Disclaimer: Neither Shiranui Genma nor Inuzuka Hana belong to me (sadly), but Inuzuka Kumi and Kawamaru do.

Author's Note: Inuzuka Hana is the real name of Kiba's older sister; she's 18 when first introduced, which makes her nine or ten years younger than Shiranui Genma. This fic is a spin-off of the relationship between Genma and Hana explored in the Naruto RPG Ima Made Nandomo; it was inspired by Chevira Lowe's excellent portrayal of Genma and his recollection of his first meeting with Hana. "He'd known Hana for years, now, at least since she was teething. If he remembered correctly, the first thing she'd done was bite him."

This is, therefore, a present for Chev, written at 4:30 in the morning, edited only a little, and sleep-deprived liek woah.


The first time Genma met her, she was nine months old and teething on the left ear of Kumi's dog.

Genma stood just inside the walled courtyard, taking in the scene with one hand still on the open gate. It was early morning, and the courtyard of the Inuzuka compound was filled with a tumble of children and dogs who rolled around in a gleeful tangle of bare and furry limbs. In the middle of the courtyard the tiny girl sat with her arms around the puppy's neck and her teeth locked on his ear. Kawamaru was yelping in pain and scratching wildly at his tormentor; Kumi knelt beside her, red-faced with fury as he tried to pry the child away from his dog partner. No one else seemed to be taking any notice of them.

Kumi wasn't making much headway. The harder he tried to free Kawamaru, the tighter the girl held and the more the dog yelped. Genma sauntered slowly across the courtyard, his hands in his pockets and his teeth clenched against the laugh that tickled the back of his throat. The coolest genin to graduate from the Academy in three years didn't waste years of image-building in one laugh, after all.

"Having trouble, Inuzuka?" he asked.

The other boy glanced up, his flush almost masking the crimson fangs tattooed on his cheeks. "Genma," he said, and even his voice was funny, so full of squelched anger and pain and frustration that it trembled. "The stupid brat won't let go of Kawamaru!"

Genma crouched to study the scene. The girl wasn't much bigger than the puppy, but her chubby arms were wrapped so tightly around his neck that he was in danger of strangulation. And yes, her teeth were firmly clenched on his ear. Genma considered the problem for a moment. On the one hand, the sight of Kumi's dog trapped by an infant and Kumi himself near tears was funny enough to sell tickets to. On the other hand, Kawamaru was obviously in pain, and Kumi looked ready to either sob or scream—and Gemna'd really not have his new teammate mad at him on the day of their first mission together. Guess it'd have to be Shuranui Genma to the rescue, then!

He slid his hand across the girl's stomach, between her body and Kawamaru's. His hand flexed, strong fingers digging into the child's sides. This had better work, or else he was gonna look like some real sicko…

The girl burst into laughter, flailing arms and drumming hard little heels on the dusty ground. Kawamaru escaped with a yelp of joy, darting around Kumi to hide behind his partner's back. Genma sat back on his heels, his hand still poised above the girl's stomach, and watched her scream in delight at the tickles. Gods, she reminded him of his little sister. Well, once more wouldn't hurt—

He stretched his fingers out, preparatory to the attack. The baby girl seized his thumb in both tiny hands, stuffed it into her mouth, and chomped down.


Even at the age of nine months, Inuzuka Hana had fangs.