Chapter Forty Two: Just Tell Me How You Feel

"Stupid! Why would you even entertain the idea that maybe... just maybe the girl liked you!" Tristin yelled over the music at himself. He couldn't believe that he had set himself up like that. He had honestly believed that for one second for once in his life Rory Gilmore actually wanted to be with him. He had sat there and listened to Rory talk about him like he was her boyfriend when Dean was there and he had felt the glimmer of hope that maybe she felt the same way as him. Tristin cursed loudly before slamming on his brakes to avoid hitting the squirrel that had ran out in front of him.


Lorelai walked out onto the porch to find her daughter crying. "What's wrong? What happened?" she asked frantically

Rory wiped the tears from her face forcefully and muttered "Nothing."

"I find you crying and it's nothing?"

Rory nodded. "Exactly it's nothing. I'm going to bed." she said getting up and walking inside with Lorelai fast on her heels. Rory, breaking all Gilmore Girl rules, practically ran into her room and shut the door behind her.

Lorelai slumped down next to the door against the wall and listened to Rory sob until it physically hurt her to listen any longer. She grabbed her keys and walked out of the house heading straight for the diner.

"We're closed." came Luke's voice from the back storage room

"Were Rory and Tristin in here tonight?" Lorelai blurted out causing Luke to come out of the storage room immediately

"Is everything alright!" he asked worry etched into his face

Lorelai nodded. "She's fine. Were they in here?"

Luke nodded. "Yeah. They seemed like they were enjoying themselves. I actually assumed they were on a date."

Lorelai sighed and slumped down into a chair at the counter. "I had hoped that they were. I guess it didn't turn out well though. I found Rory bawling on the porch."

Luke sighed and leaned against the counter. "Oh."

"What no I'll kill him if he hurt her?" Lorelai asked surprised that Luke hadn't said it

Luke looked at Lorelai for a long second before finally talking. "Lorelai... you know I love Rory and I would protect her from every guy in the world if I could, but you and I both know that if anyone was hurt tonight it wasn't Rory. You and I both know that Tristin would never hurt her. I'm willing to bet anything she crushed him tonight."


She remembered the look of pure sadness in his face when she said they were just friends. She knew she had hurt him but by the time she realized it, it was over and he was gone. She kept going over the night in her head, reliving every moment. It had been the perfect night, with the exception of the Dean moments. He had held her hand most of the night, laughed when she smothered her face into his shoulder throughout the scary parts of the movie but still allowed her to cuddle with him, he snuck the real red vines into the theater for her since he knew she loved them. She was an idiot. Clearly they had been on a date. She had known that when she told Dean they were, but at the unsure look on Tristin's face when he heard her telling Dean that she had panicked and told him it was just to get Dean away from them. She had been staring at him silently willing him to kiss her before everything went all wonky, and now all she wanted was for him to come back and talk to her.


Tristin was sitting in his car at the city limits sign trying to force himself to drive through and go home but he couldn't do it. He jumped a mile in the air when he heard a loud tapping on his window. He looked up and sighed. "Jesus Luke! Wear a bell or something." he snapped

Luke smiled. "I'm overlooking that because I know you're upset. Is everything ok?"

"Yeah why wouldn't it be?" Tristin asked with fake confidence

"Because you're car hasn't moved from this spot in over ten minutes." Luke said knowingly

Tristin sighed before turning his car off and getting out. "What's wrong with me?"

Luke looked at him quizzically, not sure what answer he wanted.

"I'm a glutton for punishment. She tells me she hates me. I forgive it. She makes me think that she likes me, then dates Jake. She tells Dean we're on a date then tells me she just wanted him to go away! What is wrong with me! Why do I keep coming back? Why am I doing this to myself?" he yelled practically crying by the end

Luke looked at him and his heart broke. "Because you're in love with her and deep down you know that it's not unrequited. She loves you. She's scared. And you know it and that's why you keep come back. Because you're in love with her." Luke said simply


Lorelai walked back into the house to see Rory silently sitting on the couch not moving at all. The TV was on but it was obvious that Rory wasn't actually watching it. "You ok kid?" Lorelai asked

Rory didn't answer and didn't turn her head to look at Lorelai either.

"Ror?" Lorelai tried again still getting no response. "I know that something happened…." Lorelai started only to be interrupted by loud banging on the front door. "What the hell…" she snapped while pulling open the door, "Tristin?" she said softly

Rory's head snapped upward. "What are you doing here?" she asked him surprised at his presence

Tristin strode over to Rory and looked at her purposely. "I need to know what we are, and don't say friends, because we have never just been friends."

"Tristin I don't…"

"Just tell me how you feel Rory!" he snapped

"I…I…" she stammered off not answering him

He sighed. "Do you like me?"

"You know that I do…" Rory said finally able to get out a whole sentence

"Do you love me?"

Rory gasped silently. "Tris…"

"Do.. You… Love… Me? It's a simple question Rory. You either do or you don't."

"It's not a simple question…"

"Yes it is. It's one that you should be able to answer without hesitation."

"Well… do you love…?"

"Yes." He answered before she even got the word me out "How I feel about you has never been up for debate. You know how I feel. How do you feel? Do you love me?"

Rory sighed and paused looking at him for a long second. The second was long enough for Tristin to decide she didn't and he started to walk away. "Tristin stop!" she yelled

Tristin spun back around. "Why? I'm not going to sit here and be your lapdog anymore. I was patient. I've done everything you wanted me to do. I changed for you. And if you don't love me…"

"I do love you." she spat out fast surprising him and herself at the same time

"What?" he asked hesitantly

"I love you." she said slower this time

"Say it again." he pleaded smiling the entire time

"I… love… you." she said this time smiling herself

Tristin quickly closed the gap that was left between the two of them. "That was all I needed to hear." He said softly before pulling her into a passionate kiss.

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