How is it that I always seem to fall

Even when there is no down

There is no gravity

Therefore I cannot fall

But I can fail

Yes I can fail

That's what it was


I may not have failed

To do great things

By the standards at that time

But I failed myself

I was used

I killed

I killed my own innocence

No it wasn't me

They did it

They took me from my home

They taught me to be a killer

They forced me to kill

To fail

I didn't fail to annihilate the Buggers

If that can be considered success

How could it though

Why would anyone in their right mind

Consider that a success

I killed an entire race of sentient beings

I did it

It was me

But now I can make up for what I did

I can make them understand

I will write for the piggies

Then perhaps I will be ok

Who am I kidding

I destroyed too many

That will always weigh on my thoughts

But at least I can heal these people

The ones I've fallen in love with

Then perhaps

They will be ok

And that would be enough

Enough for me

If they are happy

I will be happy

And I will see my sister again soon