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Sleep with one eye open.

Rodney's heart beat so hard against his chest he thought it would bust out. Pain shot up his shins with each step, breath gasped in and out of his searing lungs. 'I hate running. Where are they? Don't look back, don't look back. Are they close? Don't look back. Am I going to die? I don't want to die.' He bit his lip and ran harder.

"McKay," a shout came through the walkie. "Dial it up as soon as you get there and go through. Don't wait."

Rodney couldn't spare enough breath to respond but the major wouldn't get any argument from him. Topping the slight hill, he locked his eyes on the DHD just down the other side, running until he came up hard against it. Punching the Atlantis address, he felt Teyla at his side as the wormhole stabilized. He entered his IDC, motioning her that it was clear to go through.

The P-90 gunfire topping the hill spurred them toward their open escape route. Rodney watched Teyla run through just before he reached the dais but a stick in the back of his right leg brought him down before he could follow her. He panicked when his body refused to obey his commands to get up and run through that Gate. He was so close to escape.

John Sheppard topped the hill that hid the Stargate from the lynch mob hot on their heels. He fired into the dozen or so men still chasing them before turning to make his escape through the wormhole. As he neared the step up into the event horizon, Teyla went through but Rodney collapsed, face down in the dirt, just a yard away. He kneeled to scoop up the scientist on the fly but a pinpoint sting in his right arm stopped him. He looked down to see a toothpick sized dart sticking out of his bicep. Movement brought his attention to a man sporting the brownish colors of the Bahtron people emerging from the tree line just past the DHD, a blowgun in his hand.

Johns mind jumbled as the world spun around him in slow motion. He watched the man cautiously approach, joined by his brethren now walking leisurely down the hill.


Looked down at Rodney, now unconscious, a dart sticking out of the back of his leg.


Felt himself sit hard, as the strength seeped out of his muscles. Deep breath.


Fell onto his back, staring up at the sky, watching the wispy clouds seemingly stationary amidst the sea of blue.

Nellek watched the strangers approach the Gate of the Gods from a thick covering of trees and bushes. One of them pressed a series of symbols on the pedestalthen a great river of water erupted from the circle, settling within the ring to form a wall. His dart missed the female as she ran through it but another hit the rounder male as he tried to follow. The taller male kneeled to help his friend but another dart brought him to the ground as well.

He stepped closer to the two men. The rounder one had already succumbed to the sleeping paste on the tip of the dart but the other still fought the effects. Nellek knelt beside him, as his brothers-in-arms gathered around, all watching curiously. He met his prisoner's eyes as they fluttered closed. Nellek smiled triumphantly as the man's head lolled to the side in complete unconsciousness.

"Master Tomar will be pleased," Nellek said, standing to face the group. With grins on their faces, they began planning a way to get their prisoners back to the city while avoiding the Noylan people.


Teyla lurched through the Stargate, moving slightly to the side to give her team mates room to come through. She sat heavily, muscles quivering in exhaustion from the flight for her life. A roar filled her ears, making her head pound. Aiden Ford appeared at her side, his left arm in the sling Dr Beckett had given him to support the shoulder he had injured two days ago. She felt his hand on her back. With effort, she pushed out the thunder in her head to focus on his voice.

"Where are Major Sheppard and Dr McKay?"

She squinted at his question, looking around the Gate room with a confused expression. She saw half a dozen soldiers with P-90s aimed at the event horizon, Dr Weir running down the stairs, Dr Beckett coming from the corridor to the right. She blinked at Aiden, opening her mouth to speak but was interrupted when the Stargate shut down.

"We were being chased. They were just behind me," she stopped, eyes pleading with Dr Weir coming to kneel at her side. She couldn't think, her vision was dimming, the room spun around her. "We have to go get them..." she breathed as she collapsed in Aiden's arms.

Dr Carson Beckett broke into a trot when he saw Teyla on the floor of the Gate room. She seemed dazed or drugged. As the Gate shut down, he glanced around for the major and Dr McKay but saw no one else from her team. He was just kneeling at her side when she passed out. He felt for a pulse as his eyes scanned her body for injuries. Seeing a small dart sticking out of the side of her right thigh, he pulled it out, holding it for Dr Weir to see.

"Gentlemen, we have a possible hostage situation," Dr Weir stated, her expression tight, emotions buried deep.

A gurney rolled up beside them, manned by two of Dr Beckett's assistants. They quickly secured Teyla and rolled toward the medical bay with Dr Beckett, Aiden and Dr Weir trailing behind.

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