Change Your Mind

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A/N: Originally this was going to be a Romance/Angst with Risa/Daisuke, but that obviously didn't happen. Now I don't know what it is. (sweatdrop)

Lazy days Help me through the hopeless haze But my, oh my Tragic eyes I can't even recognize myself behind So if the answer is no Can I change your mind?

Risa sat on the bench lost in her fantasies about Dark. All she wanted was Dark's love. Wasn't love supposed to conquer everything?

Daisuke stood next to Takeshi, but he was not hearing anything. Takeshi's voice faded to nothing as Daisuke daydreamed. Why did Risa have to like Dark?

Out again A siren screams half past ten And you won't let go While I ignore that we both felt like this before It starts to show So if I have a chance Would you let me know?

"Stole another artwork?" Satoshi questioned Inspector Saehara. The inspector grunted and looked away. "Very well." Satoshi muttered before running off.

Dark scanned the nearby park for any people. Two girls caught his interest, but one caused his downfall. Daisuke found himself at Risa's feet. "Daisuke! What are you doing here?"

Why aren't you shaking? Sent back in time Gracelessly taking Oh you're too kind

"Well, the same as you! Looking for Dark." The lie came quick and easy. A slight feeling of guilt made its way inside him. Daisuke found himself unable to look Rise in the eye.

"That's great. We can sit and wait together." Risa moved over in order in give Daisuke space to sit. "Thanks. Oh, Risa do you always come here to think?" A blush appeared on Daisuke's face, but he was determined to make conversation.

And if the answer is no Can I change your mind?

Riku hid behind the tree watching Risa and Daisuke. Riku tighten her grip on the tree, not wanting to believe she was jealous of Risa. Daisuke likes Risa. Risa likes Dark. There was no way Risa would change her mind. That opinion was true, wasn't it?

We're all the same And love is blind The sun is gone Before it shines

Satoshi stood just outside the park. There was no reason to go chasing after Dark. Daisuke was back and with Risa. Blue eyes moved and spotted the other Harada. The connection he felt caused the understanding that came to him.

All four were connected by one person…

And I said, if the answer is no Can I change your mind?

Risa sighed and made a decision. "Daisuke, let's get going. I don't believe Dark will show up tonight." Daisuke nodded and the two walked out of the park together. Was Risa over Dark? Ruby eyes held hope as Daisuke looked over at Risa.

Riku followed silently behind. It was no use trying to get home before Risa. Her sister always seem to know when she was out. Besides, what Risa said was disturbing. Risa was never one to give up on Dark.

"Dark will come someday. Tonight just wasn't our time." Risa said and smiled at Daisuke. "Thank you for staying with me. You truly are a great friend!"

And if the answer is no

Can I change your mind?

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