One-Night Stand

Post – 'Threads'. She was devastated by her father's death, he was feel lost of descending. They were both drunk and horny. But how do you deal with the ramifications of a one-night stand?

Author's Note:

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Chapter One

She had been relieved beyond words when Doctor Daniel Jackson had returned to earth, safe and sound – and memory intact, too. For a few minutes, it had distracted her from the death of her father.

… And then it would all come back to her. To be fair, she supposed she had had four years with him that she wouldn't have had without Salmak, his symbiote – four wonderful years after a long estrangement. In those four years, she had told herself that if he died tomorrow, it would have been more, so much more, that she would have otherwise had.

But now that he was dead, it was hard to believe that.

Jack tried to comfort her. During Jacob's final hours, they had shared an intimacy that she had been longing for ever since she and Jack had first met. It had been Jacob's dream that she and Jack end up together, and he had died believing that dream was on the way to being fulfilled.

And maybe it was, in those final hours. But once he had gone – a sense of loss had overwhelmed her that Colonel Jack O'Neill couldn't penetrate. No-one could. She was on her own.

In a way, she was grateful that she and Pete had split. She loved him, he was a good friend, or rather had been, she didn't think he'd want to be friends anymore, but she wasn't in love with him. She didn't need to deal with the complications of their failing relationship on top of her own grief.

At least now she didn't have to fret about Daniel. A part of her had been hoping him to be dead, so that would be it. For him to return to them alive was more then she could have hoped for.

Maybe there was a God out there, after all. One that wasn't just a Goa'uld impersonation. Oh, wait, Samantha thought wryly. We seem to have killed them all. She wondered if Daniel had anything to do with that. Probably. Daniel achieved much more then people – Jack especially – gave him credit. Often, it had been Daniel she had turned to when she was down. Jack wasn't good at the comfort stuff. He was too military for that.

But ultimately it had been Jack she'd wanted to be with these last eight years. Of course, she'd kept that a secret. There were too many complications with them being together. And she'd though Jack didn't return her feelings. But being at the hospital with him –

Not that it mattered. She was too buried in her grief for anyone to touch her. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to get drunk.

Doctor Daniel Jackson was feeling lost. This wasn't quite as bad as the last time he'd descended, when he'd had his memories completely wiped and it had been a bitch getting them back. (As if dealing with his wife's death the first time at the hands of his friend and team-mate hadn't been bad enough.) But you didn't go from a higher plane of enlightenment to Earth without feeling some sense of being lost.

The stress of being locked in mental combat with Replicator Carter was coming back to him, too. The bitch (although he didn't think computer-machine-whatever-they-were-things had genders) had leeched onto his knowledge and hidden memories. He had never been raped, but he could sympathise with how violated the victims must feel.

At least he'd gotten the better of her in the end. The Replicators had been completely wiped out, and it seemed the Goa'uld system lords were running around the galaxy in absolute chaos. Daniel had a vauge feeling he was somehow responsible for that, too, although he couldn't pinpoint exactly how. All he knew was that he felt terribly alone, and more then a little violated to boot.

He felt like getting blind, stinking drunk.

Samantha wasn't sure was led her to Daniel's door at two in the morning. A sixth sense told her he'd still be up, feeling just as lost as she was. She only knew she couldn't go to Jack. He wouldn't understand her loss. He would try to relate it to the loss of his son, his wife, but Samantha knew they just wouldn't connect. Not the way she and Daniel would.

She and Daniel had always had that connection. Way back when the Stargate program first started, and she'd put her life in danger by staying with Cassandra, a literal walking time-bomb, he'd understood why she'd done it – better then Jack or General Hammond. And he hadn't held it against her when she'd gotten teary about the girl. " I keep forgetting you're not military, " she'd said, but she'd meant it as a good thing. There were times she needed a friend who didn't think in stoic military terms.

A friend like Daniel.

Daniel opened the door, fully dressed and not entirely sober. He had made no attempt to go to bed, but his attempts to get drunks weren't entirely successful, either. Four hours and he was somewhere between tipsy and drunk. It just wasn't in his nature to get drunk alone.

" Sam! " he said warmly, pulling her into his apartment and into a bear hug as if she was a long-lost friend. Which she kind of was. Being killed by a Replicator and then descended back to earth after you turned your nose up at enlightenment made you value some things more.

Samantha wrapped her arms around Daniel's neck. That's what she missed about Daniel, his easy affection. He just didn't get the reserved nature of the military. " Oh, Daniel, it's so good to have you back, " she said into his chest. Her tears were already starting to wet his shirt.

He pulled her away and looked into her tear-filled eyes. He hated seeing Samantha upset. It had always burned him the way Jack never took better care of her. It was obvious she cared about him, and he returned her feelings to some degree, but it wasn't in Jack's nature to be caring – especially about someone as resilient as Samantha, who he knew would somehow muddle through it on their own.

But someone even the most resilient people don't want to muddle through it on their own. They want to be held and taken care of. So Daniel held her, trying to repress the resentment that it was Jack and not him that Samantha cared about. He could take so much better care of her. " Jack told me about Jacob, " he said. " I'm really sorry, Sam. I wish I could have been there. " It was the one thing he regretted about his absence more then anything else.

Samantha looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. " Thankyou, " she whispered brokenly. " I don't want to talk about it. Not yet. To tell the truth – " she looked sheepish, " – I came over thinking you might want to get drunk with me. Right now I feel like drinking myself into oblivion. "

" Sounds good to me, " Daniel agreed. He led her into the cramped living room, where he was working his way (slowly) through a carton of beer.

Sam wrinkled up her nose. Beer was not an efficient way to drink. " Got anything stronger? " she asked.

The lady meant business. Daniel procured a bottle of whisky from his liquor cabinet and two shot glasses. " I aim to please, " he said grandly, pouring them both a shot. He handed one to Samantha. " One… two… three! " They quickly downed their shots, and Daniel poured another two.

An hour and most of the whisky later, they were happy as clams and filling each other in on what the other had missed. " Oh, man, I can't believe you killed that bitch! " Samantha said gleefully. " Good for you, Danny. Never liked her. "

" I like you much better, " Daniel said gravely, pouring out the last of the whisky in two equal portions.

Samantha looked forlornly as the empty bottle, wishing she'd brought her own stuff with her. " No more? " she said sadly.

Daniel laughed. " I have Bourbon that Jack got me last Christmas, unopened, " he said. " Normally I hate Bourbon but – " he giggled, " – right now I'm too drunk to care and only want to get drunker. "

Samantha laughed. " Yeah, Jack always did have horrible taste, " she agreed, thinking about Kerry Johnson and wondering what Jack saw in her. She supposed a man had to get laid, but there had always been something off about the woman, in Samantha's humble opinion. Strange that Jack's defection to Kerry didn't hurt now as much as it usually did. And she had Daniel to thank for that. When he returned with the bourbon, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

" What's that for?" Daniel asked, secretly pleased with Samantha's show of affection.

Samantha giggled. She took a long look at him and realised she hadn't noticed when he'd gotten so hot. Today when she'd caught a glimpse (well, OK, more then a glimpse) of him with only a flag to cover his dignity, she'd realised how built-up Daniel had become since knowing him. Now she couldn't help but thinking about those chiselled abs, those muscly legs. She gulped, and forced her mind away from Daniel Jackson's physique. " Just for being you, " she said.

Made sense to Daniel. And it was about time someone appreciated him for him. He poured out two shots of bourbon, his hand shaking as he did. " Whoops, " he said in a sing-song voice. " I think after this we need to drink out of the bottle, save spillage, " he said solemnly.

" Good, means I can get more then what's in these pissy little glasses, " Samantha said, downing her bourbon quickly. She made a face. " Ech, now I remember why I don't like bourbon. " She giggled. " Once again, Jack O'Neill has terrible taste. " But nonetheless, she grabbed the bottle from Daniel's hand and took a long swig from it.

" Hey! " Daniel said indignantly. " That may be revolting, but it's still mine – you gotta share! " He grabbed the bottle off her and took his own swig.

For a few minutes they sat together in silence, passing the bourbon between them, and then Daniel said, " So what is going on between you and Jack? I heard him and Kerry Johnson broke up. "

Samantha took a long swig, for courage. She shrugged. " Don't ask me. It's being going on so long now, I don't care any more. " Another swig of bourbon, followed by a giggle. " What about you, Danny? " she asked mischievously.

" What about me? " He was captivated by her lips as she spoke, as she drank, as she laughed. He wondered what those lips would feel like to kiss.

" Is there anyone special in your life? I mean – " she giggled, " – apart from the Goa'ulds and intergalactic nutcases you manage to attract. "

" Oh, I'm sorry, it seems someone has forgotten about Narim and Martouf, " Daniel reminded Samantha sweetly, evading the question. He wasn't that drunk yet.

Samantha giggled at the memories of the Tolan and Tok'ra she had been involved with, of sorts. It was really hard to conduct an intergalactic romance. " Hey, I had a real, human boyfriend, " she pointed out.

" And I had a real, human wife, " Daniel countered.

Samantha rolled her eyes and giggled. " Sha're doesn't count, " she said. " That was years ago. Hey – " a thought occurred to her, and she wondered why she hadn't thought of it before " – does that mean you haven't had sex since she – um – since Sha're? "

" I'm not answering that question, " Daniel retorted. OK, so technically there had been Hathor, but he'd rather not remember that.

Samantha grinned evilly. " I'll take that as a yes, " she said.

Daniel glared at her. Why did she had to be so persistent about something that was embarrassing him? " OK, then, did you and Martouf ever sleep together? " he asked triumphantly. It had always been a curiosity of his, and if she didn't answer, at least she would shut up.

Samantha's expression immediately went serious. " OK, I'll drop it, " she said, which Daniel took to be a yes. He smirked, his blue eyes sparkling with unspoken triumph. God, he had such beautiful eyes.

Samantha stood up. " I need to go to the bathroom, " she said, and unsteadily she trotted off to the bathroom. Daniel watched her retreat, his eyes focusing on her toned ass (years of military training) and her long legs hungrily. God, she was hot. And her teasing about sex had got him worked up.

He would never admit it, but his late wife had been the last woman he'd slept with. Well, without the aid of drugs, anyway. After her capture and then death, he'd thrown himself into his work. After a while it became easy to concentrate on other planets, and it wasn't hard to justify not going out much when the only woman you really wanted was with you most of the time.

In the bathroom, Samantha took her time washing her hands, trying to gather her thoughts. Her teasing with Daniel had gotten her worked up. It didn't help that he was so goddamn hot. Idly she wondered what it would feel like to be kissed by him. Stop it, Carter! she ordered herself. Daniel is not part of the equation.

As if he had sensed her thoughts, Daniel appeared in the doorway. She spun around to look at him, and his eyes pierced hers. She felt giddy with alcohol and lust. " There is one special person in my life, " he said gutturally, and he quickly closed the distance between them to envelope her in a tight, possessive hold. Before Samantha could gather her senses, Daniel's mouth came crashing down on hers and he was kissing her hungrily.

Her sense took complete leave of her, and she kissed him back with as much hunger. He wanted her, and it felt good to be wanted. His mouth left hers and trailed kisses down her face and neck, his fingers fumbling at the buttons on her shirt. She whimpered at the feel of his hands on her bare skin, and returned the favour by opening up his own shirt and running kisses down his chest. He growled and pushed her against the bathroom door. Soon her shirt was on the floor, and her bra followed it, liberating her breasts. With a growl of delight, Daniel took one breast in his hand and the other in his mouth. Sam squealed and arched her back at his ministrations. For someone who was as drunk as she was, Daniel knew how to get a girl worked up. She felt his hands fumbling at the belt on her jeans. She could feel his hardness against her thigh and it turned her on at least as much as it sent warning lights off in her head.

" Daniel… " she protested weakly, not really wanting him to stop. " We shouldn't be doing this – ooohhhh… " she cried out when his fingers slid into her warm wetness. Her body was crazy with desire, she couldn't remember wanting a man like this. And Daniel wanted her, which soothed her ego. " Fuck me, Daniel, " she cried out, scarcely believing the words had left her mouth.

Daniel looked at her in mild surprise but her coarse words only served to inflame his desire. " Say that again, " he ordered. He was pulling down her jeans and then his own.

" Fuck me, Daniel! " Samantha screamed. She caught a glance of herself in Daniel's bathroom mirror, and she could scarcely believe this was her behaving so wantonly. And she knew the alcohol was only partly to blame.

Daniel hoisted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist, she plunged deep inside her. " Daniel… " Samantha groaned, digging her nails into his back. He began pumping hard and fast, and she began screaming with more and more fervour, matching his groans. His mouth was on hers, on her face, her neck, her breasts while she explored what she could of his body with her hands and mouth while she screamed his name.

It was over quickly, but both of them had been satisfied. Slowly he lowered her so she was standing and wrapped his arms tightly around her, still pinned between his body and the door. " I can't believe we just did that, " he panted heavily.

Samantha smiled. Daniel had never looked so hot. She kissed him. The she leaned against the door, her body suddenly feeling the effects of the alcohol.

" Sam? " Daniel asked. " Sam, are you OK? "

" No… I'm… not… " she groaned, suddenly grasping her stomach and lurching for the toilet. A considerable amount of the alcohol she'd drink that night came back up, and she suddenly felt miserable.

Daniel was immediately at her side. He touched her gently. " I think you need a shower, " he suggested. He helped Samantha to her feet – or, rather, lifted her because she suddenly felt too sick and uncoordinated to do anything – only to have her groan and pass out in his arms.

Daniel gritted his teeth. Things had gone very sour ver quickly. Maybe it was just his imagination, because you didn't sober up that quickly, but he felt his mind becoming quickly unclouded at this turn of events.

He contemplated dragging Samantha into the shower with him, then decided against it. He settled for washing her face, and dressing her in one of his shirts. He carried her into his room and laid her down on his bed. He contemplated taking the couch, and decided it was ridiculous being so prudish after what had transpired between them. But he put on a pair of boxers when he usually slept in the nude and lay next to her, draping an arm across her unconscious body, protectively more then intimately. " Night, Sam, " he told her still form.

A few hours later, Samantha was woken up by the first of the sun's rays shining through the window. Grudgingly she opened her eyes, and was assaulted with a splitting headache.

She looked around her, and tried to work out where she was. Her surroundings were completely unfamiliar.

She felt a weight across her, and slowly she turned to see Daniel's sleeping form next to her.

With horror, the memories of last night came flooding back to her. She and Daniel getting roaring drunk together. The intimate turn in their conversation, their frantic coupling in his bathroom like they were horny teenagers. Samantha stifled a groan, partly from embarrassment and partly from the achy, sick feeling that was rampaging her body. She had never behaved like that, even as a horny teenager.

Even in her wildest fantasies – most of them involving Jack – she had never behaved like that.

Her stomach churned, and she stifled the urge to throw up. She had to get out of here. She couldn't stay here, in Daniel's bed, practically naked. She felt panic rise up in her stomach and flood her body. She had slept with Daniel! That was so wrong. So very wrong. She didn't know exactly why, and she couldn't help but remember how intense, how earth-shattering the sex had been, but still… it was wrong.

She wondered what Jack would think of her now. She felt like he'd betrayed him, even though there'd been no 'them' for her to betray. Even in the time she had been with Pete – and shared him bed – she had never felt like she'd betrayed Jack.

But then, she'd never come alive in Pete's arms the way she'd come alive in Daniel's.

I have to get out of here. She realised she wasn't wearing her clothes, she was wearing a man's shirt – Daniel's, she assumed. My clothes. Gotta find my clothes. The bathroom would be a good place to start.

With a sigh of relief, she found her jeans and top lying on the bathroom floor. The last thing she wanted to do was wake Daniel up to ask for them. She quickly dressed and left his apartment, calling a cab from her call phone. Have to get out of here, have to get out of here, she kept telling herself.

Back at her apartment, she showered, scrubbing herself until her skin was red as if that could take away the events of the previous night. During her shower, she realised she had to work in… thee hours! Oh, shit, she thought hysterically. Her head throbbed, her body churned and she was exhausted. But she couldn't call in sick. Daniel would probably be doing the same thing, and if they both called in sick people would get the wrong idea, like people in any workplace got the wrong idea when two colleagues called in sick together.

Except this time, it wouldn't be the wrong idea.

An hour after Samantha had left, Daniel woke up with a pounding headache. He didn't even have the Samantha's advantage of having thrown up a portion of last night's alcohol.

He glanced to his side and his heart fell. Samantha was gone. OK, so it made things easier – making small talk with colleagues the morning after a night of drunken sex was not Daniel's specialty – but he had wanted her to be there. He hadn't realised how much until he realised she was gone.

A lot of stuff had come out last night. Daniel felt blood rush to his cheeks when he thought about just how much. Not to mention the other stuff… he felt the blood rush rather and was momentarily grateful that Samantha wasn't here to see him acting like a schoolboy.

Although come to think of it, he had never acted as a schoolboy the way he had acted last night.

The memories came flooding back, although the experience itself had been brief. Brief – but hot. He couldn't remember sex ever being that hot, and although it felt disloyal to admit it, that included Sha're.

The feel of her naked skin. The look of her naked body, her taut skin, her long, toned legs, her pert breasts that tasted so… Daniel felt flushed again, his body responding to his memories despite the pounding in his head.

He glanced over at the clock, and realised he started work in… two hours! Oh, shit. No doubt Samantha would be calling in sick, and if he called in sick too, people would get the wrong idea.

Even if the wrong idea happened to be the right idea in this instance.

Groaning, he crawled out of bed and hit the shower. Three extra-strength headache tablets only took the edge off the throbbing in his skull. I will never drink that much again, he vowed. An image of Samantha swam in his head and he knew he would do the same thing again if he had the chance.

Samantha cringed when she saw Daniel. Damn, if she'd known he was coming in today, she would have called in sick.

Daniel cringed when he saw Samantha. Damn, if he'd known she was coming in today, he would have called in sick.

Though the two of them tried their best to look completely with it – and fooled most of the people in the command – they didn't fool the three most important, not by a long shot.

Jack cornered Samantha in her office late in the afternoon. " You OK, Major? " he asked, keeping his voice as casual as he could. After all, despite what Kerry had suggested, he was still her commanding officer.

Samantha smiled brightly – and fakely. " I'm fine, sir, " she said. There was emphasis on the sir as she was painfully reminded of how far apart she was from Jack. It wasn't just the military thing, that was the least of their problems right now. That paled in comparison compared to the guilt and shame she felt for last night.

Primarily because it had felt so damn good. Even now, with a pounding headache, a queasy stomach and doing her best to forget, she couldn't help thinking about Daniel, and how amazing it had been last night. No man had touched her like that before, no man had made her climax like that. She knew instinctively Jack wouldn't be able to do it and she was ashamed of her thoughts.

Lord, but Daniel knew how to kiss. She wondered where he had learned. Maybe those Abydonian women weren't as chaste as they appeared.

Carter! she yelled at herself, snapping back to attention. Concentrate. She looked as guileless as she could manage, which wasn't very, given how awful she felt." Just fine, sir, "

Jack's warm brown eyes pierced her blue ones and Samantha felt as if Jack could read her mind. " Did something happen last night, Carter? " he asked with gentleness that was unknown to Jack. Samantha wanted to cry. Finally Jack was showing his softer side, and it was too late.

No, sir, apart from Daniel fucked me against his bathroom wall last night and it was the best sex of my life, Samantha thought of telling Jack. Out loud she said, " No, sir. "

Jack looked at her, clearly disbelieving her words. But he knew his 2IC, and knew she wouldn't volunteer any information if she didn't want to. " OK, " he said, unconvinced. " But if you want to talk… I'm here. " And he left.

Seeing Jack had had no luck with Samantha, General George Hammond decided to talk to Daniel. It was obvious something had transpired between them – they were both in terrible shape, probably badly hung over, despite the good act they were keeping up that everyone else had fallen for – and no matter how hard they tried to keep up a professional appearance, it would eventually affect the team.

" Doctor Jackson, " George addressed his talented archaeologist. " I was wondering if you might like to talk. " He was clearly unease discussion the private lives of his team-members ; it so rarely happened, they were so professional.

Daniel stared at George for several seconds before his brain made the connection. " About what? " he asked innocently.

" I couldn't help but notice that… you and Major Carter seem to have some tension between you, " George said. " Is there anything wrong between you? "

" No, sir, " Daniel said. " I guess we're both a bit strung out. " That was perfectly plausible, he knew even if he didn't quite believe it, George wouldn't question it. After all, he'd just descended from a higher plane of being after being killed by a Replicator Carter, and her father had died – if that wasn't stress, then what was?

George looked at him dubiously. " If you say so, Daniel. My door is always open if you want to talk. "

" Thankyou, sir, " Daniel said in a tone that made it clear he wouldn't be taking George up on his offer anytime soon.

" DanielJackson and SamanthaCarter are not behaving as they should, " Teal'c stated the obvious when he met with George and Jack later.

Jack rolled his eyes. Trust Teal'c to state the obvious. " Duh, " he said. " Look, my opinion? " (And ultimately, since they were his team, his opinion was the one that mattered.) " They're both pretty strung out at the moment, and I don't blame them. I think they got drunk together last night, opened up more then they would have sober, and now they regret it. " It was the best explanation Jack could come up with, and he was sticking with it. " I saw give them a few days and they'll be fine. "

George wasn't convinced, but he couldn't think of any better explanation – and Jack ultimately did know them best, better then he could. He depended on Daniel and Samantha to get the mission accomplished and get back in one piece, so ultimately the call should rest with him. " OK, " he said cautiously. " Jack, tell me if anything else happens. " And that was the end of the conversation, but not the end of the issue.

Samantha made a concerted effort to avoid Daniel in the days following their drunken tryst, and at first he was happy to go along with it. He wasn't in the mood for a confrontation when he was tired and hung over, and in the few days after he waited for Samantha to confront him. But she didn't, and their tension between them became thicker. She was happy to pretend it had never happened – but it had, and it couldn't be ignored.

He found her in her office. Since the team had conveniently been taken off missions (Daniel suspected this was Hammond's doing, not wanting to see the four of them into potential danger when he and Samantha were at loggerheads) she had buried herself in her lab work, only coming out for meals, and then to take food back to the lab with her.

In short, she was avoiding him.

Over three days, he had begun to realise how much he cared about her. He had always cared about her, from the day they first met, even though he'd been married to Sha're at the time. After her death, they'd become close, very close, so close that in different circumstances he would have asked her out in a heartbeat.

But these were the circumstances they'd been given, so he had to work with them. For a few seconds, he stood outside her door, feeling nervous. Then he knocked.

Samantha looked up, and her stomach knotted in nervousness at the same time her heart did a strange little flip that could almost be confused with excitement. But no – she was just anxious about talking to him, she told herself. Their night together had been a mistake, and she had hoped if she just avoided him the problem would go away.

But of course that wasn't the way Daniel operated. Damn him, why couldn't he just co-operate?

" Daniel, " she said stiffly. " I was just about to leave. "

He stood in the doorway. " Rubbish, " she said. " You haven't left this office in days except to eat, and then you take great pains to avoid me. "

Her heart fell. He wasn't going to make this easy on her. " Daniel – " she started. She looked into his blue eyes, and she remembered the way he'd looked at her that night. She shivered, and knew she wouldn't be adverse at him looking at her like that again. " I've been busy, " she said lamely.

" You've been avoiding me. "

She shrugged helplessly. He knew her too well. " That too, " she admitted. " I needed some time to think. "

" About the night we spent together, " he prompted.

Hearing it expressed so directly, in words and not just her thoughts, Samantha's eyes flashed. The last thing she needed was to be involved with this hunky archaeologist who knew her so well, who cared for her and – " We fucked, Daniel, " she said coldly. " As I recall, those were my words. "

Her heart broke for him as she watched him recoil at her harsh words. Deep down she knew it had been more then that, no matter what she'd said at the time. She and Daniel had a deep connection that had manifested itself at an inopportune time but – in a sudden flash of clarity, Samantha knew she had always had something with Daniel, the alcohol had just brought down her inhibitions.

But it was easy to pretend it had been a drunken fuck and so, so hard to accept the alternative.

Daniel gripped the edge of the chair he was standing in front of until his knuckles went white, so shocked at the coarse bluntness of her words. We fucked. Like they were strangers who met in a bar, not Daniel and Samantha who'd been best friends for eight years. He loved her – as a friend, definitely, and maybe something more, he had never explored that possibility – and that was all it had meant to her?

" You seemed to be enjoying it, " he said harshly, searching for spiteful words that he could throw back in her face to prove she was no more then a fuck to him. " Or maybe you're more of a whore then I gave you credit for. "

She'd broken his heart, Samantha realised dimly. She hadn't realised how much he cared about her. She hadn't realised how much she cared about him. " Don't be such a super-sensitive ass about this, Daniel, " she snapped, suddenly irritated by how hurt he was. Why couldn't he be a typical man about it, happy to have wormed out of any commitment he might have to a woman after sleeping with her?

Because if he was, she would never have slept with him, no matter how drunk she was.

Daniel purposefully strode towards her, his anger fuelling strength that easily pinned Samantha's arms behind her back, her chest pinned against his. He cupped her chin forcefully, forcing her eyes to meet his. " This is about Jack, isn't it? " he asked, his voice low, but the anger and betrayal in it clear.

Samantha didn't say anything, but trembled in wake of Daniel's violent passion. He took her silence as her answer, and released her. " You slept with me while you were thinking of Jack, " he hissed. " You are a whore, Sam. " And with that he left before she could see him cry.

Samantha herself collapsed onto the floor of her lab in tears. She hadn't meant to hurt Daniel so badly. But she couldn't get involved with him – she couldn't. She didn't know why exactly, and tried to tell herself it was because of Jack. But she could barely remember what her commanding officer looked like while she sobbed on the floor for the man she had just driven away.

The weeks passed, and tensions between Samantha and Daniel became more and more frosty, He didn't want anything to do with her, and deep down, she couldn't blame him. Everytime she saw him, she wanted to apologise, say she hadn't meant it, she was just being too cautious – but she couldn't.

The sad thing was, her confrontation with Daniel had made her realise that somewhere along the line, she had moved on from Jack. She had been in love with him so long, and loved him as a friend for just as long that she had started confusing the two. She had thought she had been in love with him when she had stopped being in love with him at some indeterminate point in the past, and now only loved him as a friend. She loved Jack, but not in the same way she loved Daniel, and now it was too late.

Daniel had been transferred into SG-4. After his and Samantha's refusal to talk to each other had caused a breakdown in communications on a mission, and Jack being injured – a minor injury, but an injury nonetheless – Hammond had given them an ultimatum : either work out their issues, or one of them transfer teams.

Since Daniel didn't much like working with Jack, either – he had become a little paranoid about every look, every touch Jack and Samantha shared – he had immediately volunteered to transfer. That hadn't been the response the General had been hoping for, but he sighed and realised that, if they weren't going to work out their issues, the next best thing was to separate them.

It had been six weeks since their night together, and they did their best to avoid each other. It would have been easy to revert to petty bad-mouth and revenge, but ultimately that would have undermined the Stargate Command, so they both avoided each other to avoid problems. It was better then feeling heartbroken all the time.

Often Samantha had thought about talking to Daniel, taking back her words. But she remembered the look in his eyes many times, the contempt he held for her. He'd called her a whore, and he hadn't been far off the truth, she felt. He wouldn't want her now, anyway. He clearly didn't care for her. So she kept silent.

Until the point where she had to talk to him.

She hadn't been feeling well for over a week. She felt queasy and irritable a lot of the time. She chalked it off to a cold, and was banished to the infirmary for a few days, with no improvement. It was then she was faced with a thorough physical to work out what the problem was.

With resentment, she stormed through the Stargate Command until she found Daniel. He was in his office, playing with some stupid artefact. Everything about Daniel Jackson was stupid right now, including the hunky archaeologists himself. This was all his fault.

" Major Carter, " he said with the cool civility that they had settled on. " Is there something I can do for you? "

" No, there isn't, Doctor Jackson, even though this is half your fault, at least, " Samantha retorted.

Daniel glared at her. " Hey, whatever you did, you can't pin it on me, " he protested vehemently. " I've kept to our little restraining order. " No more then a hundred feet unless absolutely necessary.

Samantha glared at him. " You would think that, " she said. Then, seeing no other way to tell him, she blurted out, " I'm pregnant. "