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Chris felt proud. Proud of the fanfiction she'd written. It already had seventeen chapters, two hundred odd reviews and a few flames as well. Hmm. She wasn't too proud about those. Not that she cared or anything; she told the people who claimed that it really was important to learn how to write before typing, to stuff it. As if they knew everything.

The seventeen, soon to be eighteen, chapters seemed to be appreciated. The story had of course all the elements to be the best fanfic ever™, but Chris wasn't one to boast about it. Oh no, not her. Chris kept writing. Just like she was doing now.

So much like me
Chapeter 18: For you Id bleed myself dry

A/N: The newest chappie hawt of the press!1 NOT BETAED. Cuz betas are stuuuuupid.

"Edina, are you sure about this?" asked Roi. "I know that you'r the best damn alchemist we have and that you found


Filosophers Stone and everything, but do you really want to risk it all for your twinbrother Et, who has been dead for twenty years?"
"Roy! You know hes not my real brother! My soul just happends to be the reincarnated spirit of Eds' twin sister." Edina answered. Roy sighed. "I know I can't stop you. Just remember that I love you." He kissed her passionately.
She murmered: "Rou, we have no time for this. NOthing will happen. Don't worry. I love you two. I was so happy when you asked me to be your girlfriend." She hugged him. "Now, let's get craking!"

She got the stone, said some weird Ancient Words (A/N: my own thought up language LOL), while she making a circle on the ground.
Suddenly, the earth began to move really fast, making Roy fall down. Trying to help him, brave as she was, Edina ran towarsd him. Then, she saw a huuuuuge open gate before her, pulling her inside. After this, everything was black.

She saw flashes of her most importand memories: her mother and father, Scar and Wirny; meeting Roy, who kept
himself young using Ancient Ishbal Alchemy (A/N: OMG made by me as well whahaha); defeating Risa, who revived the 8st Sin, Evilnes; finding the Philosopher's stone; digging up Ed's bodi in order to transmutate him to help her save the world…

"Wake up. Everything's okay You don't have to cry anymore!" Edina looked up, opened her big, golden orange eyes, amazed. "Who are you?" "My name is Alina and I'm-

The screen went blank. Triangles and squares appeared surrounded by a circle and odd symbols. Then the figures glowed red.