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Two years had passed by since that cold morning. Harry Potter was a bitter man. He now taught as the Defense Against the dark arts professor at Hogwart's school of witchcraft and wizardry, and it was rumoured that he had a temper that could rival Snape's.

Ginny Weasley's funeral had been a quiet one with only family and friends present for the actual service. Ofcourse there were lots of people who had come to show their sympathy to the Weasley family but her death was the hardest blow on the saviour of the wizarding world. It was as if he had been given the dementor's kiss and his soul been snatched away. Words didn't mean much to him, he had failed in the main battle. The only people he talked to these days if at all were the Weasley family, Hermione, Lupin and Dumbledore.

He would snap at anyone who tried to get him out of his shell, and never attended any social occasions. His laughter was non existent it was as if the Harry every one once knew was replaced by some one so cold that the old Harry seemed more like a dream.

That morning he was sitting in his classroom marking an essay. He had had a bad morning, one of the kids had brought up the battle and Harry had taken House points off even though the question was legitimate.. Of course he had made it so that it looked the kid was interrupting his lesson but he knew the truth he had brought up Ginny, it was one first years she used to teach, who was now a third year. As he brought out another paper from the pile he felt something blow in his ears.

He got up to make sure the windows were closed, and then went back to the essays. However a strange thing happened as soon as the quill touched the paper. The writing vanished instead fresh writing appeared.

" Harry Potter I can't believe there would come a day I would compare you to Snape!"

Harry was mystified. He had seen the writing before the curvy neat script, but he had also seen the holder getting burried with it. He rubbed his eyes though after a long time he could hear the sound of his heart beat.

" You better get your act straight Mister or I am sticking with you for the rest of your life... honestly Harry they sent me back from up there" more writing showed. Harry couldn't believe his eyes.

" Ginny?" he asked into the thin air...

Well there you go ( I know it's very short) but watch out for Harry's Angel coming soooon!