"Oh TK-kun!" Hikari greeted him. "Come on in, you guys! You'd love mama's miso soup!"

Mimi glanced at TK, and he was simply smiling. "Okay then. Come on, Mimi…"

She grabbed TK's hand. "Wait. Won't you tell Taichi and Hikari?" she asked him silently. Her look was meaningful. She knew that the girl he was talking about a while ago was actually Hikari.

"Ah. That?" TK faced her. "Let's just forget that I was once an Ishida first, Mimi." He said to her. "In time, I'd be prepared to introduce myself properly. Let this fact be within the two of us first."


TK just held her cold hands and entered with her to the Yagamis. Mimi cannot understand why he keeps it from her and from Taichi too. She now wonders what happened when she left with Yamato. The more curious she gets, the more uneasy her pretty face shows.

They were welcomed and they ate a sumptuous lunch. Hikari noticed Mimi's uneasiness, and she suddenly asked her during the meal.

"What's wrong Mimi?"

"Huh?" she was spaced out. "I love miso soup!"

Her smile wasn't bought by Hikari, and Taichi just ate his meal. TK noticed the tension, and began by easing the situation.

"Mimi's quite troubled," he began. "You see, she just needs a new place to stay."

Taichi and Hikari were surprised. "Why is that?" Taichi asked. "What happened?"

"Her landlord is going to out of town, and she needs a new place." TK said. "If only my place is better, I'd let her stay, but—"

Hikari and Taichi's mom entered the scene. "If that's the case, let's just let Mimi stay here." She told everyone. She smiled. "Hikari, you could share a room with her, right?"

Hikari gladly nodded. "Yes, mother! I'd be happy to let her stay."

"Thank you!" Mimi and TK said simultaneously. They both laughed at what they did. Then Mimi's smile returned, and she muttered her personal thanks to TK. He showed her one of his infamously cute smiles. Hikari noticed the peculiar closeness between them and TK's worry over her.

Taichi suddenly remembered Hikari telling him that she also invited Yamato, but instead he saw TK with them. "Where's Yamato? Why isn't he here?"

Mimi silenced and she glanced at TK with a clamped mouth. "He's busy with things at their home. He told me to be with Mimi first." He told them. "Oh yeah. Why didn't you invite Sora too?"

Taichi suddenly became panicky. "Why would I invite such a curt girl?" he suddenly reacted. "She's just going to mess our lunch."

The three of them laughed at his reply. "Tai-kun, I thought you and Sora are friends?"

Hikari giggled. "He's just too shy to admit his feelings…"

Taichi frowned. "Yeah right,"

"Please don't tell Sora that Mimi had lost a place to stay for a while." TK suddenly remembered. "You know, Mimi told me that she worries a lot. So then, would you keep it a secret first?"

Taichi agreed. "Yeah. The worrier Sora is,"

Mimi smiled. "I know she cares for me a lot. She's just like an elder sister to me." She had this happy expression again, and the rest of them can't help but admire her adoring smile.


"No way, Jun."

Jun looked down on the table, making drawings of circles using her hands. She still doesn't look like an innocent girl to Yamato. Is breaking someone else's heart her habit? Afterwards, if this guy returns in her life, she'll just pick him up and then there they go again???

"That's an absurd feeling." Yamato continued, in his monotone voice.

"But Matt, this time I—" she stopped. "Fine, absurd. What Takeru did—it's absurd too, right? Is he the only one who has rights to be absurd?"

Yamato suddenly glared at her. "Don't mention anything about my brother."

"I'm sorry…" Jun muttered. "If I broke up with my boyfriend in a nice manner, can we still have a chance?"

"I'm not available." He simply replied. I haven't heard her response yet. "I can't decide on that."

Jun's face darkened. "I guess it is Mimi, right? You love her that much, but do you know if she loves you?"

"You have a point, but I know she cares for me. It's an enough consolation to love her." Yamato left abruptly. Still, he cannot hide the fact that he's worried this much about TK and Mimi.

Jun tried to catch him outside, and she apologized. Yamato never said a word, and he finally left.


TK and Mimi are already in the Yagami's tea room. They were having some conversation, and they were waiting for the siblings to come join them. As they talked, it cannot be forgotten that something was going on between Mimi and Yamato besides their said relationship.

"I heard you and aniki said something about a pretense…" he began. "What was it?"

Mimi just smiled. "I don't intend to tell you yet, TK." She answered politely. "In time, you will learn of it."

"I see. Whatever your reason is, I respect that." He began. "But one thing is for sure…"

He smiled warmly, with his intent eyes looking at her directly, honestly. "I love you, Mimi."

Mimi blushed, and he's affirmed this thing to her. But then, she can't tell him an answer, and at the same time, she feels guilty for his first love. As this awkward moment continues, unknown to them, Hikari heard their conversation. Although she didn't understand a few things, it was clear that TK loves Mimi.

Mimi suddenly heard tumbling tea cups. TK looked at the direction and found a sighing Hikari behind the wall. She carefully placed the tea cups in order, and she grinned.

"Clumsy me!" she announced. Taichi came trailing behind her. "Brother, help me with these!"

After having tea, Mimi said she's got to get her other things first. TK insisted that he should go too, but Mimi told him that she could get her things by herself since it's not that much. Besides, Mimi thinks it isn't the right time for the brothers to see each other after what happened.


Yamato just arrived at his penthouse when Mimi had opened the door. With her is all of her stuff, and she didn't notice Yamato standing in front of her. She was busy managing her things and locking the door. Yamato took that opportunity to hurriedly run towards her, to talk to her.


She gasped as she looked behind him. She didn't speak anything, and he just stared at her.

"… Do you know why I was that mad at Takeru a while ago?"

Mimi opted to look at him. "Doushite?"

Yamato gave out a long sigh. "It started when we were still young... before mom and dad divorced…"

"…Takeru was always sickly, that's why he's always been close to mom. Because I was too young to understand his situation, I always got mad and jealous when I see Takeru and mom. I was desperately vying for her attention, but she constantly tells me that Takeru must be taken care of. Takeru and Takeru alone. Always him."

"One day, I was doing something to give to mom when Takeru came by my side. He wants me to play with him, but I refused. When he still insists on it, I angrily pushed him away. It triggered his sickness, and he was then on a critical condition. Since dad was always busy at work, and mom had just left, they both argued on whose fault it is. Deep inside of me, I know it was entirely mine. I blamed myself for their divorce, and started to live my life in despair."

"I became a good brother to Takeru in the end, and he forgave me. We knew it was too late, but we also knew we'll see each other again. But when I saw you getting closer and closer to him, it's as if he's taking another woman in my life away from me. Just like what he did to mom several years ago…"

Mimi stood in shock. Why is he telling me all this? Why now now that I decided to forget him?


Next Episode Preview:

"Ishida Yamato! Wait up!"

Yamato looked back and it was Taichi. He had followed him up to this point of the city. Suddenly, without further ado, Taichi's fist had landed flatly on him. He wasn't able to dodge it again. He was caught off-guard.

"You're doing better at this, Yagami Taichi." Yamato said. "You're also lucky that I'm not in a mood for games with you."

"I thought you would make Mimi happy? I thought you would be her ideal guy and then you'd not hurt such a kind girl like her? What have you done this time, huh Yamato? Suddenly going out with that Motomiya girl and leaving her like that?" Taichi shouted. "Yeah! At first I was shocked that TK vies for her too! I still supported you though, because I think you'd fight for her. She never cheated you nor accepted his love! She was faithful to you!"

Yamato's face turned unemotional to Taichi's verbal outbursts. His eyes had this weird blank expression, and he is obviously staring at nowhere. He didn't manage to get up by himself. He remained there, seated, knocked down.

"…She doesn't really deserve a proud and arrogant guy like you, Yamato! I guess she'd really be better off with TK!" Taichi added.

"You think it's hard on her alone? It's even harder for me to let her go like that but my brother loves her. I want him to be happy."Yamato simply answered without giving much thought on what he just told him.

Taichi was just left in shock.

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To be continued