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Chapter Seven: It's On!

"I see Slade wasn't such an idiot as we thought!" Cyborg commented while scanning Terra's suit.

"What? What did you find?" Robin asked.

"Well, while scanning around Terra's suit-" Cyborg started.

"YOU HAVE BETTER NOT HAVE SEEN ANYTHING!" Terra spat as she covered herself up.

Cyborg sweat-dropped.

"Anyways... as I was saying... I found that there was a tiny hidden microchip, as big as a fingernail, on the chest plate of Terra's suit that controls the whole suit."

"Uh... yeah! We knew that all ready!" Beast boy stated the obvious.

"Let me finish... Now, if we somehow disable the chip, the suit will unhook from Terra's nervous system and thus the armor will be removed." Cyborg finished with a 'Ta-DA!' look.

Terra blushed and rubbed the back of her head, "Heh, heh, yeah... about that... UM, I am not wearing anything underneath my suit thingy..."

"...Disturbing..." Raven simply said. "You aren't even wearing underwear?"

Terra turned red, but this time from anger, "I'M WEARING UNDERWEAR!... just not a-"

"Bra?" Raven finished. "I didn't even know you needed one, since you don't even have any chest." Raven pointed at Terra's flat, flat, flat chest.

Starfire, surprisingly, giggle a bit.


The whites of Raven's eyes turned tint red and a low growl came from Raven's throat. Fangs appeared in Raven's mouth. Beast boy and Starfire noticed and knew this was going to be serious. DEAD serious.

"Terra you went too far!" Beast boy said deafening Raven.

"Yes, you must stop! Friends should not fight!" Starfire added.

"...who said she was my friend? She more like b-..." Raven spoke in a demon like voice so low that not even Beast boy heard the whole thing. Beast boy ignored it.

"Rrr... why'd you always have to deafen her...?" Terra said. "Feh, just forget it..." Terra was walking away when Cyborg's voice stopped her.

"Uh, Terra? The suit?" Cyborg mentioned.

"Later," Terra walked on. Maybe I'll keep it...

Raven's eyes turned back to normal and her teeth shorten. A tiny piece of Raven's chakra cracked. No one notice, not even Raven...

Raven's mind

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh..." Someone chuckled, "Today might be the day..." The mysterious emotion walked toward Denial. "I was able to control Raven for a split second. It wasn't much, but I have never done that before. I couldn't of done it if I didn't have some help from a sister." The emotion looked at denial.

"This isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't happening..." Denial mumbled in a fetal position, rocking herself back and forth.

"Oh, it IS happening. And with you denying your, or should I say, RAVEN's love to Beast boy, it will only be that much closer..." The emotion said in a bone chilling voice.

"I DON'T love him! I DON'T! How can I? I DON'T LOVE BEAST BOY, DAMN IT!" Denial yelled holding her head.

"You just keep telling yourself that..." The emotion chuckled and patted Denial's head. The emotion walked away.

Denial glared. "Oh, she did NOT just touch me..."

In the halls of the 'T' Tower

Terra walked silently but angrily through the many halls and doors. Her eyes searched and darted back and forth, remembering. In a distance, Terra saw something shiny on a door. As she focused at it, almost straining, she noticed that it was familiar to her. She read the golden letters neatly placed on the door. 'TERRA.' Relieved that she finally found her room, she punched in a number on the lock.

9112257252. Denied.

Terra tried the number differently.

1925127225. Denied.

Terra let out a frustrated groan as she tried to remember the code. Then it hit her.

9121527522. Approved.

The door slid open revealing a cobwebbed, dusty room. Besides that her room looked the same.

The numbers. The combination. Yes, now she remembered. If you decoded the numbers it would spell 'ILOVEBB.' Terra wondered why no one figured it out besides Raven.


That little bitch. She was the one always in her way. She was the one who never her do anything. SHE was the one who never leaves her alone. She was the one who Terra never trusted. Terra never will. Because of Raven, Terra never got the hang with Beast boy comfortably. Come to think of it, Raven was more annoying when Terra was around Beast boy.

The picture.

Terra dung into her pocket and grasped the picture she took from Cyborg. The picture of Beast boy sleeping on Raven's lap and Raven holding his hand. Terra crushed the picture as she remembered when she arrived on the 'T' tower.

"Terra?" Raven asked.

"The one and only," Terra jumped off the rock she was on and landed on the roof.

"TERRA!" Beast boy yelled as he hugged Terra.

"Glad to see you too, BB," Terra hugged him back. Beast boy was the first to let go.


"Whoop dee doo..." Rave twirled around her finger.

"Common Raven, you know ya missed me," Terra smirked.

"Yeah I guess you're right..." Raven lied and did a fake smile.

"Dude, I can't wait to tell the others!" Beast boy dashed to the door leading down the roof.

"I guess HE'S feeling better..." Raven told herself.

Terra heard, "What, was he sick?" She said worried.

"Yeah, but I gave him some tea, works every time..." Raven said, not really wanting to talk to Terra.

"Ok then," Terra started, "Hey, what were you and BB doing?"

Raven blushed, "Nothing, we didn't do anything," Raven tried to keep her voice monotone.

"Ok, whatever," Terra said, not buying what Raven told her.

"Well, anyway lets go meet the others," Raven told Terra.

Terra just nodded.

It all makes sense now. Raven like, likes Beast boy.

'Oh no. Raven isn't gonna walk on my territory like that. Not now, not EVER. I'll make sure of that.' Terra's hands glowed a bright yellow out line. 'If SHE wants Beast boy, she has to go through ME! Raven powers work with emotion so I'm gonna have to make Raven jealous. REALLY jealous. Then I'll make my move.'

Terra walked up to her bed and looked underneath HOPING that her lap top was still there. To Terra's relief, it was. She turned her lap top on and started looking for the file that contained everyone's fighting information she got for Slade when she was his apprentice. It included Raven's secretes as well.

"Raven, you're going down." Terra put her mouse pointer on Raven's file and double clicked on it, reveling her info. "Cuz it's on!"

"Ah-ah-ah-AH-CHOO!" Raven sneezed and sniffed afterwards. "Ugh, I think I am getting sick... and my ears are ringing like crazy,"

"Either you really are getting sick or someone's talking about you," Beast boy added.

"I'm not superstitious," Raven mumbled as she ignored Beast boy's comment.

If only Raven believed him.

End of Chapter

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