By Henrika

Henrika- I figured these were connected since they belonged to the same set of episodes. Sorry for the short length!

I was afraid to ask him. I know why I was afraid, why that fear seized up my throat when I tried to ask him in Risembool. Even at the hospital, when he thought that…thought that…why would I create him? Make-him up out of my imagination? Why would I sacrifice my arm for something fake? Even when he accused me of creating false memories, I couldn't force out the question. The answer seemed so obvious.

And that was killing me. I barely felt it when he hit me, but when he ran away, it was like a knife through my heart. As soon as the doctors released me, I went looking for him. I had to find him, even if it meant…. Winry came with me and we looked throughout all of Central as the rain began to pour. I admitted to her that I was afraid, and she reassured me that we would work everything out.

But if I asked him 'that' question and he said 'yes', what next? What do I do for a brother who thinks he's just a fake, who blames me for everything that's happened? What do I do? He's the only reason I'm alive (I would have bled to death that night); the only reason I'm living is for him. If he leaves me…what's left? This has been eating me alive since that night, the terror of what his answer will do to me.

I've been selfish, but I'll ask him when I find him. I'll make sure he knows that he is real, that he was and is my little brother. And if he answers 'yes', I'll do anything in my power to make it up to him.

"Al, all this time I've been too afraid to ask you…but I need to know the truth, okay? It's my fault you don't have a real body anymore. Do you hate me?"

Henrika- Yes, that is the quote. I recorded the episode so I could get it right. Hope you enjoyed!