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An Year To live

Chapter 1

Mrs. Weasley's eyes filled with tears as she watched her youngest daughter sleep on the couch. Her red hair had fallen over her face , she looked tired but the small smile playing on her lips told Mrs. Weasley that she was contented. She remembered the day when she was born, her little angel her only daughter her baby, Ginerva Molly Weasley. She recalled one eventful summer morning when Ginny was five and they were out on a picnic. She had come running to her to tell her about certain boys teasing her about her freckles.

" Mommy, they say I have too many freckles on my nose.. They say it makes me look like a cat with whiskers.. Why do I have so many freckles mommy?" She had asked her lips pouting. Molly had laughed.

" It's because the sun loves you best honey... It has kissed you more than any of them it will make you beautiful when you are older." She had said hugging her little frame to her chest.

Ginny had smiled. " Really mommy? Will Harry Potter think I am beautiful then?"

" It will be his loss if he didn't you are the most beautiful girl I know" Molly had replied chuckling at her daughter's words. Ginny had giggled.

Tears brimmed her eyes when she thought about the last time Ginny had come to her to show her spots that were forming on her back right below her shoulders. She couldn't dismiss them as sun kisses as she had noticed Ginny being tired a lot since the beginning of summer. So both Arthur and her self had taken her to the mediwitch to get it checked. Ginny had asked them not to talk about her issue to the boys as they might tease of having spots on her skin. Molly had obliged as she knew how they liked teasing Ginny for being their only sister. They loved her but she respected her daughter's wishes. The shock came when the Mediwitch called them in after the test results were out.

" I am sorry, I don't know how to tell you this but I guess I will just come out and say it . Ginny is suffering from a life threatening ailment that can be caused by dark magic that might have entered her in her stay at the chambers. Given her history I would say that it had started forming from her 2nd year . It was gradually spreading inside her until now hadn't had any physical appearances. I am sorry Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I am really sorry Ginny, but I can't do anything anymore. You have a year to live."

" What do you mean an year to live" Arthur had asked angry at the predicament the witch had made. " Who are you to decide how or when she will die.. We will see better witches. This is my daughter you are talking about.." Mr. Weasley's voice was filled with emotion. This was his little girl. His Ginnykins. This woman had no right to say something like that. Mrs. Weasley was now sobbing, and holding on to her daughter, who was unusually quiet.

" Daddy" she said quietly. " She is right, I don't know how I know it but I can feel it's different this time. I didn't tell you and mom but I haven't quite been myself since my first year. I didn't want you to feel guilty. You are the best parents a daughter could ask for . I love you both dearly and please don't mention anything to anyone else. I don't want their pity."

Molly protested "they love you Ginny" But Ginny stopped her mother .

' I know mom but I don't want them to look at me any different than they have, I don't want them to feel the pain until it's absolutely necessary. I will tell them mommy but just not yet please." Her brown eyes had begged her. Mrs. Weasley nodded and hugged her again. Ginny had then turned to the healer and asked her what was to be expected in the future. She found that it would pretty much be the same except the number marks would increase and little physical exertion would tire her out very easily. Mr. And Mrs. Weasley were at aloss at what to do. The war was taking it's toll and now they were going to lose their daughter.

Ginny had hugged her parents tightly. " I will make this the best year you guys can ever have and I always be there with you right here." she had pointed to their hearts. "Besides I was always pretty close to Sirius " Don't worry he will take care of me , and Grandma is up there too she will make sure he doesn't get me into too much trouble." She chuckled with tears in her eyes.

That was the last time they had talked about it. They had kept her request and not broken the news to the family, but Mrs. Weasley was still scared for her daughter. Tonight she had played Quiddich with the boys. It had exhausted her and had fallen asleep right after dinner in the middle of the conversation. Mrs. Weasley had seen the way Harry had looked at her daughter. She knew he had started caring for her in ways Ginny had wished for as a child. She walked up to her daughter and kissed her forehead. " Night my little angel."

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